1. CK says

    Throw the little fuckers in jail. They will learn soon enough what it is like to be vulnerable! Human excrement… that’s all they are!!! They should be publicly shamed so any and everyone knows just who these people are!

  2. says

    four guys did this to one bird ??
    these four scumbags must have been very high on some very wicked hard drugs.
    regardless, it’s been proven time and again that extreme violence to animals often graduates to extreme violence to other humans, and with that in mind these four should be locked-up for an extended and very stiff jail-time.

  3. AggieCowboy says

    Make them do a few hundred hours of community service picking up trash at the zoo (during peak hours) while wearing shirts with the after picture and the words “I am responsible for hurting the flamingo”.

    They’ll be begging for mercy by the end of their first day.

  4. soulbrotha says

    AggieCowboy, that’s a brilliant idea! In one day, they will look exactly like the picture on their shirts. But cleaning up trash is too good for them. Make them clean the elephant and monkey cages too! Fuckin’ pricks.

  5. Lars says

    This is one of the most disgusting things that I have ever read. This sickening ideology that it is somehow funny or “macho” to cause pain, suffering, and harm to another living being (a totally defenseless being in this case) is beyond anything that should ever be accepted by a civilized society. These 4 (and the countless others who have behaved in such a way) should be cast out of society. IMO this is a crime for which there is no possible “debt” that they can ever pay to make up for what they have done. Because of this I firmly believe that nothing short of execution is sufficient to deal with anyone who could commit such acts.

  6. PAULIE IN SYD says

    The second photo is so sad.

    From a human’s perspective it looks like this old proud bird who has seen so many years has had his dignity and sense of security stolen from him.

    My fellow ‘humans’ sadden me sometimes.

  7. patrick says

    Wow – this is just awful. Unfortunately animals’ lives are not values as much as humans, so I doubt very little if any jail time would be done, but I’d like to see these people killed.

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