1. countess de gooch says

    McCain is truly wise to keep the media on the back burner for a while. He knows what evils the media is up to and the damage they can wreak. That’s experience for you, baby.

  2. Mark in NYC says

    re: Derrick…Yes, except he’s much more Doris Upson than Agnes.

    Take two cans of tuna fish and put them through the meat grinder then add clam juice and peanut butter.

  3. the queen says

    well, Countess, he’s just given a press conference somewhere in somewhere, i didn’t quite catch it ’cause Consuelo was having problems with that new pool boy i just hired… devastatingly handsome he is too… anway, palin is too busy meeting with foreign leaders and boning up on her foreign affairs.. something i used to do before i got married… hmmmm.. thanks for the memory…

  4. nic says


    why do you and the COUNTESS DE GOOCH have the same e-mail account? you’re not pulling a “sybil” on us are you, what with arguing with yourself and all?


    whatever possessed you?

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