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Sarah Palin: Homosexuality is a Choice

More gems from the Alaskan Governor:

"As for homosexuality, I am not going to judge Americans and the decisions that they make in their adult personal relationships. I of my best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay and I love her dearly. She's not my gay friend, she is one of my best friends who happens to have made a choice that isn't a choice that I have made. But I'm not going to judge people."

Watch tonight's ENTIRE interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I just saw this on a different site, although the end of a 10 minute interview mash-up.

    My mouth dropped.

    Posted by: shauner | Sep 30, 2008 9:44:18 PM

  2. I work in a pretty politically conservative office and even my republican co-workers are starting to say things like "I'm still voting for McCain but... , is she just a moron? What was McCain thinking?"

    Posted by: John M | Sep 30, 2008 9:55:02 PM

  3. She is a piece of ice-sled dog feces.

    imagine back in 1976, having Anita Bryant run for VP and having a great chance of becoming President.

    That is what it's like seeing this walking nightmare open her mouth.

    Posted by: Martha | Sep 30, 2008 9:58:12 PM

  4. is anyone really surprised by this?

    Posted by: nickbilz | Sep 30, 2008 9:58:40 PM

  5. Wow. Just wow.

    Posted by: tjc | Sep 30, 2008 9:59:22 PM

  6. Please someone present me Palin's dyke friend so I can smack her in the head for standing by such a close-minded bitch for 30 years.

    Gay people made a choice alright, Sarah. A choice to tune you out.

    John M, I know people who work in conservative environments who have heard their colleagues actually leaning Dem now because of the McCain/Palin missteps of late. Call your co-workers on the bullshit.

    Posted by: jeffy | Sep 30, 2008 10:00:20 PM

  7. Aaaah! My brain. Stop the pain, please. I can't process her mumbo jumbo.

    "I'm not going to blame man's activities solely on climate change..."

    I agree with her on that. I say blame man's activities on greed, not JUST climate change.

    Posted by: Gabriel | Sep 30, 2008 10:04:52 PM

  8. Aaaah! My brain. Stop the pain, please. I can't process her mumbo jumbo.

    "I'm not going to blame man's activities solely on climate change..."

    I agree with her on that. I say blame man's activities on greed, not JUST climate change.

    Posted by: Gabriel | Sep 30, 2008 10:06:47 PM

  9. Everytime this woman speaks, something stupid falls out of her mouth. From her answer on homosexuality one could assume she is sexually attracted to women and "makes a choice" not to act on it. Since it is clearly in her head a choice but just not a choice she has chosen to make. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Between the evolution retardation she seems to suffer to the fact she can't name a single newspaper she reads (and damn, I bet Katie Couric didn't know Alaska wasn't a foreign country...) this woman is scary on so many levels it's jaw-dropping.

    And a quick note to John McCain...when you have to keep referring to yourself as a "maverick," or anything else, it usually means you're the only one who believes it.

    Posted by: Bart | Sep 30, 2008 10:09:22 PM

  10. "imagine back in 1976, having Anita Bryant run for VP and having a great chance of becoming President"

    Right on! I howled with laughter in agreement with your comment, Martha. It's the perfect analogy, and sums up exactly who Sarah Palin is. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

    On the other hand I find it incredible that after 30 years since Anita Bryant we still are confronted with such reactionary attitudes on being gay, and how little progress for LGBTQ rights has been made at the federal level (although thankfully we are making steady-but-sure progess at the state level).

    Posted by: HOGB | Sep 30, 2008 10:25:23 PM

  11. My 77 year old grandma told me today that she thought Sarah Palin was "just awful."

    Posted by: JJ | Sep 30, 2008 10:27:11 PM

  12. I srsly want Biden to kick her ass from here to Anchorage Thurs. nite.

    Posted by: Todd | Sep 30, 2008 10:36:05 PM

  13. HOGB.. No offenense but I find nothing at all laughable about this. Anita Bryant was a freakin Nazi with a beehive, I remember her. If she had her way she would have drowned us all in orange juice at the Florida State Fair.

    Sarah Palin is so stupid it makes me think that something else really wild is going on behind the scenes.

    Cross your fingers and tap your heels 'cause the next 37 days are going to be a wild ride.

    Posted by: realitythink | Sep 30, 2008 10:40:08 PM

  14. This woman makes me ill. In all ways. I'm petrified though as the polls have McCain only behind Obama by 5-6 points, and that spread isn't enough to take the election with -/+3 difference and the "Bradley effect". Are American's really this ignorant that McCain may "win" (and I state win as the last two elections were not won by Bush in my mind)?

    Posted by: CJ | Sep 30, 2008 10:44:12 PM

  15. Unless people speak up and get the word out they will steal the election.

    Read this

    51.2% for McPhalin

    Posted by: realitythink | Sep 30, 2008 11:02:05 PM

  16. I don't know what kind of utopia you very privileged perfectionists live in, but in the real world that the rest of us inhabit, a socially conservative national politician saying what she said sounds like progress.

    Posted by: Patrick | Sep 30, 2008 11:02:08 PM

  17. Well Patrick, your utopia sounds like hell!! My real world does not include people like that. I can't say I've ever known a person who has had a witch doctor pray over her right before she visits her friend who chose to be a lesbian while she chose to gun down large game for dinner.

    Posted by: realitythink | Sep 30, 2008 11:08:48 PM

  18. Oh where to begin. There are too many so I'll just go with my favorite, that she could not even name one newspaper or magazine. Guess Rove and Co never dreamed that one would come up.

    Kudos to Katie, she is really showing herself growing into the job, by following up time and time again, when Palin did her double speak, which is even better than W's.

    The real winner in all this is Tina Fey. I'm sure they will keep her busy with both shows until November, and no doubt she'll need room for more Emmys.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Sep 30, 2008 11:11:34 PM

  19. Isn't it nice that her imaginary friend is a lesbian?

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Sep 30, 2008 11:33:12 PM

  20. Where is a Log Cabin Republican when I need one to kick in the balls!

    They are still endorsing this dangerous knuckle-dragger right?

    Posted by: RJP3 | Sep 30, 2008 11:35:26 PM

  21. All biases and partisianship aside this canidate is really scary. All I keep thinking is "Dan Quayle to a power of ten or more. God help us!

    Posted by: Harry | Sep 30, 2008 11:42:23 PM

  22. Every time this hateful sow squeals, I want to throw up. The idea that so many Americans might just be stupid enough -- or stubborn enough, or racist enough -- to put this lying, hypocritical, hate-filled, Christofascist bag of crap in the the corner office is terrifying, just terrifying. McCain better never turn his back on Moose-o-lini -- who, given the chance, will have us queers carted off on trains and into camps. It's GawdzWill, don'tcha know.

    Posted by: Sapphocrat | Sep 30, 2008 11:53:29 PM

  23. i'm willing to bet that her 'gay friend' is actually one of her -very surprised- straight friends who just happens to have a short haircut.

    Posted by: joe | Sep 30, 2008 11:53:39 PM

  24. If there was any doubt this woman is a complete idiot this gem should remove it. She makes George W. look almost intelligent.

    Posted by: JerzeeMike | Sep 30, 2008 11:55:56 PM

  25. To be fair, she also implied that her own heterosexuality was a choice.

    Has the media corroborated that she actually does have a gay best friend? I find that hard to believe.

    Posted by: Ambrose | Oct 1, 2008 12:36:05 AM

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