1. Jack H. says

    Most of the commentary on the sports blogs and press is chauvinistic defense of Roddick and his mouth. Roddick choked per usual against a world class player. The NY fans (and I’m a lifelong area resident) were boorish clods defended by the sycophantic (and IMHO anti-foreigner biased) local and national media. I will still be rooting for Federer–and not just because he moves the needle a little on my gaydar.

  2. Ben says

    Andy Roddick is exactly that.

    I was actually surprised that the NY fans booed – it was clear (to me anyway) that Djokovic was upset that a fellow player would publically “joke” that he was faking injuries.

  3. says

    The real pity was the behavior of the crowd- to lower themselves to yelling when Novak was serving was such poor sportsmanship.

  4. Mike says

    Ok ok – Andy jokes around all the time and is quite sarcastic. I think the adrenaline got the best of Novak but he should not be so cocky. So I guess it is ok to imiate other players serves the way Novak has done jokingly during last years US Open and Austr. but a sarcastc remark by Andy is way off bounds? Whatever.

  5. Wayne says

    Once again Roddick chokes in battle. The guy can’t win to save his life! He’s a poor loser and Djokavik is simply amazing! Much hotter than Andy and a MUCH better tennis player.

  6. Julie says

    I thought Roddick was way out of line with his comments. I can see why Djokovic would have been pissed. I’m glad he beat A-Rod and see nothing wrong with what he said post-match. The fans’ behaviour during the match was appalling.

  7. Tread says

    Dear John McEnroe:

    For someone who played tennis with the incredibly awful attitude and antics on the court that you displayed to say to someone who was told, jokingly or not, that he was faking his injuries after he beat that person fair and square is incredibly shameful.

    Go fuck yourself and the white horse you rode in on. That goes for all of the Amercia-centric sports media whores.

  8. Tread says


    …after he beat that person fair and square, to call his statement a “bit of a shame” is incredibly hypocritical. Djokovic was pissed and rightly so. Roddick is showing to be the sore loser that he always has and always will be, regardless of how much you try to blow him up to be larger than life.

  9. stacey says

    Roddick is a whiny bitch. He says all that crap before the match and got blown away by Novak at actual tennis. US broadcasters love to overhype Roddick but he hasn’t played well in ages. His only win was a lucky draw.

  10. Larry McD says

    I have no particular affection or respect for Roddick but that’s irrelevant to Djokovic’s behavior.

    He’s pretty typical of Serb culture- a paranoid bully convinced that he’s better than the world around him and angry unto genocide when that world doesn’t recognize that “truth.”

    If you want to understand why 250,000 people died in the former Yugoslavia in the ’90s, watch this Serbian rooster strut his stuff…

    If you want to understand why it’s not safe to be gay in the Balkans, see above.

  11. nic says

    yes, that was a graceless interview, but i’d still fuck him, although he’ll be sloppy seconds after federrer or nadal has his way with him.