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McCain Feigns Cluelessness, then Defends Fiorina $45M Severance

Mccain_vieiraThis morning on NBC, Meredith Vieira questioned John McCain about placing the blame for some of the trouble on Wall Street on CEO greed while putting Carly Fiorina at the head of his economic policy team. Fiorina walked away from Hewlett-Packard with a $45 million golden parachute severance package after being fired while 20,000 others were laid off.

McCain claims he does "not know the details" of that, and then claims Fiorina deserved it because she was a good CEO.

Fiorina, as you may know, has been largely removed from the public eye. Last week, a McCain advisor told CNN that "Carly will now disappear" after she made a statement that neither McCain nor Palin had the qualifications to run a major corporation. Fiorina also said that neither Obama nor Biden had them either.

Watch Vieira's interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I guess trolls are so obsessed by Obama they're unable to comment on the actual post. McCain can't even handle a simple question about whether huge severance packages are appropriate for CEOs who've been fired when their workers get nothing but pink slips. It's not complicated, but still he ducks it by saying he doesn't know the details. Not knowing the details seems to be a running problem with McCain, from VP selection to foreign policy to economics.

    Posted by: Ernie | Sep 22, 2008 5:11:16 PM

  2. It's one thing for the baby cockroaches to crawl onto Towleroad and make excuses/make up things for the Cockroach-in-Chief, but watching His Shamelessness Himself bob and weave is as much an exercise in seeing one eat his own soul before your very eyes as anything else.

    Example: last night on "60 Minutes" when he declared that Palinolithic could ABSOLUTELY step right into the Presidency.

    And PULEEZE bitch slap anyone who personally defends "the surge" to you. It's no more defensible than someone saying, don't I get credit for partially rebuilding one wall of your house after I needlessly TORE THE WHOLE THING DOWN?

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Sep 22, 2008 5:44:56 PM

  3. YOSHI, you're not a Dem or a Republican and thus impartial? Gimme a break. I'm in the Green Party and I support Obama, yes, because I would like a President who will take the country in a positive direction and reverse some of the crap the GOP have mired us in. Crap that McCain is all too happy to forget about when it helps him get some votes out.

    Obama has come to the centre on some issues but he has certainly not done the 180s McCain has managed (and a guy his age should watch out or he'll get a bruise on what's left of his mature brain). Palin is a sham because she represents all that is bad about American politics - conservative, parochial, uninformed, reactionary spin.

    Although you are probably right about McCain being a better liar - just look at the clip above WHICH IS WHAT THIS F***ING DISCUSSION IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT, not Obama's debating skills.

    Posted by: sexyback | Sep 22, 2008 6:09:43 PM

  4. Yep, the old maverick is at it again. Sorry, don't know anything about Carly except that she's a hard worker and deserved whatever she got - well, except for the money part I think he's got it right cause she certainly deserved to get fired. If he's such a maverick, going against "his" party, then why didn't he go ahead and choose Liberman like he wanted to? Because he's a good little Repub and does exactly what the party wants him to do - rope in the rightwingers by picking someone that is so far to the right that they make Cheany look like a liberal. Guess intergity isn't nearly as important as trying to win at all costs. Looks as if the straight talk express took a wrong turn somewhere along the way. I can't seem to figure out if McCain is running for his party or from his party? He's taking their money so I guess he's running with them.

    Posted by: Michael | Sep 23, 2008 8:18:57 PM

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