British Royal Palaces Accused of Homophobia for Shunning Gay Guide

The Queen and her concessions stands are being accused of homophobia after the Time Out Gay and Lesbian London guide book was refused for sale at Historic Royal Palace bookshops including the Tower of London bookshop, along with Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Kew Gardens and the Banqueting House.

London“It had been suggested that Time Out Gay And Lesbian London could be sold at the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, the Banqueting House and Kew Palace. The idea was raised by the bookshop Foyles, which until April last year ran concessions at the tourist attractions. But a source close to the discussions said the list was ‘censored’ by management at Historic Royal Palaces, an independent charity which manages the sites on behalf of the Queen. Last year the concessions were taken over by HRP itself but, say sources, there are still no plans for the gay guides to be stocked – suggesting the ban is still in place. Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell called on the Queen to make clear that discrimination was unacceptable in her palaces, saying: ‘It seems the only reason this entirely legitimate book was excluded was because of its gay and lesbian content, which is blatant homophobia. It’s shocking, pure prejudice.”

The HRP defended its policies: “We do stock a small range of ‘A to Zs’ plus a number of restaurant and hotel guides aimed at international visitors but our visitors tend to have their own guides to London with them when they visit.”

Royal palaces accused of ‘blatant homophobia’ after they refuse to stock gay guide in bookshops [daily mail]


  1. the queen says

    needless to say, I agree with her Majesty. Let the gay guides remain in the porn shops where they belong… we must not offend the delicate sensibilities of the hetties… and think of the children!!!!

  2. daveynyc says

    It’s sad a lot of comments in the link support the Palaces stance but to each his own i guess

    The dude on the cover is hot

  3. David says

    The reason a lot of the comments in the link support the Palace’s stance is because it is the Daily Mail website. The readers of the Daily Mail tend to have a distrust of anyone who is not white, straight or Christian.

  4. Tim Powell says

    To set the record straight Historic Royal Palaces has never banned the ‘Time Out Gay and Lesbian Guide to London’, as claimed in these articles. For purely commercial reasons we don’t stock any Time Out or other London guidebooks. This is a world away from actively banning one particular publication. As a conservation and education charity which relies heavily on retail income, making such informed decisions about our retail stock is crucial. The books and other products that we choose reflect feedback from visitor research and meet the purchasing habits of our customers. Therefore our core book offer is largely based on a range of history books, historic novels and children’s publications.

    Our commercial decision regarding publications for sale in our shops has been unfairly and unjustly turned into accusations of discrimination and homophobia. These misleading reports have genuinely upset many people who work for Historic Royal Palaces who know we are not in any way a homophobic organisation.

    Full statement here:

    Tim Powell
    Historic Royal Palaces

  5. kornwall says it contains the forbidden in greece erotonomicon that socked the greek public opinion with its gay and lesbian
    sexual scenes and greek authorities forbade its publishing the including the poems new york olympia and exhibition of orthodromic retrospection