News: P!nk, Uganda, John Lennon, Tall Men, Charlie Herschel

road.jpg HOPE: A few numbers.

road.jpg Gay man murdered in Dallas, body missing

road.jpg 19-year-old New Zealand man gets 15 years for brutal murder of gay man

Lennonroad.jpg BOOK: Lennon wanted sex with McCartney.

road.jpg P!nk: Scientology’s newest recruit?

road.jpg Tim Gunn blown away by Christian Siriano’s debut collection: “His namesake line, shown to an audience of the show’s alums and judges, was indeed a remarkable achievement. Along with futuristic skinny pants and ruffled blouses, Siriano unveiled looks that are already his signature styles, like layers of chiffon circles.” Gunn: “I expected to be wowed. You know, in my own way I’ve been in this industry for a long time, and I’m a bit jaded, but I was blown away.”

road.jpg Pamela Anderson on Sarah Palin: “I can’t stand her. She can suck it.”

road.jpg British pop star Will Young wants to find a husband and have kids: “I would love to be a parent one day. Obviously it won’t be happening soon because I am still single. But having a family and bringing up children is something I have thought about a lot recently. Gay marriage and civil partnership is a great thing. It means more rights for same-sex couples. It is safer and there are relationships now that provide a perfect set-up for bringing up children. I was thinking about the future and the idea of bringing up a child and helping them through life is something that appeals to me hugely…”

road.jpg Lohan-Ronson marriage rumors resurrected.

Herschelroad.jpg Reality Blurred interviews gay Survivor: Gabon contestant Charlie Herschel: “I’m not sure if there is a golden rule book for how you should play this game. People who do well go in flexible,” he said. “The thing I’ll need to do is tone it down and be less paranoid, be less aaah!, and make people perceive that I’m comfortable—but I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable in this game.”

road.jpg San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins marries her partner Jennifer LeSar.

road.jpg Poll says taller men happier: “Data from a Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index study found taller people were more satisfied with their lives, more likely to report positive emotions like enjoyment and happiness, and less likely to report emotions like anger, sadness, and stress…The Gallup data suggested it would take a 29 percent increase in income to have the same effect on men’s life satisfaction as moving from below-average to above-average height.”

road.jpg Lance Bass on Dancing with the Stars and the rumors that he might have had a male partner: “That was just a rumor, for sure. I don’t think anyone dealing with the show … I don’t even think that came across their minds. This competition is for a male and female partner — that’s the way the judges judge. I don’t think it would be an even playing field if we were to do it…And who would wear the dress? Come on now [laughs].

Tatumroad.jpg A kiss from Channing Tatum.

road.jpg Obama’s gay mentor speaks out. Professor Lawrence Goldyn: “He was one of those unusual, straight young men who was secure enough in his sexuality that he was not fearful of being associated with me, whether that involved taking a class or just talking socially.”

road.jpg South African church sends letter to teacher after firing him because he’s gay: we didn’t mean to hurt you.

road.jpg CDC reports alarming rates of HIV infection among black gay men: “The biggest percentage (46%) of HIV/AIDS infections in 2007 in US has been reported among men with homosexual orientation. Black Americans are seven times more likely to be infected than whites. Afro-Americans are the most exposed male human beings to HIV infection (annual rate of change 14.9 percent), followed by Caucasians (9.4 percent annual increase) and Hispanics (7.9 percent).”

road.jpg Gay Ugandan threatened with deportation by the UK: “Mr Nyombi is being removed from the UK after spending seven years working and living in Portsmouth. He is now faced with the possibility of life imprisonment or even death when he returns to Uganda on Sunday. ‘I don’t know what will happen because in Uganda they don’t like my sexuality,’ he said. ‘I have got good friends here who welcomed me. ‘They understand and they have been very supportive. They were really shocked. ‘I have never had a day off work. I’ve never been in trouble.'”

road.jpg Guy Ritchie: enjoying 40.


  1. says

    I think the original source for that Will Young story is this interview in The Sun. Not that I mean to defend that paper’s rights to its “exclusive” but the story at the Sun’s website is a little longer, giving fuller quotes from Will Young.

    Also, whoever copied the story at Thaindian seems to have sloppily left off all the quotation marks. You may want to change the link.

  2. tjc says

    Did the article really say, “[Will Young], who has admitted to being a gay…” ???

    [Checks article]

    Yep, it did.

    Wow. Someone needs an updated style guide.

  3. says

    Yeah … another reason to change the link.

    @Dan B
    Channing Tatum has always been on the meaty end of the hunk spectrum. I think he has the kind of body that wears it well.

  4. David B. says

    Umm, Channing Tatum is what real, normal men look like – not emaciated and starved to 4% body fat… you’re looking at toooo many men with eating disorders who get dizzy at the top of the stairs!

    I think Obama’s “gay mentor” is a load – – I’ve worked with plenty of hateful, redneck homophobes who were smart enough to act professional and respectful around me – then talked trash and revealed their true colors outside of work – – much as Obama’s homophobic predilection with gay marriage. You either believe in the separation of church and state as a foundational tenet of our democracy or you don’t… there’s NO difference between McCain and Obama.

  5. says

    @ DAVID B

    I simply said he is packing on pounds, which is true. No commentary made on the ideal or “real” male physique.


    He has not always been “on the meatier side” I think you should do a google image search for him. He had a sick 8-pack.

  6. my2cents says

    channing tatum:
    less breakable, much more comfortable to sleep with and more likely to wake you with the nytimes and bagels.

    lance bass:
    wearing the dress = you… if it were ellen, i’m sure she’d insist on a female partner, and last longer on the show than you will.

    obama’s mentor:
    am i naive to think that obama’s position on gay marriage will “shift” after he’s elected? magic eight ball says: most likely.

  7. Adam says

    Re: Obama’s mentor. He wasn’t afraid to be associated with him? But, but..then why was Obama so afraid to be associated with Gavin when he had the gay marriage stink on him a few years back?

    Andy. Fluff much?

  8. Jimmyboyo says

    Dan B

    you are full of shit

    No difference between Obama and mccain?

    Obama for civil unions…mccain campaigned against civil unions in AZ

    Obama for repealing DADT…mccain wants to keep DADT in place

    Obama against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation…mccain supports companies having the right to either not hire you or fire you do orientation

    Obama for gay adoption…mccain against gay adoption

    I’m crazy, but you are a brainwashed idiot

  9. says

    Reasons that McCain and Obama are identical: they both oppose a constitutional amendment invalidating gay marriage, they both had the courage to vote against the insanity of the Iraq invasion, they both have comprehensive health care plans, and they both plan to cut taxes for 95% of Americans while cutting tax loopholes for the top 5%, thus simultaneously reining in the deficit and easing the burden on working Americans.

    Oh no, wait.

    Sorry, all those things are true only of Barack Obama.

    However, like all presidential candidates, McCain and Obama both old white guys. That much is certain.

  10. David B. says

    JimmyB, Majeff:

    It’s really sad that neither of you understand the structure of a sentence. I’ll try to remember to create sentences with compound redundancy so you don’t get lost along the way…

    Relative to separation of church and state… THERE IS NO difference between McCain and Obama – they both favor their personal opinions and “morality” over the constitution. Hypocrits, the both of them.

  11. le_sacre says

    note also that Obama came out definitively against prop 8 in california, a risky position when the safe one is to say “let states decide for themselves.” he’s in our corner. let’s elect him, whaddaya say?

    oh yeah, another key difference between the tickets is that Obama is not suffering from senility/dementia, and Biden can discuss everyday foreign policy issues like the Bush doctrine without having to be instructed what their definitions are.

  12. Patrick says

    Pamela Anderson rocks! Sarah Palin is a gross bitch. What anyone sees in her is beyond me.

    Pink into Scientology? Oh no! I hope they don’t make her docile and strange.

  13. Benny says

    I really hope that the Pink news is just that… a rumour. She is seemingly a very intelligent woman, how could she fall prey to this cult!?

  14. yoshi says

    “Pamela Anderson on Sarah Palin”

    Who the hell cares what Anderson says or believes in? I mean seriously – if that is who you are listening to for advice – just kill yourself now.

    @Distingué Traces

    Good lord – Obama wasn’t in the Senate when the war was originally voted on. We have no idea how he would of voted. McCain is against a federal constitutional amendment against gay marriage. And finally – regarding Obama’s “tax plan” – give me a break dude – are you reading directly from the Obama talking point playbook there? Geez … get an independent thought will ya… The results you state are idealist fantasies with no grounding in reality.

    Listen – I am for Obama – but if you going to argue please don’t throw out false information.

  15. Paul R says

    Wow, that link to the McCartney picture makes it seem like he should be way angrier about how badly his plastic surgery has turned out. That, or the fact that he hasn’t had any. He looks absolutely horrible.

  16. tjc says

    I see Andy updated the Will Young article. My comments above were in reference to Andy’s original posting that I quoted accurately. The new link (current link) is better and more interesting. :-)

    Although it’s usually good form for bloggers to mention that they modified their posting with an “updated” or “edited” notice. I’m surprised Andy that you didn’t include a note to that effect.

  17. queendru says

    I hope Pink doesn’t go down the Scientology road. Rey, that’s a funny line.

    Will Young rocks. The artificial barriers to music being sold world-wide, rather than in regions, should be torn down. I don’t care if no one has (or worse just doesn’t exercise their) distribution rights to Will Young in my country.

    Let me buy the music electronically for the same price as his countrymen directly from the home label rather than be gouged by physical media importers! It isn’t as if these damned labels aren’t part of multi-national conglomerates!

  18. queendru says

    Not much a surprise from you, Andy. That “15 years for brutal murder of gay man” is a misleading headline.

    It’s actually a life sentence with 15 years minimum before any consideration of parole.

    Seriously, there’s enough genuine problems without you feeding us lies-by-omission and perpetuating that Justice doesn’t care about gays.