Chuck Todd: McCain-Palin Campaign Has Taken Dark Internal Turn

NBC's Brian Williams did an interview with John McCain and Sarah Palin that aired yesterday. You can watch two clips of it here:

Following the interview, Williams and Chuck Todd did some analysis of McCain-Palin, and basically told Chris Matthews that the campaign has become unhinged.

Wiliams_toddSaid Todd: "There's no chemistry - I couldn't see chemistry between John McCain and Sarah Palin. I felt as if we grabbed two people and said, 'Here, sit next to each other. We're going to conduct an interview.' They're not comfortable with each other yet. The other thing about it is, you can tell they know they're losing. There's an intensity there. They're drained. The entire campaign staff is drained. The two candidates seem guarded. They seem on edge. It's not as if they're rude or anything. It's not as if they weren't trying to be forthcoming. It's a negative intensity, I don't know how else to describe it...Is John McCain starting to blame her for things, blaming himself? Is she blaming him?...I can't emphasize enough the odd body language."

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