1. Akaison says

    The credits are interesting in that the writer’s name preceeds the director’s name. Who did he have to blow to get that billing?

    On a less bitchy note, I am really looking for this movie.

  2. says

    Every so often I ask the people that ready my blog (let alone Andy’s) to watch one video clip if no others and THIS video clip is such a clip. I am humbled and inspired by Harvey Milk and am beyond excited that his life story is finally making it to the big screen. This movie shows how far we have come in our fight for equality and yet how far we have yet to go!

    Thank you Andy for sharing information about this GREAT film, I hope it STARTS A REVOLUTION!


  3. echovic says

    dumb poster! sean looks ok as milk, but he looks totally isolated from his environment. and there’s no sense of drama or importance or edginess – just a stupid watered down smile of a hollywood actor trying desperately to get a best actor oscar…

    FYI Akaison, the biggest credits come last on a poster, and always end with the director.

  4. says

    PLEASE let’s not miss the point and the fact is that a mainstream movie like this is HUGE for the gay rights/equality movement and puts us in front of America as did Brokeback Mountain but in a MUCH MORE significant way!


  5. mikey67 says

    I LOVED the trailer. It was pretty amazing. Not a fan of the biopic genre, but I’m jazzed to see this. That said, the poster? I’m not sure what else it’s supposed to be, but, um, it’s a picture of Sean Penn with a 70s outfit and haircut. I’m not getting anything about the movie. Not sure what it needed, but it’s not selling the film at all.

  6. Dback says

    I could’ve sworn I saw some art once that had a carton of milk with bullet holes in it, and was leaking red…am I hallucinating? THAT would’ve been an arresting image to grab a viewer, but maybe too downbeat.

  7. k says

    The film looks to be very well done. The trailer alone makes me think that Harvey Milk had more courage in his short life than I’ll ever have. It may not be seen by much of the straight audience, but maybe this film will wake some people up, including myself.

  8. gabriel j. says

    I can’t wait to see the film. I have read so much of the Harvey Milk story and it will be interesting to see how Gus van Sant will portray his story. As far as the poster is concerned…I really don’t care. I don’t think that the poster is going to make or break the film. If the film is good then people will talk about it and viewership will follow. Let the director’s work speak for itself.

  9. mktng_exec says

    This is the worst fucking poster I’ve ever seen.

    Apart from people already aware of the movie and sympathetic to the cause, no one else will respond to it. The thing looks like a parody from far away, for crying out loud.

    Instead, this needs to follow the standard inspirational biopic marketing mold, with movie title in Trajan or something impressive, maybe Milk himself either in silhouette or doing something action-oriented (shaking hands, punching air with fist etc.), and a tagline that explains the movie concept.

    PS don’t get me started on the title… don’t these idiots want this movie and what it represents to reach people and do well?

  10. bosie says

    easy old queens….I like the poster and it makes perfect sense why they choosed the font ….tey are introducing him….pick up a book bitches….I mean art book, I’m sure some of you work on computers and know shit. ANYWAYS I’M VERY EXCITED!!!!!