1. JTlvr says

    Nothing to look at here guys. I bet it’s the same reason why he was caught taking his dog for a walk in Central park after dark. He’s checking the temperature.

  2. johnnyP says

    It’s about time he got “outed”. What was that crazy story his PR people came up when he got caught cruising in a London park? It’s not like he’s a major action adventure star – I don’t understand the need for him being so closeted.

  3. says

    Hvar is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Unfortunately it has been rediscovered by the jet-set and is now hideously crowded (think Ibiza or Mykonos in the 70s).

    There’s a great gay beach nearby on Jerolim, too :-) I bet my namesake has wandered there as well!

  4. says

    Oh, come now, I think we’re all jumping to conclusions. I’m sure the boy was just reaching for his cocktail and Kevin’s fingers accidentally got caught inside the waistband. It could happen to anyone!

  5. Mike says

    He’s definitely gay. I blasted a load in him on Fire Island in the early 2000s one summer. Not that great in the sack, but at least he let me breed him.

  6. Hearhear says

    The problem is that Spacey has never been to Fire Island, so there’s obviously a few people here who were fooled by some look alike. As for the “scandalous” Croatian pics, they’re a lame photoshop montage. Just watch them with a critical eye, guys!

  7. Ashton says

    It’s not that I want to play the devil’s advocate here, but hoaxers, look alikes, impersonaters and imposters are a real issue when you’re a prominent public personality. A friend of mine who’s a famous writer had to deal with that recently.
    Not mentioning the fact that those anonymous “Long Island Spacey buggerers” might very well be jolly hoaxers themselves… :-)

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