1. mick says

    They should plan a pride parade/pool party before they move. But I think they should not have to move. They need to bring in more gay families, buy out the biggots!

  2. peterparker says

    Wow. A couple of bigoted, hateful comments from a neighbor cause these guys to pack up and go elsewhere? That’s a pretty low threshold for moving. It also shows that faggots can be pushed around. Barring any violence or threats against their life, these two should stay right where they are.

  3. the queen says

    oh i think the old fags should move, preferably to a queer retirement home with nurses in drag and fabulous denim colostomy bags and helen hayes lookalike contests…

  4. David B. says

    This is fine line – but this seems more like the Oregon “Man” having a baby, but we want our privacy (at the press conference).

    I don’t understand how these guys profit by being on TV…

  5. David T says

    My neighbor tried to harrass me once. I just made sure he understood that I knew where he lived, I knew where he worked, I knew where he parked, I knew where he went to church, bought groceries, went to school, drank with his friends…it’s surprising how much you really know about people.

    He stopped.

  6. ATLsteve says

    Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to see them naked either. And I agree, the whole “we’re moving” situation seems a bit premature and rash. Is this the whole story – two confrontations with just 1 neighbor over 2 years?

    Seems pretty weak unless there’s more to the story.

  7. mike says

    PeterParker is right. Why move? Stay! Fight back! Don’t let them push you around! I hate that kind of passivity. The days of “cut and run” for gays should have ended a long time ago.

  8. mike says

    PeterParker is right. Why move? Stay! Fight back! Don’t let them push you around! I hate that kind of passivity. The days of “cut and run” for gays should have ended a long time ago.

  9. Ty says

    They need to ignore this troublemaker and get some drapery. Don’t empower him , but also don’t antagonize. Gay flags and pink flamingos are antagonistic.
    Just in case, get some pepper spray and a gun as well as security lights and cameras.
    No one is going to force us to eat pussy, period !

  10. Oscar says

    When but when will people come to realize that Florida is the most backward and homophobic State in the Union.Gays that come to Florida for vacations are helping the homophobic forces in that State.Stay away from Florida,Miami Beach,Miami,Tampa,Orlando,etc…Letthe State feels it in the pocketbook.That is the only way these garbage goons understand.Go to Clifornia,New York but not to Florida.

  11. says

    It sounds like the neighbor is one of those types that doesn’t like anyone, straight or gay.

    If they are dead set on moving, they should find the meanest, toughest, most obnoxious and flamboyant buyers possible. Like S&M leather guys who would set up a dungeon in the back yard. The type of person that would verbally rip the head off of anyone who peeked in the bedroom window.

  12. Marc says

    To paul who on Sep 16, 2008 10:19:38 AM posted the following: (They ought to pawn all that tacky gold jewelry and use the cash to install a security system.)

    If you can’t at least suggest something in a dignified considerate way then don’t bother replying.

    If all you can do is respond like a Bitchy Bitter Queen no matter how old you are, we in the normal respectful community don’t need to hear from you.

    You and you attitude are one of the reasons people in the Heterosexual community don’t like the GLBT Community.

  13. anduarto says

    Wow, what a compassionate community, huh? I’m sure these gentlemen were subject to more harassment than the story suggests. We all have our own fights and our own circumstances. Nobody should have to put up with harassment, but if these two want to find some place new to make a home in peace, it’s their call. We don’t know how many fights these men have already lived through over the years.

    In the meantime, all a lot of you guys can come back with are ugly, catty remarks about their age and appearance. It’s really discouraging and makes me embarrassed for gay men in general.

    Queen, you’re the worst. If you’re very lucky, maybe you’ll make to old age. If you do, I hope you’re surrounded by people with far more compassion and kindness than you’ve demonstrated here.

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