1. ichabod says

    No, NOBAMA, Sarah Palin just read from a script written by the GOP attack machine. She talks a great talk, but she’s a puppet, pure and simple. The woman admits she doesn’t even know what a VP does for pete’s sake. Pitbull? Lipstick on a pig is more like it…

  2. Rad says

    Two mavericks. We need two mavericks; two people at the head of our government whom feel they are right and all established political structures are wrong, and no one better tell them otherwise.

    Wait… what were these last 8 years about?

    Sarah Palin, I hold pit bulls in higher regard.

  3. Jimmyboyo says


    Funny the focus groups/ test groups watching it thought otherwise = “too sarcastic”

    The polls of independents (the needed votes to win since repub base can’t do it on its own) are breaking 2 to 1 for Obama since Palin has been unveiled.

    LOL Denial and delusion on the repub side.

    community organizers = people who register voters and drive voters without transportation to the polls.

    LOL who attacks the people they need to get out their freaking vote?


  4. another matt says

    The sad/funny/scary thing about this?

    They’re going to win…and they’re going to win big.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I know I’m right…have y’all ever been to Ohio? or anywhere in Pennsylvania besides Philly and Pittsburgh? The people there eat this stuff up.

    Oh well, at least it’s not Giuliani ’08.

  5. Rad says

    I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. It is a blue-collar Republican region of racist, God-fearing deer hunters with large families. I am sure she played well there.

    Notice how the cameras last night were hard pressed to find an African-American in the crowd? They kept going back to the same two.


  6. Rad says

    I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. It is a blue-collar Republican region of racist, God-fearing deer hunters with large families. I am sure she played well there.

    Notice how the cameras last night were hard pressed to find an African-American in the crowd? They kept going back to the same two.


  7. Gordo says

    The church-going hordes will forgive another “born-again” anything – lying, pregnancy, stealing, cheating (except being gay). They have been trained to do this by their churches. The only hope is to appeal to the non-brainwashed.

  8. Jimmyboyo says

    David Ehrenstein

    You know where else she is like al queda?

    August 17 2008, Palin’s church welcomed and hosted “jews for jesus” leader where he described the July Palestinian bulldozer attack against Israeli civilians as part of God’s judgment.

    Palin’s pastor has admitted to the media that Palin was indeed there that day listening to the anti-semitic BS

    Toss in her atempt to censor books as mayor of Wasilla and you get 1 crazy scary religious nut

    Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz (big Hillary surrogate)last night on Larry king Live said that Hillary Clinton will be out soon to counter Palin. (give the religious nut her debut moment and then the Clinton rope a dope will be out in force against this anti-woman religous nut woman)

  9. Philip Wester says

    It’s scary how often the Republicans lie and stretch the truth, especially in the presidential election.

    It’s scary how they get away with it. I mean, how can people still vote for them if they lie every other day? Is that really the kind of person you want running the country?

    The press can jump on it but the idiot voters will just go “Meh” and still vote Republican because… they’re… stupid?

  10. ggreen says

    Ahh the smell of Republican desperation in the morning, some say it smells like napalm. Folks on the convention floor said they could smell rotten crotch and Jean Nate when SP took the stage. But it could have been Rudy.

  11. Larry says

    What concerns me is I don’t see the Obama/Biden campaign or even the Democrat surrogates answering back. They accused Obama of “smearing” Palin and her family, they’re doing exactly what he said they’d do–trying to make people afraid for their safety if they vote for Obama–but yet I’ve heard nothing. I appreciate their desire for a more positive campaign but they cannot afford to sit idly by as the Rethuglicans torpedo Obama and Biden.

  12. CK says

    NOBAMA, I soooo look forward to you eating humble pie and swallowing those words. Since they are such crap, I am sure you will LOVE the taste! Vicious sarcasm, lies, personal attacks, etc do not substitute for real statesmanship and merely show a level of desperation not seen in a long time by the Repugnicans.

    Roll on, Obama/Biden ’08, let’s show these fools in the GOP just how to make the USA great again.

  13. Jake says

    Here’s something no one really has brought up…I think the election of a WOMAN to the second highest position in the United States shows the backassed Muslim world that we respect women and truly believe that they can be strong leaders. I mean can you imagine if Obama is elected, someone who has a significant Muslim background… That would be the greatest screw up in our countries history.

    For all you gay, misogynistic, men out there… don’t forget that more than half of this country is women and 75% are of the Christian faith. Also the majority is white. How do you think these people are going to vote at the polls. Not SAY who they are going to vote for, but who they are going to ACTUALLY vote for.

    Sarah Palin put the cherry on the Republican desert last night, so to speak. She has done more in the last week to cause change than Obama/Biden will ever PRAY to do. But then again, they will be praying on their knees facing Mecca when they do it.

  14. daveynyc says

    Palin is not the last big surprise from the Republicans..there is a lot more to come I am sure.

    I thought she did very well and it is so nice to see a woman on the ticket.

    For some reason the Dems refuse to acknowledge that there is a women’s movement going on right now and the women’s votes are going to be a huge deciding factor in the GE…the McCain camp picked up the fumble and ran with it.

    I don’t think anyone is going to remember this speech a week from now though.

    The real tests will be the debates and I think Obama/Biden will take them hands down, I’m not too worried.

  15. D.R.H. says

    My initial reaction to McCain’s pick was laughter because of what an unknown she is/was. Now it’s very clear to me why they chose her. I have to say I’m a little scared.

  16. Jimmyboyo says

    Watching CNN

    Republican female community organizer sent in an e-mail and felt insulted by her own party.


    Seriously, what they were trying to say via code speak was “those upity inner city negroes who stir up other negroes to be upity”, but since they couldn’t get away with saying that…….the broad community organizer attack is biting them in the ass

    Community organizers are “get out the vote people”. LOL Who is going to register voters for them and drive voters to the polls? Who attacks their GOTV people?

  17. fabrizio says

    The sad thing is that she didn’t write the speech. It was written by the same people that writes hateful speeches for George W. Bush. Last week she was a little puppy, last night she play the same role as Cheney,Bush and now MCSAME. Very scary…..Get out and vote, they are using the same tactic of fear that worked before …..

  18. john says

    I thought she sounded awful. It was as if she was talking through her nostrils, such was the quality to it. People are automatically turned off by this whining sound.

  19. Mike says

    I only could watch a few minutes of all this – the cynicism is almost unbearable. Have they no shame (the answer of course is NO). So we once again have to endure endless lies and distortions which the media will dutifully report… So the republicans once again take a page from the Goebbels/Rove playbook – if you repeat something often enough, the masses will believe it to be true… However the one glimmer of hope is the Obama machine… they have shown during the primary battle they are no slouches in getting the facts reported… I just hope America finally wakes up and sees the current Republican party for the train wreak they have become…

  20. Yeek says

    Jake, you were making some good points and then you threw it down the toilet with your Mecca reference. I really think it’s a stretch to say that Obama is a Muslim. What convinces you, other than his middle name? Is there something he’s done?

    I would honestly like to know, because I think a lot of people in this country feel the same way you do and I want to understand that perspective.

    CK – Statesmanship is long dead. Dignified speeches and thoughtful policies are not going to win this election. Sharp tongues, dirt, and adrenaline will, and last night the Republicans had it in far more supply than the democrats ever have. Hopefully they’ll get a grip and play a more visceral game. We’ll see.

  21. crispy says

    “there is a women’s movement going on right now and the women’s votes are going to be a huge deciding factor”

    I know, right. Women are so silly, just voting for whoever has a vagina… not even bothering to think about the issues.

  22. the queen says

    well i must say that me and the hubby saw her speech and we were both impressed with her commanding presence and speaking power. (we both voted for hillary by the way) and she spoke the truth. obama does want to raise taxes and believe me nobody wants that. and he does not have the experience to run this country that was true also. she got some good barbs in i have to admit. now her politics are not my politics but i still respect her and admire her. so all in all as i’ve said before she is a force to be reckoned with and emerged from the all the ridicule dumping done on her this week with dignity and poise. she proudly presented her family for the nation to see and showed them love, compassion and respect and believe me that is something that resonates with many people and will count for much. i for one certainly believe that should she be president we have nothing to fear and that she will be able to execute the duties of office quite capabably and confidently. so don’t underestimate her my dears. a lot can happen before nov 11. we will still probably vote for obama but will not be surprised if mccain and palin win so hold on to your tampons it’s going to be an exciting ride.

  23. David says

    I know the vote comes in two months so the focus need be on this election…

    BUT, to put it in historical context, in my opinion we just witnessed the rebirth of the Republican party. Sarah Palin can be to the Repubs what Barack Obama has been to the Dems. She really went balls to the wall last night and went after it, not pandering to Clinton voters, and even independents. She went straight for her base.

    So that’s what scared me. She really is going to be a major force in our political future. We need to take stock of that now and prepare for the “new” Republicans.

  24. Rad says

    Watching the Democratic convention, I felt uplifted, enlightened, like the future was bright. Watching the GOP convention, I feel sick, that these people only want power for powers sake.

    I also noticed that during the Dem convention, every speaker was supported with cheering crowds, signs and banners with their names on it. Hillary, Biden, etc… In the GOP convention, every speaker had MCCAIN thrust in their face. I got the feeling that the GOP convention oranizers wanted to ensure that the speakers KNEW who they were suppose to support.

    Andy, by chance did you catch Jon Stewart last evening. I put him on when I absolutely could not stomach Palin any more. The show royally lampooned and nailed the GOP, from the Minniapolis airport mens room (1st segment) to the contradictory statements by the GOP (2nd segment). Worthy of posting!

  25. Jake says

    The Mecca reference was a low-blow yes, but, if we all too soon forget, Obama lived under the viseral glow of that wackjob church run by Reverend Wright. That is the very definition of religious extremism, which is similar to what we have seen in the Muslim faith. But you have to really get to the core of what the American majority thinks, and when they ask themselves in November, does this Obama even go to church they will remember Wright and how he embarrassingly severed ties at the 59th minute (or so we think) to get to where he is now.

    How about Joe Lieberman, a confirmed Jew, switching to the Republican party. While there aren’t many Jews in the United States, that gesture must be reviewed for be significantly major. Lieberman knows that that the Republican party supports the Jewish religion too, and that looks very emcompassing. Never discount the power of religion when it comes to how people vote.

    My favorite line last night was when Palin said…this is a man who has already written two memories but hasn’t written one single shed of constitutional law.

    That was the home run for me to hear.

  26. Mark says

    Guys, she hit one out of the park. I know it kills some of you, but just deal with it.

    Some commentators say the best advice is to STOP attacking her, and make the contest about MCCAIN. She is a net plus for him so stop hitting him on a strength! Every time you do, more people end up hating Obama and the Dems.

    The sooner we learn this, the more likely we’ll win.

  27. Jason (A) says

    The Queen, I’m sorry, but you’ve lost your mind. “…nothing to fear”? This woman is to the right of Atilla the Hun. Just because she’s a she, and she’s cute and smiles a lot doesn’t mean jack shit. Please wake up!

  28. Jimmyboyo says


    AOL accounts allow each account to have up to 7 separate sign on names. 1 person with 1 aol account can technically vote 7 times via having 7 aol e-mails under 1 account.

    AOL is considered the most unscientific polling schtick out there.

    gallup daily tracker has Obama at 6% above mccain today. since Friday he has been running between 6-10% more than mccain.

  29. Rad says

    Two issues (I know this thread is getting long):

    Jon Stewart nailed it last night asking Newt Gingrich “If Palin is anti-abortion, why did she say that Bristol carrying a baby was “her own decision”? What is the age of consent in Alaska? If Palin were a Democrat, the GOP would be going after Levi, insiting underage rape.

    And why is it the GOP is free to say anything they want (Swiftboats, anyone?), but scream “FOUL!” when the spotlight even HITS in their direction?

  30. CK says

    Jake, cheap shots about Obama = Muslim are the least dignified, most blatant misrepresentation (at best) and fucked up lie (at worst) and STILL you trot them out, knowing that it’s false? Well, I guess that kind of thing is what your party (strangely ‘happy word for such a misreable, uptight bunch) are all about. Trash the opponent in the worst way then just say ‘kidding’! Sorry, that doesn’t cut it. I can’t WAIT till the GOP get their asses whipped in November. Sweep them aside and get the country back on a decent track!

  31. John says

    I stated in the comments yesterday that this election is now all about experience. I thought she would stack up as a light weight against Obama, but I must admit she took it to him last night. Obama is vulnerable on this issue. It is all the GOP is going to talk about. This race just got viciously ugly. However, the face is not! VERY SCARY! VERY SCARY! I am now worried about global events playing into McCain’s hands. Remember Regan negotiated the release of the hostages to take place on his inauguration day! I am most afraid that Palin is such a game changer that election day will be here before we have a chance to really take her to task.

  32. CK says

    Just to clarify a point, I have absolutely nothing against Muslims at all, they are a part of our society as much as the rest of us, but the way the GOP uses 9/11 = Muslim = Obama (those are the ties they intentionally make with these references) is nasty pandering to the masses in their midst that hate Muslims, are scared of them or that find anyone non-Christian a terrible threat to them. So it’s just base-speak. We need to remember, there are law abiding, peace loving Muslims as well as radicalized terrorist Muslims, and lumping them all together in one hate-bag just makes for small-minded Xenophopbia!

  33. hill_w says

    Anyone else notice the stricken look on Track (or Field or Shot Put’s) face when his mom started talking about his upcoming deployment? It struck me like “Fuck, now I really have to go fight God’s War. Can’t my mom get me out of this?”

    Of course, in the darkest narrative, he gets sent over, has his nuts blown off in Falujah, and mom wins the election in a walk with the sympathy vote. Hell, maybe they’ll ship Bristol’s (or Meyer’s or Squibb’s) sperm donor off too–make it a hat-trick (they love that in hockey talk).

  34. Dback says

    I’m not afraid to say that Palin spoke very well. She had a good presence, and though her words were often snide, sarcastic, and attacks that rarely offered anything concrete or positive, she certainly did the job. Many working-class women who don’t follow the issues (who would logically vote for Obama if they did) will say, “Yeah, I like her, she’s what I want to be/like women I know and respect.” Biden and she going head-to-head is going to be the most knock-down drag-out debate of the fall.

    Right now, she’s caught a good wave and managed to push all the negative questions about Troopergate, her pushing of abstinence education (sure helped Bristol…), book censorship, flip-flops, relative lack of experience, etc. off the radar. However, she’s going to get another round of it over the next few days–maybe worse, now that she and McCain have basically thrown down the gauntlet to the “elite” media and said it’s war. But for now, we must acknowledge that she’s definitely fired up the base, and done it well. (Certainly more so than Guiliani, who was not only partisan but grossly inaccurate in his facts.) Hey, they have no good ideas for the future, so all they’re going to offer is nasty anti-Obama stings. (Notice the “zero” chant, like the anti-Kerry “flip flop” chant of ’04?)

    Levi’s been taken by the pod people–all his adorable, scruffy individuality (and his Facebook page) nuked and replaced with a glossy, shiny surface. Move along, nothing to see here…don’t ask questions…just chant “USA! USA!…”

  35. Bob R says

    Palin will soon turn into a liability for the McCain ticket. She’s becoming the darling of the tabloid press and stand up comics everywhere. It was said that Obama was having trouble because he represented a big change in status quo, his color. Obama has, to the irritation of some progressives, moved a little more center. He’s becoming less and less of a radical change for the country. Looking at the polls, especially in key states, he’s beginning to track up.

    Palin is an extremist. The more the average American learns about her, the more of a radical change she will become. Palin is too extreme for the average American. Men will start to view her (due to Trooper-gate) and her sarcasm and pitbull attitude as a bitch. Remember, white males percieve tough women that way. How many labeled Hillary “a bitch”? Woman will realize she is not like them at all, but some extreme characture of a evangelical, anti-feminist they’ll learn to resent and then fear.

    Obama will take Pennsylvania, he’s been ahead there since mid-April, once he, Biden and Hillary spend some time and money there, that lead will grow. Obama’s now ahead in Ohio and trending up. In Florida, McCain is trending down and Obama up. I don’t think Palin will play well in Florida once they get to know her, especially in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, very populous, vote rich areas. Obama is also ahead and trending up in Nevada and although still behind McCain by 3 points in North Carolina, he’s trending up and McCain down. Obama has a good shot at Virginia, too.

    Now there’s a National Enquirer report on Palin having had an extra-marital affair with her husband’s business partner. The McCain campaign has threatened to sue, but the NE sticks by it’s report. As Drudge would say, “developing…”. It appears for McCain/Palin the hits just keep on coming.

    The Obama camp is reserving it’s money and forces until after the GOP Convention bump, if the is one, subsides. McCain is attacking the press (the hand that has fed him for so many years) and screaming “sexism” with any questioning of Palin’s record. Don’t give up, I really think the GOP is going down and Palin is only going to speed that demise. Any way, work hard, donate and make sure you vote. Perhaps this long 8 year nightmare will soon be over.

  36. Derrick from Philly says

    Governor Palin didn’t show any sign of knowing about anything about the world outside of her wilderness of Alaska. It is up to the Democrats (and the Press)to go after her without any hesitation. Don’t go easy on her because of her sex. Right-wing, conservative women like her have never supported the Women’s Movement; therefore, they don’t have the right to use arguments of sexism & misogyny against any man. They’ve supported sexist, right-wing husbands, fathers, adulterous lovers & and fornicating future son-in-laws all their lives–never on the side of the feminist cause.

    She’s a tough girl, right? …good. Then the press (that the Republicans bashed all last night) should whup her ass.

    We had gentlemen as Democratic nominees in 2000 & 2004. It didn’t work. SlimJim move aside–let your surrogates out of their cages. This is going to be an ugly election…let it be.

    And please remind Jewish voters that fundamentalist Protestants haven’t been their friends in 350 years of American history. Don’t trust ’em now.

  37. David says


    I think you make some excellent points, but I’m scared that it’s that sort of attitude that will end up backfiring on the Democrats.

    Palin may be a tough fighter, but, in this race, she’ll never not be the underdog, and the more people pummel a small town girl that many believe may be in over her head, the more you give undecided voters a reason to sympathize with, and worse, identify with a woman that lives the same sort of life they do.

    My answer to the Palin situation? Ignore her. Ignore her like a gnat and eventually she’ll go away. Focus the energy where it needs to be focused: not on the VP, on McCain. Obama’s strength was and is his fresh perspective and his ability to usher in a new wave of politics. Palin negates that: she’s younger, from a state so far out of the influence of Washington that while her policies may be old school, her presence is something this country has never seen. She makes Obama look too established.

    So forget her. Go after McCain, make her look petty as she continues to attack and doesn’t get the reaction. Because what you’re proposing is EXACTLY what she wants. She wants the heat, because she knows she can take it. And it distances McCain from the three of them (assuming Biden will jump in too), makes him look like the champion, makes him look like the leader, while the three of them squabble in the background.

  38. Derrick from Philly says


    of course, you’re right. And I know that your strategy for dealing with Palin is right and SMART. I got carried away with some of the pro-Palin comments here, and it will happen again; therefore, I want some Democrats to respond to her cynicism & hypocrisy–not Slim Jim, and maybe not Biden ( But Biden must respond to her lack of knwowledge of world affairs).

    Feminists & women in the Democratic Party should not let her get away with using cries of sexism. She’s a damn sexist, the same way Clarence Thomas and Alan Keyes are anti-black. (I’m getting carried away agains–sorry. Lord, two more months of this).

    Thanks for calming me down, DAVID. I knew this was coming, and so did the Obama Campaign. I know they’ll handle it better than some emotional queen–starving for a Democrat in the White House.

  39. JT says

    YEEK posted:

    *The greatest threat to us right now? Her speechwriter. Talented, dangerous, and on the other side.*

    EXACTLY! To anyone here defending this person as capable, please bear in mind that she was delivering a speech. She delivered it very well. She hit on many strong points that clearly resonated with the audience. Like the statement that “McCain is the only one who has fought for his country.” AS IF THE ONLY WAY TO FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY IS TO GO TO WAR! Do you really believe that? HOW SIMPLISTIC AND DISINGENUOUS CAN YOU GET?

    Oh, let’s look at the tried and true, sure to please the crowd statements referring to those tax and spend liberals who want big government. This one REALLY kills me. DOES ANYONE THINK THAT GOVERNMENT HAS GOTTEN SMALLER IN THE LAST 8 YEARS? Patriot act, anyone? That the Democrats are the ones doing the spending? Cost of this war anyone? Do any of you realize that there is a paper trail of earmarks associated with Palin? Where do you think government funds come from? Maybe taxes?

    Just say the other guy is the bad one often enough. It’s all anyone will hear and remember. Best part for these people is that their base really respects loyalty. It will be very hard for them to ever believe disconfirming information (something no one does easily).

    My head hurts.

  40. jby says

    MOCKERY, MEAN SPIRITEDNESS, FEAR, SARCASM, AND LIES are not just the traits of the the right. democrats use those exact weapons against the right. i always fine it amazing how the left acts as if it takes the high road when dealing with the american public. when in fact they are down in the gutter with the right slinging mud with the best of them. HYPOCRISY!!! either you all rationalize the behavior of the left so you feel okay about it or realize it and choose to turn a blind eye to your own political reps. as long as you agree on the issues. BOTH parties/reps should be called on their behavior.

  41. JT says

    ALEX is right, this is well worth your time.

    And JBY, you are correct. Rhetoric is spewed by all. But this is fresh hot steaming rhetoric, stuff that reinforces stereotypes, discourages critical thinking, plays upon fears, and encourages the us against them, in group/out group mentality that in my opinion the right seems to do more effectively than the left, because the right is more likely to believe in one right way whereas at least ideally, the left is open to diversity.

  42. sugarrhill says

    I can’t believe no one has responded to Bob R’s excellent post. This contest is OVAH! The Obama/Biden campaign is focusing on the big picture WIN on a micro scale. They are going city by city, county by county, and district by district to win the states necessary for the White House. They are applying the same playbook that achieved Obama’s primary success. Look at the electoral map on the NY Times. Obama is ahead on solid Democratic and Democratic leaning states. If he wins all those states his electoral college count is 268. You only need 270 to win the White House. He’s also making inroads on all the on-the-bubble states. He wins one of those states or more and by the end of this year we can finally bid these horrific Bush years goodbye.

    The Obama/Biden ticket is playing a smart game. While everyone is concerned with the Palin circus they are sowing up the election. They are allowing the MSM to pick apart their competition because it’s so fucking easy. I’ll admit that Sarah Palin delivered a coherent speech to her BASE. But she’ll win over very few converts because there was nothing substantive in her speech. It felt like a first lady speech, not a VP speech. And she spent much of the time rebuking the scandals surrounding her. Lucky for us Democrats the real shit still hasn’t fit the fan. She will get her ass handed to her in the debates, because it’ll be one against one unlike the primaries where it felt like a gang bang against Clinton. I have no doubt she’ll be able to defend herself in a debate against Biden, but will she be able to convince women to vote against their own interests is the question. The answer is no, because the McCai/Palin ticket has no coherent theme except “Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke.” Newsflash: it’s broke! Denial, distraction, and distortion only work when you’re an incumbent. Thanks for playing though.

    The other thing that hasn’t been discussed on this site is the fact that the most ardent female Clinton supporters aren’t flocking behind Palin because they don’t trust her decisions as a mother. The fact that she has an infant with downs syndrome and a now teenage pregnant daughter, but still choose to pursue the White House troubles them. It doesn’t sit right with them because they think she should care more about her family than her ambitions. I find it fascinating that this sexism is coming from the very women that cried foul about the sexism shown Clinton. But it’s happening and totally working in Obama’s favor. And Palin’s beliefs on the core principles that lead so many women to vote for Clinton will prevent many of those same voters to cast a vote for her. Clinton will campaign in the battleground states to make it perfectly clear the glaring distinctions between them. Regardless of what many think of her, she did not spend most of her life devoted to public service and the advancement of those less fortunate than the top 1% so that what she truly believes could be dismantled by a McCain/Palin White House. Her ambition to be president is not stronger than her desire for what she truly believes in. She won’t risk a McCain/Palin White House so she can run again in 4 or 8 years. The damage will be done by then, and it will be irreparable.

    Just sit back kiddies, they have applied the lipstick on the pit bull, but that bitch is all bark and not bite.

  43. Danmac says

    A telling side note that I’m yet to see pointed out by anyone – the two times I’ve seen John McCain join Palin on stage (at her announcement of VP and last night), she doesn’t make any eye contact with him. Actually she seems to pretend like he isn’t on stage, looks somewhat annoyed he’s standing next to her, and clearly focusses out to the crowd and not on him at all. At the least, it’s ungracious behavior from a VP candidate to the potential future President (Noooo!), but I think it also shows her true character – a ruthlessly ambitious lone wolf willing to do whatever it takes to obtain power.

  44. Jimmyboyo says


    CNN keeps harping the Working Woman mag poll of working women that shows 50% of working women thinking Palin should stay home and take care of her family.

    It is shocking. The people she is supposed to appeal to are turned off by her in large numbers and growing.

  45. Jimmyboyo says


    On that, Huffpo yesterday had an article about xtian preachers etc all praying that mccain literaly dies quickly in office so their xtian theocratic messiah can usher in the days of Jesus land (no more america)

    Seriously, she might despise mccain and see him as her ticket to being GAWDDDDD’s Holy Vicar on earth ruling over the holy jesus land that will go forth and convert the infidels at the point of a gun.

  46. TikiHead says

    I know one should not feed the trolls, but…

    Jake, your ignorance is truly appalling. Go here:

    and here:

    and here:

    I do hope you’ll read and comprehend, but it may be your stupidity is an unassailable. It’s sad.

    Oh, and you are aware that Palin is very antigay? She holds the standard laundry list of Fundagelical bugaboos.

    Why do you gloat for her?

    Weird. And sad, sad, sad.

  47. Rex says

    Personally, I thought Palin did a masterful job last night. The Obama campaign machine and the liberal media has done everything in their power to smear her reputation because they realize the danger she poses to the celebrities’ election.

    While the left may hate to acknowledge it, facts are facts, Palin has more EXECUTIVE experience than the entire democratic ticket. In being fair, she has more executive experience than McCain himself.

    Regarding the “community organizing” debate, unfortunately for the democrats, they tried to elevate Obama’s experience as a community organizer as being more important than being a mayor of a small town or being governor of the largest State in the Union by land mass. Seems like they don’t find smearing a person who has more experience than a community organizer, but hate to have the facts set straight.

    Personally, I find the Palin nomination absolutely brilliant. While I was not a McCain supporter, he managed a masterful stroke with this nomination. The left has gone crazy trying to tear Palin apart, but in the end, it will only hurt themselves as they chase female voters into embracing a McCain/Palin ticket due to Palin’s obviously sexist motivated mistreatment.

  48. sugarrhill says


    Did you not read any of the comments up thread. Women are flocking to Obama/Biden ticket not to the McCain/Palin ticket. The more that is known about this woman and her anti-feminist beliefs the more people she turns off. What exactly was brilliant about her nomination? Please explain how her nomination helps the LGBT community at all. Also her lambasting of community organizers has backfired as well. This is just an example of the community organizers that have shaped this great namtion of ours: Harvey Milk, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Michael Schwermer, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney were all Community Organizers. They and millions of other community organizers are the reason you and I can be friends, work together, live together and love each other, without being jeered at, jailed or killed.

  49. says


    That EXECUTIVE experience line is such a crock.

    I’ve been chair of a college Russian department for 15 years. Therefore I have MORE EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE than Palin & McCain!

    Furthermore, I’ve BEEN to Russia, even though it’s not right next to my state! Therefore I have more foreign policy experience!

  50. JT says

    REX says: “… governor of the largest state in the union by land mass”

    … and this matters WHY? When I heard Fred Thompson say that, I was startled that anyone would put such a red herring in a speech. I live in CA. Pretty large land mass. But more importantly, MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people, with more diversity than someone from a small town in Alaska could even imagine. Not to knock stewardship of the land (although I might not agree with Palin’s beliefs and behaviors on that sort of thing), but I think people are a bit more of a challenge, and more people means exponentially more challenges.

  51. mwf says

    Um….the Republican party is ALL about lies.

    Hasn’t anyone seen McCain’s ads all summer? he’s just following what his ‘analysts’ and experts tell him to do… whether the next ad runs contrary to what he previously stated, if it will win him the election, he’ll do it.

    And why should be now believe that Republicans are going to do anything different than they have the last 8 years?

    War in Russia. War in Iran.

    We’re fucked

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