1. Andalusian Dog says

    He’s actually not half bad. Better than John Ashcroft’s song about that damn freedom eagle.

    Alright…in all seriousness: that was horrifying. But kinda funny.

  2. Dback says

    The difference is, Streisand is actually smart enough and classy enough to do McCain’s job. McCain clearly can’t do hers.

    If she comes out with a rebuttal video listing some of the $11 million she donated to charity last year, he’s really going to look like an asshole.

    (Republicans bash Streisand more than Clooney and other liberals in Hollywood because 1) she’s Jewish and 2) she’s the most powerful Democrat in America fundraising-wise. Trey Parker and Matt Stone–also Republicans–use her as a punching bag on “South Park” for similar reasons.)

  3. michael says

    Message to John McCain: you need to take the red pill in the morning and the blue pill at night. Stop mixing up your medications!

    Veiled anti-semitism? Perhaps. Veiled homophobic comment? Like that’s a surprise. Trying desperately to win an election by appealing to middle America’s funny bone so that we will forget that we might elect an Old Fart to the White House in November? You bet.

  4. bastian says

    WTF is with the dig at log cabin republicans and the gay stereotypes? McCain could at least pretend to respect those insane gays that have chosen to support him. Poor showing. What an ass.

  5. JD says

    What a smirking, sarcastic bastard. Now I REALLY hate his guts. Not only is this completely unbecoming of someone who wants to lead the free world, it’s an insult to anyone who thinks that American citizens (like Streisand) have the right to speak out. Plus of course the condescending dig at Log Cabin Republicans – see how all the fags love to watch Barbra? McCain is not only saying here that he doesn’t need or want their support, he doesn’t need or want the support of any gays. If America is stupid enough to vote for this asshole, they deserve what they get.
    Always fascinating to me how much they hate Streisand. She’s a woman, Jewish, funny looking, pushy, and wildly successful, and can draw a mich bigger crowd than they can. No wonder she drives them nuts.

  6. Greg says

    Well after 2 terms of Buffoon it seems the strategy is to go for “Clown”. So much for the dignity of office. I thought he’d strained his credibility to the limit already but it seems there’s no end to its elasticity.

  7. Bastian says

    I was wondering where this came from so I looked around a little bit. While I am a very big fan of this blog and Andy’s work, I am a little disappointed that the provenance of this clip was glossed over, implicitly suggesting that this clip is recent.

    This clip is from McCain’s guest spot on SNL back in 2002. That doesn’t change the content or my opinion that it’s in poor taste, but it does at least provide some more context.

  8. Wayne says

    DBACK, South Park doesn’t hit Bab’s because she’s a Democrat, they hit her because she’s a human being, just like they hit Tom Cruise and Hillary and Bush and Bob Dole and any other “famous” person that they can legally assault on television. They do it because it’s hilarious, not because she’s a Democrat. Do you ever watch the show? They are not a partisan crowd, never have been. They offend EVERYONE, which is why they’re so popular.

  9. Dback says

    Actually, Parker and Stone did an interview back in the 90’s, talking about when Streisand was one of the first celebrities to talk about boycotting vacationing in Colorado because of the anti-gay Amendment 2 (which was overturned eventually), and how much they hated her and her politics. And they freely admitted to being Republicans. Dig around, it might have been in Rolling Stone. I agree that they parody lots of people, but there’s definitely some extra animosity there.

  10. KJ says

    Wow, some of you kids. Lighten up! It’s funny, and as Bastian has pointed out, long before the current election.

    People pick on Babs ‘cuz she’s pretentious. That doesn’t mean I disagree with her politics, and I doubt that she’d disagree with the “pretentious” label. Look where it got her!

    Now, go have some fun! Don’t forget to breathe.

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