1. MAJeff says

    Ack! A diplomatic strategy? She can’t even define what the hell a precondition is. It’s good to see that Palin is sinking McCarthy, er McCain. Such a cynical and insulting choice deserves to fail.

  2. rudy says

    The long standing problem, of which those who have been unfortunate enough to have been forced to work with John McCain, is that he does not trust his staff and they do not trust him. McCain is simply not “briefable”. One never knows what postition or action he is going to take despite his assurances to his own people. McCain’s last minute unvetted choice of Palin is emblematic of his operational recklessness. The man constantly “shoots from the lip” leaving his staff to try to pick up and piece together the decisional schrapnel. He is not bright, analytical, or cautious. To the contrary, he is stubborn, vindictive, and mean.

    In short, his basic temperment is at odds with presidential leadership in an economically uncertain and security fragile world.

  3. Paul says

    McCain’s example of already being tested was to respond that he was aboard an aircraft carrier during the Cuban missle crises? I’m guessing he was below the waterline chopping vegetables and following orders, not making policy or military decisions about the actual conflict.

  4. dc8stretch says

    Chuck Todd- remind me what he did before this? reading ‘body language’ for the Enquirer? I know: He knows the guy who knows the guy who started the “Paul is Dead” rumor by interpreting album covers.

  5. soithoni says

    But … lo! off in the distance, I hear the back-tracking of the great and powerful — and fickle — Mr. Todd. Seems as how he went too far yesterday afternoon, and today is walking back all that “negative talk” today in his “First Read” blog… guess he still dances to the tune of a different McDrummer.

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