1. Matt says

    Outsports is out on a limb with this one. 1st, the postage stamp is old news, it’s been on several blogs for over a week.

    Second, Matt put himself out of touch with the media and agents. He made the decision to go to France with Lachlan and not return till mid-October. By mid-October the only people will be interested in him is the gay community.

  2. Jonathan says

    This is odd for Americans where to be on money or stamps you first need to be dead. For Australians and other Commonwealth countries this is a matter of course. After all, the reigning (and, by definition, living) Monarch is on all money and many stamps.

    I believe the medalist trend started with the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Every Australian Gold Medalist, individual or team, since has had a stamp.

  3. Jonathan says

    I wouldn’t recommend licking the backs of those stamps. They’re all self adhesive.

    As for sponsorship, France has telephones and internet connections. However, there seems to be an indifference to sponsorship coming from him. I do hope he doesn’t change his mind later.

  4. anon says

    Well, you can buy the stamp and use it in Australia, but not in the US. Nice pic though.

    Stamps in the US are basically set by committee and they have only guidelines, not hard and fast rules. Coins and bills, on the other hand, are governed by laws that basically prohibit incumbent politicians from putting their mugs on them. One near exception was the Kennedy 50-cent piece, which came out quickly. The Eisenhower dollar also came out (I think it was a compromise decision) quickly. The rules have since been tightened.

  5. says

    Yeah, why are we nicknaming him Matt? I have not once heard himself or his friends refer to him by a name other than Matthew.

    This is great, even if they do it for all gold medalists. We should do the same.

  6. says

    Mitcham’s people won’t return Outsports’ requests for an interview. This leads some to believe he’s incommunicado. I wouldn’t blame him if he is. It could explain the lack of big sponsorship.

    Let’s be careful before we blame low interest in Mitcham sponsorship on homophobia. That may be the cause, but we don’t know.

  7. Jack H. says

    Following the link to the Australian stamp issue, I took the time to look at the other gold medalists. Did anyone bother to look at the two rowers? Yowza! Maybe it’s just that overly hyped (at least in the LGBT community) blond twinks, talent notwithstanding, don’t do it for all of us.

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