1. John M says

    I work in a pretty politically conservative office and even my republican co-workers are starting to say things like “I’m still voting for McCain but… , is she just a moron? What was McCain thinking?”

  2. Martha says

    She is a piece of ice-sled dog feces.

    imagine back in 1976, having Anita Bryant run for VP and having a great chance of becoming President.

    That is what it’s like seeing this walking nightmare open her mouth.

  3. says

    Please someone present me Palin’s dyke friend so I can smack her in the head for standing by such a close-minded bitch for 30 years.

    Gay people made a choice alright, Sarah. A choice to tune you out.

    John M, I know people who work in conservative environments who have heard their colleagues actually leaning Dem now because of the McCain/Palin missteps of late. Call your co-workers on the bullshit.

  4. Gabriel says

    Aaaah! My brain. Stop the pain, please. I can’t process her mumbo jumbo.

    “I’m not going to blame man’s activities solely on climate change…”

    I agree with her on that. I say blame man’s activities on greed, not JUST climate change.

  5. Gabriel says

    Aaaah! My brain. Stop the pain, please. I can’t process her mumbo jumbo.

    “I’m not going to blame man’s activities solely on climate change…”

    I agree with her on that. I say blame man’s activities on greed, not JUST climate change.

  6. Bart says

    Everytime this woman speaks, something stupid falls out of her mouth. From her answer on homosexuality one could assume she is sexually attracted to women and “makes a choice” not to act on it. Since it is clearly in her head a choice but just not a choice she has chosen to make. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    Between the evolution retardation she seems to suffer to the fact she can’t name a single newspaper she reads (and damn, I bet Katie Couric didn’t know Alaska wasn’t a foreign country…) this woman is scary on so many levels it’s jaw-dropping.

    And a quick note to John McCain…when you have to keep referring to yourself as a “maverick,” or anything else, it usually means you’re the only one who believes it.

  7. says

    “imagine back in 1976, having Anita Bryant run for VP and having a great chance of becoming President”

    Right on! I howled with laughter in agreement with your comment, Martha. It’s the perfect analogy, and sums up exactly who Sarah Palin is. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

    On the other hand I find it incredible that after 30 years since Anita Bryant we still are confronted with such reactionary attitudes on being gay, and how little progress for LGBTQ rights has been made at the federal level (although thankfully we are making steady-but-sure progess at the state level).

  8. realitythink says

    HOGB.. No offenense but I find nothing at all laughable about this. Anita Bryant was a freakin Nazi with a beehive, I remember her. If she had her way she would have drowned us all in orange juice at the Florida State Fair.

    Sarah Palin is so stupid it makes me think that something else really wild is going on behind the scenes.

    Cross your fingers and tap your heels ’cause the next 37 days are going to be a wild ride.

  9. CJ says

    This woman makes me ill. In all ways. I’m petrified though as the polls have McCain only behind Obama by 5-6 points, and that spread isn’t enough to take the election with -/+3 difference and the “Bradley effect”. Are American’s really this ignorant that McCain may “win” (and I state win as the last two elections were not won by Bush in my mind)?

  10. Patrick says

    I don’t know what kind of utopia you very privileged perfectionists live in, but in the real world that the rest of us inhabit, a socially conservative national politician saying what she said sounds like progress.

  11. says

    Well Patrick, your utopia sounds like hell!! My real world does not include people like that. I can’t say I’ve ever known a person who has had a witch doctor pray over her right before she visits her friend who chose to be a lesbian while she chose to gun down large game for dinner.

  12. patrick nyc says

    Oh where to begin. There are too many so I’ll just go with my favorite, that she could not even name one newspaper or magazine. Guess Rove and Co never dreamed that one would come up.

    Kudos to Katie, she is really showing herself growing into the job, by following up time and time again, when Palin did her double speak, which is even better than W’s.

    The real winner in all this is Tina Fey. I’m sure they will keep her busy with both shows until November, and no doubt she’ll need room for more Emmys.

  13. says

    Every time this hateful sow squeals, I want to throw up. The idea that so many Americans might just be stupid enough — or stubborn enough, or racist enough — to put this lying, hypocritical, hate-filled, Christofascist bag of crap in the the corner office is terrifying, just terrifying. McCain better never turn his back on Moose-o-lini — who, given the chance, will have us queers carted off on trains and into camps. It’s GawdzWill, don’tcha know.

  14. Ambrose says

    To be fair, she also implied that her own heterosexuality was a choice.

    Has the media corroborated that she actually does have a gay best friend? I find that hard to believe.

  15. jason says

    I’m concerned by Sarah’s use of the word “choice”. Sexual orientation is just that, an orientation. Orientation, by definition, does not entail choice. Choice only comes into it in as far as your personal decisions. For example, the personal decision to be promiscuous. Promiscuity IS a choice, the orientation isn’t.

  16. jason says

    Where I do agree with Sarah is in her reference to her gay friend as not her gay friend but rather her “best friend”. This is the appropriate way of describing one’s friend.

  17. Todd says

    Let’s see… if she mentioned the name of a newspaper or news source, it’s highly likely that liberal newspaper or whatever will endorse Obama. It was a dumb gotcha question. And you all would just love to come on here and do a “haha” when the news sources she reads endorses her opposition. Smart move on her part to avoid the question and dumb move on Katie’s part to have even asked it. I’ve yet to see anyone ask Obama what he reads besides teleprompters.

    It’s so obvious that liberals don’t watch the news regularly. The comments above are so ridiculous and ill informed. It almost seems like you all get your news from sites like this that are slanted ONE WAY ONLY.

    There was no “witch doctor” that prayed for her. It was a regualr preacher and it is very COMMON in the church world for a preacher to pray over someone AND use the “witch craft” lingo. Extremely common. That’s why it hasn’t taken off as a news story no matter how many nitwits keep trying to make it one.

    How many gay friends does Obama have? He doesn’t support marriage. You think black churches support gay rights? Black churches are some of the strongest ANTI-GAY congregations in the USA. Go check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. Obama was a member of one of those “gays are going to hell” churches for 20 years. We know of NO gay friends that he has, yet you all support him like the weak kneed liberals you are. Grow a set!

    I’ll admit her first interview with Katie didn’t go well at all. In fact it sucked, but the last 2 interviews not only went well, but Katie didn’t win in her attempt to pin Sarah for future sound bites.

    It is just astounding to me that there is a woman on a ticket that has publicly said what she has lived and it is trashed regarding gay anything. So what if she thinks it is a choice. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t think it is by nature and so what, it’s no different than Tammy Fay Bakker’s belief system. And you all couldn’t get enough of Tammy Faye. Oh, I know… Tammy wasn’t running for office. Well Obama is no different than Tammy and he sure is running for office.

    And one last thing to all you people that claim if Obama loses it will be b/c of his race. That is completely retarded. America would have had a black president in 1996, but Republicans could not get Colin Powell to run. America has been ready for a long time. To turn Obama into some MLK Jr. when he’s not even in King’s league is just a pathetic attempt to use race as an issue to get a liberal candidate elected. And you know what? I don’t even think Obama is a liberal at all. I think he’s going to swing right when he gets in there. Nobody that goes to a church like that for 20 years is going to all of a sudden be a “true” supporter of gay rights. I can’t believe I just wasted my time reading the foolish posts above. I now know what I stopped coming to this site since the guy who runs it bleeds liberalism like it is some sick religion and only has the Lord Obama to save his soul.

  18. MAJeff says

    So, Todd. Tell us, what is “a church like that’s “stance with regard to gay rights. In particular, please inform us to the stance of Trinity Church of Christ. Since it’s a predominantly black church it simply has to be anti-gay, right? That’s what you’re saying. So, how’s about some examples? Or, are you just race-baiting?

  19. noody says

    Just wow, again. Really, she’s not cut out for the job is she. She kind of reminds me of Pauline Hanson from Australia – who failed at public speaking and just is not suitable for rising to the challenge, but had her crazy white middle class xenophobes, homophobes and spurred a backlash against ignorant fools.

    I’m in Australia, so while we see the coverage, it’s not thrust in our faces every day.

    But, it doesn’t take a genius to work out, she’s really out of her depth. She’s like some kid at school who read the book the night before and is now trying to give the class the speech about the content, by making it up with every breath.

    Unbelievable – the PR people must cringe when she opens her mouth.

  20. matthew says

    I hope the log cabin republicans are proud of themselves now for endorsing McBush(McCain). By directly endorsing him, they are indirectly endorsing her. I wonder what the log cabin republicans are going to say about this one. Probably not much because by doing so, they would indirectly admit that they made a mistake by endorsing McBush (McCain), which is something they will never do.

    I saw the two spoofs on Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and I thought they were very funny (and I still do). With this however I feel that she is truly an evil, misinformed bigot that should step down, Something not to be laughed at.

    The thought of her poteltially being vice president and potentially president is a scary and sad thought.

  21. Strepsi says

    TODD – you think her answer on the “gotcha” magazine question was SMART???!!!!!! Could any intelligent person not name 2 magazines, or 4 — 2 left wing and 2 right wing, instead of none? Like “Oh I read them all Katie, from the New York Times to the Washington Post, and I watch both Fox AND MSNBC — I need to know what America’s thinking.” That wasn’t so difficult was it? Moron couldn;t name ONE.

  22. Todd says

    Right, like she really doesn’t know what she reads and she’s so dumb she couldn’t think of what the names of some newspapers were. I didn’t say she answered it well, but it was smart of her not to answer at all. Like I said… when has Obama been asked what he reads for news? It’s a retard gotcha question. There’s no point in asking a question like that. If you got a chance to interview a VP, are you saying that’s what you would waste time on? Asking what newspapers they read? It’s idiotic. I wanna know what they’re gonna do.

    And instead of you guys avoiding the biggest issue of all, please name at least one gay person Obama actually knows. Just something that shows he isn’t anti-gay. B/c I think he is anti-gay. His church is.

    I think what has all your panties in a wad over her is you were hoping she hated gays and it turns out she’s got a 30 year friendship with a lesbian. She’s a tough woman and she doesn’t fit the stereotype Gloria Steinem role (thank God!). She lives her convictions.

  23. tc says

    I believe the “choice” she was referring to, was the choice to be truthful and honest with oneself and others. She apparently has made the opposite choice.

  24. Cameron says

    I don’t feel that being gay was a choice for me but I think it’s a faulty argument to base our entire movement on whether or not homosexuality is a choice. It shouldn’t matter if it’s a choice or not. So what if I “choose” to be gay. This is about 2 consensual adults making the choice to build a life together and have the same privalges, rights and protections every “straight” couple enjoys. Regardless of their sexual/gender identification.

  25. says


    You need to do some research. Obama’s church is very welcoming to all people. In fact it’s a primarily white church. The one in my town has a gay pride flag flying outside all year long.

    Obama doesn’t go around saying some of his best friends are gay. Please, the man went grad school at Harvard in Cambridge, Mass. He surely has gay friends and associates. She live in Alaska, Enough said.

  26. noah says

    ” You think black churches support gay rights? Black churches are some of the strongest ANTI-GAY congregations in the USA.”

    So, Todd, how exactly do black churches have anything to do with this conversation other than the fact that you’re a racist douche bag?

    You’re making generalizations and bringing race into this conversation where race had no place. There is no such thing as the universal “black church.” There are predominately African-American Methodist, Baptist, United Church of Christ, Catholic, and other kinds of Christian denominations.

    Would you make the same kind of blanket statement about the “white church”? Probably not.

    For the record, Obama’s former church accepts gay members and its former leader supported gay marriage! But, what does the truth mean to a gay Rethug? Not much.

    You decided to inject race into this conversation where it had no place. But that’s how Rethugs operate. Inject a little racism to rev things up and distract the audience from the real issues.

    As for your pathetic liberal bashing, where would your gay ass be without the help of liberal gays and straights who worked to pass laws and policies to ensure your rights?

    If you want to spew your anti-liberal bullshit, understand that it won’t be tolerated. Thugs like yourself have done much to hurt America over the last 40 years by using hate to divide and conquer.

    If you want to pretend that the GOP doesn’t engage in anti-gay politics to win elections then you are a fool.

    Finally, trying to defend Palin’s horrendous performance in her interviews shows your Stalinist-like loyalty to your party and its leaders. Palin couldn’t name one paper that she reads; she couldn’t name one magazine! The Anchorage “Daily News” or “Time” magazine would have been simple answers. Hell, she could have said the “Weekly Standard” or “National Review,” which are two conservative periodicals!

    It’s amazing that Rethugs care so little about education and intelligence. Instead, they are now embracing ignorance as their savior. A “retard” question? How about an incredibly ignorant, unqualified, intellectually incurious candidate?

  27. Rikard says

    Sounds like Sarah has a same sex attraction, but chooses not to be gay. That explains so much about the hate, denial, guns and the p-whipped husband at home with the kids who has to wear the french maids outfit when big momma comes home.

  28. AG says

    Poor Todd/Jason. Here, troll:

    Obama’s Gay Friends

    Obama states, “Homophobia is not Christian”

    I can only assume your Master is away and left you without the punishment you need/crave. Please don’t involve others in your sex games. I’m sure there’s a nice Dom somewhere who won’t get tired of telling you what a bad, wrong boy you are.

  29. Tralfaz says

    Hey Todd – Once you get done licking Palin twat, why don’t you defend her stance on gay marriage.

    You DO know that McCain supports Prop 8 in California?

  30. CANChuckle says

    Sarah ApPalin’ should be nominated for a writer’s Emmy award for supplying all the lines for Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live! It’s hard to imagine finding actual writers deranged enough to make up the things that Palin has said.

  31. rizh says

    from a straight (well maybe bi – and married – woman)…this issue is the sole reason that i must vote for obama. i am fiscally conservative, but socially liberal. i am way pro death penalty, pro nra, pro military, but this issue is sincerely a no-brainer. homosexuality is not a choice, plain and simple. to think otherwise shows a serious lack of education, understanding, and predjudice. whether or not she actually believes what she is saying is questionable, but she is subscribing to the party line by including the “choice” issue. where is the politician who will JUST BE REAL. stand up for what is right, be honest, and tell us about what you REALLY believe. so much bs it pains me. the repubs are so smart on many issues, as are the dems who my heart always bleeds for, why cant they get this one issue right? if they were truly the christians that they claim to be…if jesus did exist, he would have surely loved the tortured souls…blessed be the meek, for they will inherit the earth, and so on. just say IT IS NOT A CHOICE, ALLOW GAY MARRIAGE AND BE DONE WITH IT. SHUT THOSE HOMOPHOBES UP FOR ONCE AND ALL.

  32. Jim says

    Sarah Palin is a NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run for your life if she and McCain get elected. If you thought the “Bush” was bad wait till these bozo’s get into office. Let’s pray that Obama wins. While Obama is not my first choice (I’d rather had Hillary) he’ll be much better tnan McCain and The Nazi!!!!!

  33. kojot says

    i hate how in the vp debates she says she would tolerate gays. not accept them or embrace them but tolerate them like a pesky insect. the fact that she thinks homosexuality is a choice is just reason #9,987 why she is a complete idiot. make her go away.

  34. kojot says

    i hate how in the vp debates she says she would tolerate gays. not accept them or embrace them but tolerate them like a pesky insect. the fact that she thinks homosexuality is a choice is just reason #9,987 why she is a complete idiot. make her go away.

  35. aj says

    you’d think over the past 30 years that she would have had a long enough conversation with her dear gay friend, and she would have learned that sexuality isn’t a choice at all.

    dumb dumb bitch.

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