Sarah Palin Takes More Questions

This one is really astonishing:

“But ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy…”

What? This is the issue her running mate John McCain supposedly “suspended” his campaign for (even though he hasn’t really suspended it), the biggest issue facing our nation at the moment, and Palin has to check her crib sheet?


  1. Paul R says

    Wow. No surprise, but this certainly undermines all those claims from McCain and Laura Bush and every other GOP apologist that Palin is a “quick study” and her lack of experience doesn’t matter. Her logic is so convoluted that it’s hard to follow.

  2. Anonymous says

    That second Palin clip is amazing… she is one dim bulb.. she makes McCain look good and that’s saying something. Yikes.. how could people vote for these idiots??

  3. ANON says

    Watching Palin blubber like this is depressing. It’s like watching an ice field disappear while a significant percentage of our population maintains its just a natural occurrence in the natural process. Oh wait…

  4. hill_w says

    As much as I hate to join in on this discussion, just keep in mind that this stupid blather has been working for that Frat Fuck from Texas for the past 8 years.

    It’s sometimes hard to believe that our fellow Americans can be so dumb as to swallow this crap whole, but they do. Ugh.

  5. soulbrotha says

    I love the way the Daily Kos broke it down:

    COURIC: Why isn’t it better, Governor Palin, to spend $700 billion helping middle-class families struggling with health care, housing, gas and groceries? … Instead of helping these big financial institutions that played a role in creating this mess?

    PALIN: Ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up the economy– Oh, it’s got to be about job creation too. So health care reform and reducing taxes and reining in spending has got to accompany tax reductions.

    kos: I just want to make sure you guys understood this answer properly about the $700 billion bailout:

    Reducing taxes has to be accompanied by tax reductions.

    Got it? Good. Carry on.

  6. says

    I swear she sounded EXACTLY what she is – a beauty queen answering pageant questions…and flubbing….”Ladies and gentlemen – Miss Republican VP 2008 Sara Palin!”

    You do know that McSame is going to win (racism will see to that) and we will have to stomach her until 2010; by then we’ll hopefully have impeached BOTH their asses for Republican crimes to the nation and Nancy Pelosi will be president!

  7. ZnSD says

    “What? The Bailout? Oh……like the health care reform and such as, creating jobs and like reigning in spending with the reducing taxes and healthcare reform! And tax reduction! And as VP I promise to work towards total world domination which is God’s plan! Thank ya so much!”

  8. Znsd says

    Ok, so really though, I’m sure she’s thinking “I’ll bring up healthcare because that’s what Hillary did, and they took her seriously!”

  9. says

    She seemed sensible for about five (four?) seconds and then . . . kind of like what happens when you blow too much air into a balloon and then let it go in a small room before tying off the end.

  10. Andalusian Dog says

    Lloyd- she sure is. I mean, second-place beauty and all, but still pretty. Sort of.

    Seriously. The first clip about her talking about Alaska’s border with Russia and Canada: what? when our economy’s completely in the toilet and we’re fighting two wars we can’t afford or win, she’s going to answer the American people, with, I don’t know, a sarcastic quip? More than being a vapid idiot, she is an inappropriate sass-talker with no right to assume having the credentials it takes to be a world leader, or the second-in-command, or even the mayor of a small town in Alaska. All she’s good for, it seems, is to receive blessings against witchcraft. Which, by the way, DOESN’T EXIST. Who IS this person and why am I forced to breath the same air that fills her head?!

    Are you not enraged and sickened that this — THIS — is supposed to represent the best and the brightest?

    We really have to do better than this crap. God help us all. I feel like my head is going to explode. Sad that a moose was put down instead of her.

  11. Daniel says

    I appreciated Couric asking about Pain (typo, but it stays)not having a passport. I’d been suprised when i heard that & was happy to have that addressed to Plain (typo, but it stays). Her response that she worked, and worked 2 jobs, until becoming a mother satisfied me. But when she started to talk about how Alaska had borders with 2 countries, I felt like she was condescending to explain to those living in the Lower 48, as if we too don’t have 2 countries at our border, Canada and Mexico. Now that we’ve cleared that up, what’s your point, sister?

    When she explained how jet fighters depart from Alaska to defend the airspace with the Russian border, I felt she was taking an arrogant or condescending tone towards the Lower 48, as if we don’t know where Alaska’s, uh, pardon me, America’s, border is. It was, again, a bit self evident and didn’t broaden the “international experience” topic.

  12. the queen with the countess de gooch says

    as usual, the countess and i always enjoy a good palin talk and this one was no exception. as we open another bottle of krug we’re wondering if we should go up and attend the folsom street fair where we are sure to meet peter labarbera or perhaps instead go to rodeo drive for lunch and a bit of shopping… ah decisions, decisions….

  13. Henry says

    The problem is that those who hold power are not judged by their eligibility for office but for their perceived eligibility. For most people they’ll see a pretty face and think, “Wouldn’t that be nice?” And if she’s a republican, and they’re a republican, it means they don’t have to find out what she thinks. Of course this happens on both sides, but this woman honestly makes me wonder if I woke up in an absurdist play.

  14. shawn says

    aw jeez! it’s like listening to that little ms. teen usa from south carolina. “and the south africans, and the iraquians and such. they can’t afford maps. so it’s very important for the education of the iran. and such. ”

    wtf did she even say? seriously, am i in the twilight zone?

  15. Mooney says

    Wow, she is in so far over her head that I almost feel sorry for her. She may be very intelligent when it comes to Alaskan politics, but down here in the lower 48, she’s dumb.

  16. StephenF says

    I was so embarrassed watching her speak. I too immediately thought of Miss South Carolina and how embarrassed I was watching her. I have to ask how this women got to be a Vice-Presidential Nominee. It boggles the mind…

  17. says

    honest conversation with one of our (staunch republican) clients the other day:

    Me: Don’t you worry that both McCain and Palin have no grasp of the details of things?

    Client: I’m not worried about a President or Vice President who do not know the details. I think it is more important they know the big picture.

    I dunno. I think I would rather they know both. But maybe I’m crazy. Could be.

  18. Drummer says

    My partner tells me that today, the San Francisco Examiner ENDORSED John McCain. My jaw dropped to the floor. He wants to write to the businesses who advertise in that free rag to get them to stop advertising. I’d be in complete agreement. Of all the cities to have a paper which endorsed McCain, I would NOT have believed it, and is yet another reason to trash-bin the paper that litters my front porch (as well as the front porch of all of my neighbors) each morning.

  19. PandaMonium says

    Introducing Miss Teen Alaska USA… “I personally believe… that such as Iraq… and um… Alaska and Canada doesn’t have maps for the children… and Russia and Iran will be a better place for their airspace… for a maverick reformer and such as.”

  20. Sean says

    I love it! American politics, my favourite type of theatre.

    It’s like watching a train wreck happen, clearly this woman has no clue (as if we needed more proof), are we sure she is even a true brunette?

    These are the television moments you just can’t write, Katie gives her just enough rope. I almost feel sorry for her, how can she not have had an answer prepared for this question? Anyone south of the Artic circle saw this one coming. And she justs fails fantastically, MOCK? MOCK the media, OUCH, gonna pay for that one.

    I love the staid look on Katie’s face, you know she is just thinking, my shit has a higher IQ than you do Ms. Hockey Mom, I fart more intelligible answers.

    I can’t wait for the debates hopefully the rope is long enough.

    Sharpen your claws Ms. Palin, gonna need them, Biden is going to slaughter you.

  21. jason says

    At least Palin has gay friends. Obama, on the other hand, sends his wife to meetings with the gay community and to write for Advocate. Why isn’t Obama himself doing it? Stop hiding behind your wife’s skirts, Obama.

    At least McCain reportedly has a gay male Chief Of Staff, unlike these liberals who claim to be for gay rights.

    Never trust a liberal when it comes to gay or bi male sexuality. Behind our backs, liberals go “ewww”.

  22. I hate Jason says

    Jason, I wish someone would club you like a blubbery baby seal and watch every last drop of your simpleton’s brain pour out across the floor. God you’re an idiot.

  23. wayne says

    Jason, no one believes that you’re “BI” so quit using that term in all of your fairy tales… and the term fairy is used very lightly with you. We all know you’re a big ole queen, and a self-loathing one at that.

  24. Landis says

    I guess the large question is what does it say about the American soul that Palin has favourable ratings with independents and republicans? (60% of electorate)

  25. alex Boston says

    She makes it sound like the Feds are GIVING the American Public the funds to buy healthcare and increase their Mainstreet business’ as well as hiring tons of employees and lets not forget all the wondrous trading we will be able to do AND ALSO THE TAX REDUCTIONS!!! WTF is she thinking?? THE FEDS ARE SADDLING THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER WITH AN ADDITIONAL DEBT OF SOME 700 BILLION $ IN ADDITION TO THE ALREADY STAGGERING BUSH LEGACY DEBT AND SHE TALKS AS IF AMERICAN TAXPAYERS WILL BENEFIT FROM THIS!!

  26. alex boston says

    Palin is the “Peter Principal” of the 21st century! And we thought Bush was the worse GOP candidate! Too much inbreeding in the GOP and this is what they proffer to America and the World?? On Jan 20th 2009 America will step back 60 years!

  27. CJ says

    Oh Jason, there you are siiiilly goose. I’ve been wondering what happened to you. :)

    Now that you’ve MASTERED the art of spinning, can you turn iron into gold? Our GOP seems to believe it can happen. Go on, give it a try. Go on. That’s a good boy!

  28. PandaMonium says

    I’d like to make an announcement everyone. The neighbors to each side of me is a singer and actor, respectively. And since they have borrowed my lawnmower on several occasion I can now express to all of you that I am ready to record an album and win an Oscar. Thank you.

  29. Timmmeeeyyyy! says

    “I personally believe, that U.S. Americans,
    are unable to do so,
    because uh,
    some, people out there, in our nation don’t have maps.
    and uh…
    I believe that our education like such as in South Africa,
    and the Iraq,
    everywhere like such as…
    and, I believe they should uh,
    our education over here,
    in the U.S. should help the U.S.
    or should help South Africa,
    and should help the Iraq and Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future,
    for us.”

  30. SEAN says

    She talks like the student in class who gets busted for not doing the reading. And so starts talking out of her ass in a downward spiral, throwing in any buzz word or scrap of information she may have actually overheard all together. Bart Simpson could pull this off better than her.

    My only paranoid fear now is that the McFailin’ campaign possibly will suggest that she step down. Something I previously believed they’d never do. As much as a potentially fatal body blow that would be – shredding McCain’s decision making and leadership skills completely. But a new VP pick would create yet another wave of sensation and buzz that could distract voters enough and carry him through the next 30 days. Though with the economic meltdown, I would hope voters are now at least a little more jaded and on-point. (But never underestimate the gullibility of Joe & Jane Six Pack . Something Republicans are masters of exploiting.)

    I dunno. I just feel like the drumbeat’s already starting for her removal, even from within the conservative base. And once they stomach it, they’ll re-embrace whomever might be next. I still don’t see it happening ultimately. But that’s just my latest superstitious fear.

    p.s. Yes, Wolf Blitzer is an effin’ useless turd. What a schmuck.

  31. Paul R says

    Drummer, first off the SF Examiner is owned by a wealthy conservative guy from Denver. He drives the paper’s editorial content.

    Second, you can call the Examiner and they’ll stop “delivering” it to you. I was so relieved when I discovered this and no longer had to pad my recycling bin with that embarassing dreck.

  32. Nick says

    My God, where do I start? I can’t decide if this woman is more of a maniac or a moron. This is a woman, who I believe, has fallen into public office and has somehow made her way to this point. She has obviously preyed on the ignorance of the ‘town folk’ of Wasilla and eventually all of Alaska. Does McCain honestly believe this imbecile can handle Washington? I can only hope the American public can see her true ignorance and her screwed-up, far-right drivel. Spare us from the shame and aggravation, stay in Alaska and do what you do best – hunt moose, burn books and gaze across the strait to Russia.

  33. michael says

    And to think, she’s the BEST the Republicans had to offer, or at least that’s the stand Sen. McCain is taking. Any questions about his executive decision making ability? And for those thinking she might step down (voluntarily or otherwise), I think the chances of that are just about as good as they were that McCain wouldn’t show up for the debate – NONE! If you think they are being ridculed for McCain’s picking her imagine what they’d have to put up with if they tried to get rid of her … recovery would be impossible. I say they’d take a sure loss first.