Gay Florida Couple Say Anti-gay Neighbors Bullying Them

Perry Hogg and Jesse Worf, a gay Tampa-area couple who have been together for 20 years have decided to move from their neighborhood because of continual harassment from their bigot neighbors, they say:

Couple"Hogg says it began on Christmas Eve of 2006, when their neighbor confronted him to say he was disturbed because he'd seen the two men naked in their bedroom. 'He said, 'We don't approve of your lifestyle. We don't agree with it. And put drapes up on your house,'' Hogg recalled. Tampa Bay's 10 contacted the neighbor, who said that he was, indeed, very disturbed to see the couple in their bedroom. He denies telling the couple that he disagreed with their lifestyle. Hogg says another disagreement had to do with the sprinklers. He recalls hearing the sprinklers on in the backyard. He says he peeked outside to make sure they weren't his, since someone in the neighborhood had been calling on anyone who used sprinklers outside of approved hours. Again, Hogg said the neighbor lashed out. 'He said, 'That's right I'm watering my [expletive] yard, and there's not a [expletive] thing you can do about it, you faggot,'" Hogg recalled. 'I was so stunned.' The neighbor denies ever using those words."

The ACLU suggested the couple contact a lawyer if the situation worsens. Worf says they'd rather leave: "We would just like to be left alone."

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Gay couple: "We're being harassed" [tampabays10]