1. Rad says

    I genuinely like Senator John McCain (not enough to vote for him), but when he began talking, the only thing I heard was a really, really ooooold man speaking. He sounded frail.

    I loved that there were people there booing him, and showing opposition. Being hauled out by security. All that chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” was the cover for it (you could hear the booing start, then the chants to drown it out). Didn’t see any of that last week, did we? Now C-Span was providing the feed to all the networks, and they were the ones who found the detractors in the crowd. Interesting that C-Span never had a detractor to focus on in last weeks convention? I counted 3 protesters and at least 8 instances of booing last night.

    It’s going to get pretty dirty, pretty fast. I just hope Obama and Biden can stay on top of it all.

  2. the queen says

    hmmm, well at least the convention wasn’t blatantly homophobic as in the past where they said everything but die fags, no mention of gay marriage or anything like that except for one mention of judges using their position to legislate which might have been a reference to it… i thought cindy mccain’s speech was good, and was surprised to learn of her humanitarian work as she had been vilified by the fags as a slut and golddigger, so shame on the fags for that… as for mccain himself, true not the greatest of speakers but he does come across as kindly and caring and a plain shucks i’m just plain folk who loves and does my duty for my country and that may yet count for much so don’t count him out… like i said, i think surprises are in store so hang on to your tampons girls… interesting with the fags here that if you look at things impartially and praise the republicans strong points you are instantly vilified as a traitor and log cabin republican which i’m certainly not… but that’s the fags for you, we certainly can be evil can’t we?

  3. crispy says

    I liked how, after Palin and others spent the week bashing “community organizers,” McCain basically encouraged people to go out and become community organizers.

    It’s been a week of contradictions.

  4. patrick nyc says

    The things that stood out for me were the protesters, they had several shots on PBS, the chants of USA did drown them out but it also threw McSame off stride. He is not known for his oral skills and it was clear from the shots of the crowd that they were more fired up by Palin. McOld just sucked the life out of the room.

    The above shot was also a poor one, not because of the big house, because of the lawn. The close ups of McGreen looked like his earlier press conference with the green back drop, it made him look even older and paler than he is.

    But finally the substance was not there. He offered nothing except to ‘throw the bums out’ thinking people will forget he voted with the idiot Bush 95% of the time.

  5. Barry Fitzgerald says

    I’ve been all over the blogosphere this AM…..I just HAD to know what that background projection was that was behind McCain for the first half of his speech….
    one of his homes, maybe? Senate offices? Social Security HQ? HANOI HILTON? Nooooooooo…..turns out, if my sources are accurate, it was a slide of Walter Reed Middle School (formerly Hollywood High School ) in Los Angeles. A McCain “set designer” downloaded it and used it thinking it was Walter Reed HOSPITAL, home of many former POWs and injured veterans. (Did anyone mention that John McCain himself was a former POW?) I guess after a bit someone noticed that the photo just wasn’t working out very well, so the pulled it off and put up a video loop of a big blue sky with a giant American flag (which appeared to be at half-mast on the flagpole.) Hopefully that made up for the fact that during the speech, JOHN McCAIN was NOT WEARING A FLAG LAPEL PIN! Quel Horror!

  6. David says

    This’ll be the unpopular opinion, but I have zero tolerance for protesters, or more specifically, protesters inside the convention hall. It actually infuriated me to watch them interrupt McCain’s speech because, despite not supporting his candidacy, I find it impossible not to respect his service to this country and he deserved the opportunity to make his case.

    That being said, his case was weak. Segments of his speech were touching, but for the most part, he seemed dated and fell victim to his own inability to command a stage. Palin was the star of that convention, and it’s unfortunate for McCain that, unlike Obama, we come away remembering her words and presence more than the those of the man actually running for president.

  7. Mark says

    That’s Walter Reed school…some idiot probably googled for a pic of Walter Reed Hospital – you know – just to milk images of the wounded to add with them milking special needs babies, wounded soldiers, 911 victims, the Oklahoma blast, et al.

  8. Jason says

    I am sure I will be lambasted for this but don’t give a shit. I wouldn’t vote for the half American Obama if he was the last man on the planet. He has no experience, mostly believes in Marxism and for the most part is a racist ass. It amazes me that gays are voting for the prick just b/c he is a Dem. The man doesn’t believe any differently than McCain on the gay marriage issue and will absolutely raise your taxes while eviscerating our military. He is pure SCUM.

  9. Jack says

    Totally disagree. I found the speech inspiring. It was like McCain of 2000 was back again. Afterwards I was thinking to myself how washed up Obama now seems. McCain/Palin is a ticket that seems so much more likely to bring the sort of change we need: getting the government out of our lives. I was undecided until last night.

  10. John says

    Well, actually, Jason is right about gay marriage issue. Not one of the four on the tickets has the balls (or ovaries) to say they support gay marriage. I expect it from the Rep, but why can’t the Dems do it too? Obama stood right there in front of 38 million and said he did not think I should be able to marry the man I want to. WTF is that about? I can’t get excited about him. Why should I vote for him on the gay issues? I am not saying I should vote for McCain, but Obama has to get my vote for reasons other than the gay issues.

  11. says

    “I found the speech inspiring. It was like McCain of 2000 was back again. Afterwards I was thinking to myself how washed up Obama now seems.”

    Me too! There’s nothing more invigorating than a speech about “change” (hmmm, where’d he get that idea?) delivered in a monotone by an old man (and he looked OLD last night) who’s been in Washington since the beginning of time. But I’m a little confused. Since the Republicans have been in control these past 8 years and McCain has been voting with Bush 90% of the time, just who are they shaking up besides a few Towleroad trolls and Sarah Palin groupies?

    Go home, stale old Obama. The new, improved, mountain-fresh McCain change is on its way! (P.S. The school backdrop is too perfect.)

  12. the queen says

    the mccain movie which was shown just before he came out ended with “What a life. What a faith. What a family. What good fortune, that America would choose this leader at precisely this time. The stars are aligned. Change will come.”

    hmmm, makes me wonder is he like reagan into astrology, or perhaps miss cindy is?

    an astrologer acquaintance of mine tells me that indeed there is an alignment of certain planets that portend change at the time of the coming election. hmmmm…

    x-tians discuss it here

  13. MAJeff says

    I just want to make sure I have this right. Both candidates oppose full marriage. However, Obama supports the repeal of DOMA, the extension of the material and legal rights and benefits accompanying marriage and opposes ballot measures limiting the rights of same-sex couples, while McCain opposes the extension of any rights, supports the retention of DOMA, and supports state-level ballot measures repealing and limiting the recognition of same-sex couples.

    And, Obama supports the repeal of DADT and enactment of ENDA, both of which McCain opposes.

    So, they’re both the same on gay issues. Is that right?

  14. Ted says

    The only logical choice for President is the candidate who has real solutions for reducing the US budget deficit. That candidate is Barack Obama. You cannot reduce the deficit by lowering taxes on the investor class. Even Ronald Reagan was forced to increase taxes on the wealthy to cover budget shortfalls. The US is technically bankrupt and we re-finance our debt through the sale of Treasury Bonds. If steps are not taken to reduce the deficit the market for those bonds will crash. Foreign investment in Treasury bonds has already begun to decline sharply. Should the bond market erode further the country will face economic ruin and the ability for Americans to borrow capital will cease.

  15. AggieCowboy says


    You’re right. That’s Walter Reed Middle School. It was a MISTAKE. Someone apparently doesn’t know how to google very well as the image was supposed to be of the Walter Reed Military Hospital. HUGE F-up!

  16. Jimmyboyo says

    The Queen

    mccain is extremely superstitious

    The whole salt over the shoulder, rabit foot, astrology schtick

    It is something discussed in his biographies.

    The naval academy could have done it to him since navy guys and superstition goes back to the phoenicians

  17. John says

    The stock market is plunging just as the Republicans have presented their candidates to the nation. I think the financial markets are anticipating a McCain loss. All signs point to a Democratic victory (knock on wood!).

    P.S. Wouldn’t McCain be more comfortable with one of those new walkers?

  18. John says

    The stock market is plunging just as the Republicans have presented their candidates to the nation. I think the financial markets are anticipating a McCain loss. All signs point to a Democratic victory (knock on wood!).

    P.S. Wouldn’t McCain be more comfortable with one of those new walkers?

  19. Jason (A) says

    “What I noted about McCain’s speech (aside from its dry, awkward delivery) was that in its attempt to portray McCain as this bipartisan ‘maverick’ it failed, ringing completely hollow given the three days of arrogant mockery, sarcasm, and lies from the folks like Romney, Giuliani, Graham, and Palin leading up to it. How can you run as that kind of candidate when your party so blatantly defies you in that regard?”

    exactly, Andy. i think that’s actually a huge lesson to be drawn from these two “shows”.

    people have roundly complained that there wasn’t enough “attack” during the Democratic convention. that’s not Obama’s style – but it is the Clintons’ style, and others’. but can you see what’s happened? Obama now controls his party. he has convinced them to follow him, and stay on message.

    McCain, not so much. you’ve got a “maverick” who needs to put Palin on the ticket to drum up enthusiasm from the base, who’s trying to reach out to moderates and run a “clean campaign” (ha!), then you’ve got sideshow acts like Romney, Giuliani and even his running mate sounding like they’re at a different convention.

    there’s no reason for any sane person to believe that McCain can change anything as President, or even run the administration he claims he wants to, unless he can get the Republican party to follow him. But they’re not following him, he’s following them. he’s not pulling the party toward the center and shaping it in his own self-styled moderate image, they’re pulling him further and further to the right.

    McCain’s had a several months’ head start on Obama, to unify what is traditionally a more disciplined party, and he can’t show the leadership to rule his own convention.

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