1. Derrick from Philly says

    Very unfortunate and frustrating–especially for black gays because we bear the brunt of these black bigots anti-gay hatred. Of course, every racial and ethnic group has their version of these hate-mongers–using religion to persecute gay people.

    I still believe that we need public service ads which show photographs of gay victims of lynchings juxtaposed with the many well-known photos of black victims of lynchings. Even if the message doesn’t get through, the message is the truth: people being murdered for what they are.

  2. Sebastian says

    I disagree Derrick, not all black people are homophobic, here in San Francisco this past weekend, there was a gospel/rally for marriage equality with two of the largest black churchs in the City behind it, one Baptist and one Methodist with others as well. These events don’t make the news as much as these token Bishops who are on the GOP payroll.

    Black gays like all gays need to get the positive folks out to rebuke the bigots and that fake moral outrage they claim to have and are the only ones capable of having since all they are are cowards.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “I disagree Derrick, not all black people are homophobic,”

    You’re are absolutely right, SEBASTIAN. We certainly agree on that. I wanted to point out that the victims of those blacks who ARE anti-gay tend to be black gay people.

    Also, let us not forget that the guy running this anti-gay campaign is named John Stemberger; so, the people behind this campaign of bigotry are both white and black.

    It’s just that over the last few years it seems black anti-gay bigots get a lot more coverage in the gay press than white anti-gay bigots, or atleast the reaction of gay people seems to be different–depending on the race of the bigot. Black bigots seem to draw a more angry response, “…as an oppressed minority, they ought to know better.” is what you often hear.

    But no, not all black people are anti-gay bigots. Absolutely not. In fact, the vast majority of black elected officials side with gay people on the issue of civil rights for gay people.

  4. says

    I am so frustrated with my people.

    As a Hillary delegate I took so much crap from black Obama supporters. I was called “uncle Tom” “Hillary Fag” “race traitor” and all sorts of gay based insults at our state convention in Reno, Nevada. Never once did a white Obama supporter insult me.

    Now as a dedicated member of Obama Pride I am often asked by black people what is Obama Pride. When I tell them most of them get this sick look on their face like they can’t believe Obama knows we’re out there using his name. Then, they look at me and say “you’re gay? Why?” The disgust is palpable.

    When I read the black blogs the comment sections on any black conservative ALWAYS have several comments that include homophobic slurs.

    I know every race/color has homophobes but as a Black Gay man who is serving this country as an open and proud State of Nevada Democratic Delegate who donates quite a bit of my time and rolodex to this campaign and party I have to say, I’m effing sick of the internal Homophobia in the Democratic party.

    I realize a lot of my people are at the political table for the very first time with Barack Obama but they need to understand that we have always been here and all signs are that with a President Obama we will continue to be here.

    I honestly don’t know what my point is, I’m just pissed.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “I honestly don’t know what my point is, I’m just pissed.”

    Your point is something that only another person can articulate after reading your posting: you are a brave and strong young man. You were brave as a Clinton Delegate surrounded by bigotry, and you are brave right now.

    Thanks for posting the truth, DEREK.