1. Howard says

    I couldn’t get it to work either…you need to download the Apple updates. Once it started, I couldn’t see it because I couldn’t stop crying. I hope the movie is as powerful as the trailer.

  2. Philip Wester says

    This movie better be the second coming of “Brokeback Mountain” what with so much hype going into it.

    Which makes me wonder whether gay blogs were buzzing about “Brokeback Mountain” pre-release?

  3. says

    Did Kinsey really “flop” as such? It got good press, and a movie made on that scale obviously isn’t intended to be a B.O. smash.

    I see a fair amount of buzz about Milk on non-gay media sites — Franco does well with young women. Obvious this isn’t the latest Spider-Man, but it looks to me like Milk is likely to give decent returns for a fall prestige film.

    (I just re-installed Quicktime, and I still can’t watch the trailer. What the fuck?)

  4. crispy says

    Kinsey grossed $10 million in the States. It cost $11 million (not including marketing costs). But I think it made additional money overseas and on DVD… so it probably wasn’t a net loss.

    But more importantly, it got mediocre reviews. And all the advance Oscar buzz for Liam Neeson and Bill Condon proved fruitless.

    Milk has the same feel to it. I just don’t see an audience for it beyond the gay blogosphere.

  5. B says

    God Crispy, you’re such a Debbie Downer. This movie looks nothing like Kinsey, which if you actually watched it, was bland and boring. Van Sant doesn’t have a boring bone in his body, so I am sure he will bring something exiting to this movie.
    Here comes Debbie…Downer!

  6. crispy says

    Sorry, B. I wasn’t trying to be a downer. I have seen Kinsey, which I thought was quite good. I wasn’t comparing the tone or quality of Milk to Kinsey. I mean the manufactured buzz and the miniscule audience are about the same.

    But Wes makes a good point. Who the fuck cares if it flops? I’ll be seeing it myself. I just think all ya’ll expecting the second coming of Brokeback are gonna be disappointed.

  7. ken says

    Sean Penn is a big STAR, if there are Oscar worthy performances (which is suspect there are) there will be an audience for this movie…Remember that lttle thig called “Brokeback Mountain” it grossed approx. 178M, worldwide. Kinsey was dry and ultimately, uninteresting. MILK will have a following because Penn is one of the best actors of our, or any generation.

  8. crispy says

    Oh really, Ken? You should tell that to the people who made Sean Penn’s last movie, All the King’s Men. You know the one that had a big-name cast and all sorts of Oscar buzz before it opened?

    It was a massive flop.

  9. le_sacre says

    i was moved by the trailer. i think it looks good, certainly compelling, and totally different from both kinsey and brokeback.

    i will definitely be interested to see how much of an audience this story will attract, but agree that it doesn’t matter as long as it’s well done.

    can’t help but wonder whether it might make an impact if it were released before the election rather than after, since it’s a story about *hope* and *change*.

  10. Dback says

    This is a big one, folks, as big or bigger than “Brokeback.” It’s not “just” a love story (though Milk and Scott Smith’s relationship figures prominently), it’s also a pivotal moment in gay history–as big and as significant as “Stonewall” or “And The Band Played On”. I think the trailer is brilliantly edited; I got chills. I think a lot of people will turn out out of curiosity, the stellar cast, and (hopefully) great reviews. (I’d also like to put in a plug for “Kinsey,” which was long and talky but also exquisitely done.)

    Please don’t wait for video–if films like this make good money in their initial theatrical run, that helps greenlight more gay-themed works. If they flop, no matter how well done or how good the reviews, it’s easier for studios to say, “Well, audiences just don’t turn out for gay movies, why make them?”

    And screw the Oscars–they’re useless. They only give Oscars to films where gay people don’t have sex and/or are killed or killers (see: “Silence of the Lambs” “Braveheart” “American Beauty” etc.). If voters wouldn’t watch “Brokeback,” they won’t watch this.

  11. Craig says

    The trailer looks very good.

    At first, I was annoyed by the comments along this thread, but then I remembered we are on the internet.

    I don’t any of you. For all I know you are some freaky straight guy living in your mama’s basement. That thought is liberating.

    As for the movie looking like Kinsey, I saw Kinsey. It’s not Kinsey. Here’s a link to the Kinsey trailer:

    I don’t know how the movie will do, but I do know one thing- you bitches are retarded if you think Milk looks like Kinsey.

  12. Jay says

    I was moved by the trailer also and fail to understand the cynical reaction by some of these posters. It is a landmark ‘mainstream’ movie to be made for the gay community.

  13. Marc says

    God its really sad to see all the nasty comments on here. I was skeptical about this movie, being young enough that I’m not personally familiar with the story…it didn’t sound that interesting.

    We’ve come so far in 30 years and Harvey Milk was clearly a huge part the progress we’ve achieved. How can you all be so damn cynical about a movie where Hollywood has finally recognized the value of telling the story of one of the most significant figures in LGBT rights history?

    You’re already predicting its failure without giving it a chance! Quit being so bitchy and like John said, let’s support it!!!

  14. Marc says

    Take a minute and think for a second about all of our LGBT brothers and sisters who fought in the LGBT rights movement who are no longer with us today. How do you think they’d react to all the prematurely negative comments on here?

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