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    No matter one’s ideology, Bill O’Reilly’s behavior was pretty obvious showboating. Yelling, pointing his finger, calling Frank a “coward,” the constant interruptions … I realize that “The Factor” is more of an opinion/commentary show than anything else, but any network with the word “News” in the title really ought to demand a little more professionalism from anyone sitting in an anchor chair.

    It would be good for O’Reilly and Faux News in general to get more Democrats to appear on their network, but Bill-O’s behavior illustrates exactly why so few of them are willing to do so. The comparative love-in that happens every night between out lesbian and flaming liberal Rachel Maddow and arch conservative Pat Buchanan on MSNBC every night should serve as a model to the other cable pundits out there.

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    I saw this last night and was pretty much taken aback by the lack of professionalism and maturity of O’Reilly (though not surprised). Barney has never been one of my favorite politicians; however I fail to see how his giving a speech could sway so many people into investing in Freddie and Fannie. While I have no problem with him pushing F&F to readily make available loans for low income folks wanting a piece of the American dream, reality suggests he shouldn’t have done it without some sort of regulatory oversight and safeguards in place. That being said, F&F are clearly responsible for the mortgage meltdown debacle. Common sense dictates they should have not been guaranteeing loans to people whose income was far less than that which they could afford. Much like my previous employer AT&T, the motto was “your credit challenged customers are your best customers”. It’s morally bankrupt institutions like this that take advantage of the less fortunate among us that caused this situation with little regard for the consequences. Corporate greed is alive and well and the best anyone can do is to have the facts before leaping into an arrangement with any company.

  3. Philbert says

    I don’t understand why any Democrat would go on The Bill O’Reilly show. Why would anyone want to give that bozo the credibility he so doesn’t deserve?

  4. Las Vegas says

    Not a big O’Reilly fan. i think if he toned it down a little to make his point it would be better. However, the crux of his argument of Frank ducking out of the responsibility of statements made regarding Fannie and Freddie is valid. Unfortunately it’s been lost to his angry and bitter rants.

  5. the queen says

    yes i watched this close captioned with the sound off so i can listen to my billie holiday records at the same time — it’s the only way to watch the news these days… anyway, i think bor was rude and should not have talked to barney like this…

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    I TRULY don’t understand why ANYONE with any sense would appear on that ranting bully’s show. Rupert Murdoch should be utterly ashamed and appalled that he pays O’Reilly’s salary. DISGUSTING!

  7. KFLO says

    Someone needs to punch Bill-O the clown in the face. He’s only scared about losing some of his millions. I’m so sick of his fake journalism. Whoever taught him to kick and scream like a baby in order to get his way needs to be punches as well.

  8. says

    that is so unprofessional, though I guess par for the course of Bill O. Frank (and any liberal) should never go on that show to begin with.

    Yet, I can’t help but think this: if Rachel Maddow did something like that on her new show on MSNBC, a) the entire right wing would be calling for her to be fired and b) she probably would be. Thank god she’s polite and rational, even to her conservative guests.

  9. gr8guyca says

    I admire Frank for even tolerating this treatment. i would have said,
    “I came on this show to have an intelligent discussion about the issues to better inform the public. When you want a civil discussion, I will be happy to do that. But I’m not going to lower myself to engage in a shouting match with you.” If O’Reilly continued, I would have walked off the show.

  10. dean says

    Why would anyone tolerate this behavior? O’Reilly is an asshole rarely in control of the facts with absolutely no respect for anyone but his own showboating. Why would anyone go on this show? O’Reilly can jump into traffic for all I care of him…

  11. Hermes in DC says

    A few thoughts:

    1) O’Reilly is the quintessence of what is wrong with the public policy debate in this country: hysterical,one-sided, polemical, and NOT about discussion.

    2) I don’t think any who have questioned why Frank was on the show in the first place INTEND it to come across this way, but your comments wind up feeling a little like blaming the victim. The reason Frank was on the show in the first place was probably to try to make inroads into the Fox viewer demographic represent a lot of the people who are calling their Congressmen and urging “no” votes on the bailout.

    3) To Las Vegas: there is blame to go all around in this debacle, including both sides of the aisle in Congress. But let’s not overlook that the Republicans controlled the Congress for 11 of the 13 years preceding this crisis. The seeds of this meltdown were sewn LONG before Frank assumed his chairmanship in January 2007. I would argue he is way far back in the long line of people who deserve blame here.

    4) O’Reilly’s contention that Frank is directly responsible for investor losses in Fannie and Freddie because of his July 2008 comments is absolutely ludicrous. He wasn’t offering investment advice and no sensible person would have viewed his comments as such. Besides, anyone who was investing in Fannie and Freddie then, for any reason at all, let alone on Barney Frank’s say-so, deserved whatever they got.

    The bewildering thing about this to me is that dedicated Fox viewers out there in their millions watch crap like this and wind up believing it. The Republicans are SO adept at shifting or at least sharing blame with others, and Fox News and Bill O’Reilly are two big reasons why.

  12. mike says

    Actually Ridwah, O’Reilly’s mic is always turned up a notch louder than his guests. I still can’t figure out why Barney Frank would even consider going on Bill O’Reilly’s show unless he honestly thought he would be able to refute Bill-o’s ridiculous and untrue claim that Frank needs to “own up” to millions losing money in Fanny/Freddy. There is not truth to Bill-o’s claims. Whatever, Bill O’Reilly gets my “violence meter” hitting the red-zone.

  13. mike says

    Actually Ridwah, O’Reilly’s mic is always turned up a notch louder than his guests. I still can’t figure out why Barney Frank would even consider going on Bill O’Reilly’s show unless he honestly thought he would be able to refute Bill-o’s ridiculous and untrue claim that Frank needs to “own up” to millions losing money in Fanny/Freddy. There is not truth to Bill-o’s claims. Whatever, Bill O’Reilly gets my “violence meter” hitting the red-zone.

  14. AG says

    Just FYI, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) loans aren’t to blame for the mess. See Gramm’s “Loan Shark Protection Act” (the misleadingly named Responsible Lending Act). Certain institutions talked customers into sub-prime loans even though 61% of the applicants could afford a fixed-rate loan. On top of this, as (basically unregulated) speculation of loan default (see Credit Default Swap, described by Warren Buffet “financial weapons of mass destruction”) tanked as more and more loans defaulted, that became a further burden on lending and banking institutions.

    The CRA loans comprised less than a quarter of all loans made and less than 10% of all high-cost loans. They were also less likely to be foreclosed and twice as likely to be retained in the originating bank’s portfolio than loans made by other institutions.

    If any actual economists are reading this and I’ve given some wildly innaccurate information, I beg forgiveness. This shit’s complicated.

  15. yeahisaidit says

    …COME ON NOW…I’m sorry, I would have had to meet that motherfucka in the parking lot with the camera off to FINISH that little “discussion”

  16. anon says

    Actually, our defending any of these clowns has given them the wiggle room to rob us all of $700 Billion. Great job, guys! Good luck buying a house when interest rates go to 10% and taxes double.

  17. Chris says

    You should really think about what happens without it. Do you think you can buy a house without a job? Without the bailout you wouldn’t pay more taxes, probably no taxes at all.

    The Democrats are not perfect. They can’t be perfect, nobody can. Do you think the Republicans can do better? They are responsible for all that mess, not only the financial one.

    I really don’t understand how you can blame the Democrats in this without also blaming Republicans.

  18. yeahisaidit says

    know what? i’m not defending ANYONE dem or repub…bill needs to DIAL THAT SHIT DOWN…! …or put the agression on a rap record concerning the subject and call it an f-ing day…he’s gonna do that shit to the wrong person and i would LOVE to see it when he does…

  19. Rocinante says

    Its a shame that Bill O didn’t behave like a normal human being because Barney Frank is pure scum. My partner and I were just talking about what an embarresment he is to the GLBT community.

    This man is the epitome of a crook. He needs to be hauled off in chains and stuck in the same hole that Ebbers is in. Watch the 2004 hearings on Freddie Mack and Fannie Mae. All he and his ilk do during the hearing is condemn the auditor for being a racist while all the auditor is trying to say is that these two organizations are in deep Sh**.

    I don’t blame Barney Frank for the failure of the Wallstreet firms; they should have been doing their do-diligence evaluating the real value of the crap Freddie and Fannie were throwing over the fence but he is at the top of the chart of responsibility for enabling a bad situation to get horrendous.

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