Politico: McCain Never Returned Cash from former Manhunt Chairman

Last month, the Boston Herald reported (the article is now archived but here’s a duplicate) that John McCain had returned a $2,300 donation from Jonathan Crutchley, the former Chairman of the nation’s largest gay sex hook-up website Manhunt.

ManhuntManhunt co-founder Larry Basile, told the Herald that Crutchley was informed the money would be returned. Said Basile: “Politically, it was just off-base, with the whole feeling over here at Manhunt. Boy, was I embarrassed when I found out he gave $2,300. [Crutchley] said, ‘If John is too good for my money, I’ll give it to (presumptive Democratic nominee) Barack (Obama).'”

That never happened, according to Politico’s Ben Smith: “Last month’s campaign finance reports don’t show a refund to Crutchley.”

Crutchley was forced to step down from the board of the company, which OUT magazine reported pulls in $30 million a year from its mostly gay members, after news of the donation was revealed. Larry Basile, Manhunt’s co-founder, released a statement saying that the “entire board was in disbelief” that Crutchley made the donation.

At the time, Crutchley defended his donation in a thread at Online Personals Watch. That comment has since been mysteriously deleted from the thread. Here’s a screenshot we captured of it in August.


So, if Smith is correct, Crutchley’s donation still sits in McCain’s coffers, working hard to defeat gay rights.

Crutchley contribution not returned [politico]

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