San Diego Padre Rookies Hazed, Made to Wear Hooters Uniforms


* For those of you who haven’t read the San Diego firefighter post below, that’s what I’m sarcastically referring to here. The rookies are not actually suing their managers, I’m just making a point about ‘public humiliation’ and heterosexuals’ willingness to go along with it in a straight macho hetero setting, but not a gay one.


  1. marc says

    they are distressed for having to wear shorts and tanks?

    None of them have shorts or tank tops in their wardrobes ???

  2. Mark in NYC says

    The outfits look identical to the ones we had to wear in high school gym…except for the tit owl.

    I’ve never understood the idea of hazing. Why not say “that’s really stupid, I have no intention of doing that”?

  3. Reggie says

    Second photo, second guy from the right, in the back… what a bulge!!! Gives new meaning to the term “baseballs”. I could become a BIG-baseball fan.

  4. says

    I’m all about gay PRIDE, but lay off the San Diego fire department, dude. I kind of think it was inappropriate to send straight guys to a pride parade against their will. and if it takes suing the fire department to get that message across, then so be it.

    yeah, i think that maybe they should get over their homophobia, but forcing them to be in a pride parade is the WRONG way to do it.

  5. Critifur says

    These guys are athletes? They all have muscular legs, and arms, but damn, the guts on these rookies, make them out to be in very bad shape. Young men on the way to early heart attacks, probably from eating at Hooters too often.

  6. MAJeff says

    I get it…they made ’em dress like girls, because the worst thing in the world you can be is a woman…Damn, straight men are lame.

  7. JeffRob says

    I agree with Erik. We can and should demand acceptance and expect tolerance without exception, but demanding attendance at a Pride parade, especially if it’s at all implied to be contingent on your employment, is over the line.

    But baseball players in little clothing is something we can all approve of.

  8. JeffRob says

    Sorry, little grammatical error. I meant to say: if your employment is at all implied to be contingent on parade attendance, that’s over the line. Not the other way around, which doesn’t make much sense.

  9. Gianpiero says

    If they promised me a million dollar baseball player’s paycheck, I’d happily wear Hooters costume.

  10. says

    Critifur–these guys are perfectly healthy baseball players, not anorexic gays. Why do we as gay men have to have such unrealistic body standards?

  11. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Talk about slobs of beef — and that’s not a typo — I think they’re suing more for how they looked in their gym shorts and tank tops than anything else. And having watched a number of baseball games I have to say, most of the players do look like slobs.

  12. Puddy Katz says

    Freedom of speech, expression and assembly necessitates and means freedom to not speak, express, or attend an assembly. Those firefighters have the same freedoms we do, or want. We would not want to be forced to attend an assembly we disagreed with as a non-essential part of our job. We should extend the same rights to them.

  13. Kristoffer says

    I can’t believe that more than one person here has made a comment about the shape these guys are in. From what I see these are the bodies most typical guys have.

  14. Robert Vernon says

    I think this so fricken funny! I would go through hazing like this if it meant that I was going to be on the ball field playing my dream sport and getting the pay check these guys get. Shoot! Haze Me!! Who knows maybe it would be side job after my Major League career. Nah, just kidding.

    Kapolei Hawaii