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Frightened Republicans Use Best Weapon for Their Base:
Mockery, Mean-Spiritedness, Fear, Sarcasm, and Lies

What else to do in the absence of any respectable record for the last eight years?

Here's Rudy Giuliani (if you can stomach him) and pit-bull-in-lipstick VP pick Sarah Palin who can deliver a speech, despite its pandering excesses.

Did Giuliani actually say, "Sarah Palin has more experience than the entire Democratic ticket combined?"

The mockery of "community organizing" is despicable, as if somehow serving one's country instead of one's self-interest is something to be looked down upon.

Here's an article from the AP on the ways in which the truth was stretched last night.

And here's a bit on Giuliani's "Islamic terrorism" throwdown from Think Progress.

And a flashback on Palin for you, recorded just weeks ago:

"As for that VP talk all the time, I'll tell you, I still can't answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day?"

Huckabee and Romney, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Sarah palin just slammed the Obama campaign. LOL

    Posted by: Nobama | Sep 4, 2008 8:11:03 AM

  2. No, NOBAMA, Sarah Palin just read from a script written by the GOP attack machine. She talks a great talk, but she's a puppet, pure and simple. The woman admits she doesn't even know what a VP does for pete's sake. Pitbull? Lipstick on a pig is more like it...

    Posted by: ichabod | Sep 4, 2008 8:28:29 AM

  3. Two mavericks. We need two mavericks; two people at the head of our government whom feel they are right and all established political structures are wrong, and no one better tell them otherwise.

    Wait... what were these last 8 years about?

    Sarah Palin, I hold pit bulls in higher regard.

    Posted by: Rad | Sep 4, 2008 8:29:38 AM

  4. S L A M M E D

    Posted by: Nobama | Sep 4, 2008 8:40:26 AM

  5. NOB

    Funny the focus groups/ test groups watching it thought otherwise = "too sarcastic"

    The polls of independents (the needed votes to win since repub base can't do it on its own) are breaking 2 to 1 for Obama since Palin has been unveiled.

    LOL Denial and delusion on the repub side.

    community organizers = people who register voters and drive voters without transportation to the polls.

    LOL who attacks the people they need to get out their freaking vote?


    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Sep 4, 2008 8:45:36 AM

  6. Sarah Palin agrees with Al Queida. Saying we were "tasked by God" to go to Iraq means this is a Holy War.

    I can't think of a better example of why Church and state must remain separate.

    This woman is a dangerous looney.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Sep 4, 2008 8:54:33 AM

  7. The sad/funny/scary thing about this?

    They're going to win...and they're going to win big.

    I hope I'm wrong, but I know I'm right...have y'all ever been to Ohio? or anywhere in Pennsylvania besides Philly and Pittsburgh? The people there eat this stuff up.

    Oh well, at least it's not Giuliani '08.

    Posted by: another matt | Sep 4, 2008 8:54:57 AM

  8. Matt, you're scaring the shit out of me.

    The greatest threat to us right now? Her speechwriter. Talented, dangerous, and on the other side.

    Posted by: Yeek | Sep 4, 2008 9:04:25 AM

  9. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. It is a blue-collar Republican region of racist, God-fearing deer hunters with large families. I am sure she played well there.

    Notice how the cameras last night were hard pressed to find an African-American in the crowd? They kept going back to the same two.


    Posted by: Rad | Sep 4, 2008 9:11:50 AM

  10. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. It is a blue-collar Republican region of racist, God-fearing deer hunters with large families. I am sure she played well there.

    Notice how the cameras last night were hard pressed to find an African-American in the crowd? They kept going back to the same two.


    Posted by: Rad | Sep 4, 2008 9:14:52 AM

  11. The church-going hordes will forgive another "born-again" anything - lying, pregnancy, stealing, cheating (except being gay). They have been trained to do this by their churches. The only hope is to appeal to the non-brainwashed.

    Posted by: Gordo | Sep 4, 2008 9:15:45 AM

  12. She IS like Dick Cheney, without the lipstick.

    Posted by: Rad | Sep 4, 2008 9:16:37 AM

  13. David Ehrenstein

    You know where else she is like al queda?

    August 17 2008, Palin's church welcomed and hosted "jews for jesus" leader where he described the July Palestinian bulldozer attack against Israeli civilians as part of God's judgment.

    Palin's pastor has admitted to the media that Palin was indeed there that day listening to the anti-semitic BS

    Toss in her atempt to censor books as mayor of Wasilla and you get 1 crazy scary religious nut

    Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz (big Hillary surrogate)last night on Larry king Live said that Hillary Clinton will be out soon to counter Palin. (give the religious nut her debut moment and then the Clinton rope a dope will be out in force against this anti-woman religous nut woman)

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Sep 4, 2008 9:20:07 AM

  14. It's scary how often the Republicans lie and stretch the truth, especially in the presidential election.

    It's scary how they get away with it. I mean, how can people still vote for them if they lie every other day? Is that really the kind of person you want running the country?

    The press can jump on it but the idiot voters will just go "Meh" and still vote Republican because... they're... stupid?

    Posted by: Philip Wester | Sep 4, 2008 9:21:38 AM

  15. Ahh the smell of Republican desperation in the morning, some say it smells like napalm. Folks on the convention floor said they could smell rotten crotch and Jean Nate when SP took the stage. But it could have been Rudy.

    Posted by: ggreen | Sep 4, 2008 9:28:06 AM

  16. What concerns me is I don't see the Obama/Biden campaign or even the Democrat surrogates answering back. They accused Obama of "smearing" Palin and her family, they're doing exactly what he said they'd do--trying to make people afraid for their safety if they vote for Obama--but yet I've heard nothing. I appreciate their desire for a more positive campaign but they cannot afford to sit idly by as the Rethuglicans torpedo Obama and Biden.

    Posted by: Larry | Sep 4, 2008 9:29:49 AM

  17. NOBAMA, I soooo look forward to you eating humble pie and swallowing those words. Since they are such crap, I am sure you will LOVE the taste! Vicious sarcasm, lies, personal attacks, etc do not substitute for real statesmanship and merely show a level of desperation not seen in a long time by the Repugnicans.

    Roll on, Obama/Biden '08, let's show these fools in the GOP just how to make the USA great again.

    Posted by: CK | Sep 4, 2008 9:30:17 AM

  18. Here's something no one really has brought up...I think the election of a WOMAN to the second highest position in the United States shows the backassed Muslim world that we respect women and truly believe that they can be strong leaders. I mean can you imagine if Obama is elected, someone who has a significant Muslim background... That would be the greatest screw up in our countries history.

    For all you gay, misogynistic, men out there... don't forget that more than half of this country is women and 75% are of the Christian faith. Also the majority is white. How do you think these people are going to vote at the polls. Not SAY who they are going to vote for, but who they are going to ACTUALLY vote for.

    Sarah Palin put the cherry on the Republican desert last night, so to speak. She has done more in the last week to cause change than Obama/Biden will ever PRAY to do. But then again, they will be praying on their knees facing Mecca when they do it.

    Posted by: Jake | Sep 4, 2008 9:31:19 AM

  19. Palin is not the last big surprise from the Republicans..there is a lot more to come I am sure.

    I thought she did very well and it is so nice to see a woman on the ticket.

    For some reason the Dems refuse to acknowledge that there is a women's movement going on right now and the women's votes are going to be a huge deciding factor in the GE...the McCain camp picked up the fumble and ran with it.

    I don't think anyone is going to remember this speech a week from now though.

    The real tests will be the debates and I think Obama/Biden will take them hands down, I'm not too worried.

    Posted by: daveynyc | Sep 4, 2008 9:35:37 AM

  20. My initial reaction to McCain's pick was laughter because of what an unknown she is/was. Now it's very clear to me why they chose her. I have to say I'm a little scared.

    Posted by: D.R.H. | Sep 4, 2008 9:35:40 AM

  21. GGreen: its not desperation. they want the white house and they are pulling all the stops. you better hope Obama is ready for this.

    Posted by: Landis | Sep 4, 2008 9:35:45 AM

  22. Watching CNN

    Republican female community organizer sent in an e-mail and felt insulted by her own party.


    Seriously, what they were trying to say via code speak was "those upity inner city negroes who stir up other negroes to be upity", but since they couldn't get away with saying that.......the broad community organizer attack is biting them in the ass

    Community organizers are "get out the vote people". LOL Who is going to register voters for them and drive voters to the polls? Who attacks their GOTV people?

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Sep 4, 2008 9:38:22 AM

  23. The sad thing is that she didn't write the speech. It was written by the same people that writes hateful speeches for George W. Bush. Last week she was a little puppy, last night she play the same role as Cheney,Bush and now MCSAME. Very scary.....Get out and vote, they are using the same tactic of fear that worked before .....

    Posted by: fabrizio | Sep 4, 2008 9:44:14 AM

  24. I thought she sounded awful. It was as if she was talking through her nostrils, such was the quality to it. People are automatically turned off by this whining sound.

    Posted by: john | Sep 4, 2008 9:46:07 AM

  25. It was like watching a demigod politician speak in a weird Hollywood production of a dystopian future.

    Posted by: jeff | Sep 4, 2008 9:47:25 AM

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