1. SexyBack says

    As much as I enjoy her music, Madonna is a vapid and selfish fool. Her support of religion in various forms doesn’t make her much better than Il Papa in the Vatican. At least the Catholic Church has educated and given healthcare to millions of people throughout the world. Maddie trots off to save a poor African baby/accessory and she’s savior of the continent? Please.

    The money she spent on private jets to-and-fro would have provided mosquito nets and clean water for God knows how many hundreds of children or AIDS treatment for pregnant women to stop mother-child HIV transmission. Come on, guys. She’s a good entertainer, but she’s complicit in the joke of Western greed – she got wealthy off the plebs and hasn’t given much back in the grand scheme of things. Friend of the gays? Certainly. Humanitarian? Not by a long shot.

    Madonna donated $21 million towards a new Kabbalah school for children. How many children in Malawi would that feed/clothe/cure?

  2. tim says

    Wow, how courageous. And how novel!

    You want real courage? Sinead O’Connor tore up a picture of the pope on live TV to protest the child abuse scandal — BEFORE people knew about it — and she lost her career as a result.

    Madonna made 2 videos for “American Life” but was too afraid to release it when she realized that her anti-war stance might hurt her career. Of course she’d have released it TODAY.


  3. pushkin says

    The first time I heard Madonna in 1982 I thought she sounded like Daisy Duck. Today she’s as rich as Scrooge McDuck but still can’t sing to save her life. She’s living proof of the American Dream: Mediocrity plus aggressive marketing a fool parting with his/her money maketh.

  4. Sista Blista says

    ROB – I wonder “when the last time” you posted a comment that was funny or made any sense? Maybe people post here to air their true feelings? Unlike Ms Maddie, some things other people say are from the heart and not for personal gain.

  5. paul says

    Sista Blista’s right. Madonna makes plenty of (incredibly lame) comments about others when she thinks she can stir up a few more bucks from the publicity.

    She’s officially entered the Mae West “Sextette”/Bette Davis “Wicked Stepmother” era of her career — she’s become a delusional joke and a parody of her former self.

  6. Patrick says

    She firmly believes in the motto “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”…..and loves to push people’s buttons. That’s just one of the reasons why I love her.

    Love her or hate her, people just can’t stop talking about her…so she STILL wins.

  7. soulbrotha says

    Note that Madonna is only “commented on” when a story is posted about her. It’s the same with Paris Hilton and Amy Winehouse. Does that make them “winners” too? Please.

  8. paul says

    We also talk about Sally Kern, Larry Craig, assorted gay bashers, etc. Does that mean they win too?

    And what do you win by people talking about you? Filler for the black hole where your soul is supposed to be?

    If people are talking about you and saying that by seeing your current level of desperation they are beginning to realize that you really weren’t so hot to begin with….I think that qualifies as losing. Losing fans, losing your status in the history books, losing respect, and losing your dignity.

    Maybe she can buy it back by giving more money to that cult of hers.

  9. John d says

    Paul, you must be a Mariah Carey fan. Madonna still has her place in the history books and is the biggest money making singer out there right now. I love when she provokes like this.

  10. paul says

    Baby Jane/Madonna can keep dressing up like a kid and licking her giant lollipops, but it’s not shocking, it’s just sad…like watching Rich Little being dragged out of mothballs for a telethon to do his Richard Nixon impression for the 1 zillionth time.

    There’s a difference between provoking thought and provoking pity, and Madonna is firmly in the latter category.

    Mariah’s well on her way there to join her.

  11. Jesse says

    as a young 15 yo who recently came out, I find Madonna to be the most honest of her feelings forward the gay community. from what I read on her, her support goes far back way before I was born! why all the negativity toward a public figure who has supported our lifestyle for the past 25 years!? Madonna, you will continue to have my support on all your current and future endeavors!

  12. Jon says

    I liked to badmouth people on when I was FIFTEEN.

    How old are all the people that are supposedly routinely disgusted by Madonna but continue to read blog posts about her and post comments?

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