Joe the Would-Be Plumber Charged in ‘Prop 8′ Anti-Gay Hate Crime

Here’s the booking photo of Joseph Storm, who was arraigned yesterday on a felony hate crime assault charge and a misdemeanor count of interfering with another’s civil rights for attacking a gay man who was wearing a ‘No on Prop 8′ button by beating him with a “Yes on 8′ yard sign.

Storm“Storm made his first court appearance wearing a football jersey, a long and pointed goatee and colorful tattoos from his shaved head to his feet. His attorney, Jose Medina, argued that Storm’s bail should be reduced from $50,000 to $20,000, or that he should be released on his own recognizance. Medina told Judge Thomas Sokolov that Storm has no significant criminal record, takes care of his grandmother and has a 2-year-old daughter. Storm hopes to attend community college and has applied to the plumbers’ union, Medina added.”

Yep, that’s Joe the would-be Plumber.

According to the Daily Breeze, “The unidentified victim told police that Storm used the “Yes on Prop. 8″ lawn sign to hit him, then punched and choked him. During the attack, Storm called him a homosexual slur, prosecutors said. The victim was treated at a hospital for a gash on his head, according to prosecutors. Storm, however, told officers he was upset with the alleged victim because he threw the campaign sign in the street after holding up his middle finger at it.”

The “No on Prop 8″ campaign DESPERATELY needs your help. Donate HERE.


  1. noah says

    Hmm….He doesn’t look like a skinhead at all. Nope, not a bit. Of course, he could just be another guy who keeps his hair really short and likes to beat up gays.

  2. Rad says

    But he’s such a good boy. Taking care of his grandmother ‘n stuff… “Snips and snails, and puppy dog tails, and beating fags to oblivion”, that’s all it was.

    Good boy.

    We need Sarah Palin to fully explain the relationship she had with Storm. Really. There must be something here.

  3. Joel says

    @Patrick: From the bit Andy quoted, “Storm hopes to attend community college and has applied to the plumbers’ union, Medina added.”

    So yeah, he wants to be a plumber.

  4. stevedenver says

    Violent behavior and anger issues: not great traits for someone who is supposedly taking care of grandma and a toddler. I’ve known a lot of grandmas taking care of their kids and grandkids who can’t seem to get on track.

    P.S.: Not all “skinheads” shave their heads anymore — a lot of rockabilly guys are skinheads. Most guys with shaved heads are not skinheads.

  5. John in Manhattan says

    I strongly suggest you check out this searchable database which lists the donors in support and in opposition of Prop 8:

    You can search by name, state, etc.

    As of Thursday 10/30/08 at 10:30am:
    33,999 donations in support of Prop 8
    51,951 donations in opposition of Prop 8.
    Unfortunately the database doesn’t total the donations, on either side.

    Some interesting donors are listed in opposition to Prop 8:

    Tracy Chapman – $15,000
    Alan Alda – $5,000
    Wanda Sykes – $4,500

    The largest individual donor against Prop 8 is Robert W. Wilson (a retiree in Brooklyn) with a whopping $1,200,000. Thank you, Mr. Wilson!

    Is YOUR name on the list? It should be:

    Donate NOW to

  6. JJ says

    He definitely puts out a rough trade vibe..He could be on one of those gayfor pay sites I’ve heard about.

    So much emotion and travail over basic human rights. We do havve a way to go.

  7. Jazzman says

    Since this election and the prop 8 propaganda started,all of the crazy bigoted white people have been coming out of the woodwork,they are the definition of anti-american.the Anti-gay,anti-black,anti-jew,anti-muslim and anti-arab are all over the place.This country is a hot mess.Its vile and gross.Its no wonder our country has as many enemies around the world as we do.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “Without plumbers, we won’t have awkward opening scenes in adult movies.”

    Are those gay or straight adult movies, BREDAN? If they’re gay, you don’t need a plumber. A simple enema will do…get rid of all that Santorum too.

  9. banjiboi says

    Ha! I should have known you were a Savage fan, Derrick.

    As for the gentleman pictured above, why, he looks just like the sweet, gentle young man who rescued my frightened pussy from a tree the other day. Afterwards, he accepted my invitation to come into the house for the reward of a tall, frosty, cold one followed by a generous sampling of my famous freshly-baked sweet buns.

    Lovely boy.

  10. shawn says

    We should all forgive him. Lock him up for many years. But forgive him for ourselves. He is a product of over religious
    types who hide behind the bible, distorting the word to fit their political agenda.
    IT IS TIME TO SAY NO MORE TO HATE. i could go on but you get the picture

  11. oliver says

    look, I know that he looks like a skin head but he isn’t. I know Joe personally for many years and while he looks like a racist, he is not so. He is friends with many people with different backgrounds. I myself am not white but was lucky count on someone that would back you up no matter what. While I do not condone violence on any level, I can see where Joe would have done this over a sign and someone that he perceived to be disrespecting something he believes or identifies with. I’m sure he would have fought him, no matter what his orientation or his race. That with the time (2 a.m) make me believe that alcohol was involved as well. Don’t take this as an excuse for his actions but this is a complicated situation and I just wanted to present him in a different light.

  12. Ty says

    Yes Oliver, since you know him please have a chat to mention that our US Constitution allows for Equal Protection under the Law, Equal means Equal, it is in the constitution and the Supreme Court will rule in our favor when a very expensive class action lawsuit is brought.
    Prop 8 is about hatred and fear only.
    Emotions do not legitimize discrimination.

  13. says

    pots and kettles.

    Nevermind the incident in bakersfield, where the opposite side lashed out.

    But this is hardly a hate crime and speaking of equal rights, equality is hardly represented in hate crime legislation.

    It’s a different issue, I know. But the PC politics get out of hand.

    And this case is obviously going to be blown out of proportion, particularly governed to the highstrung sentimentality being driven in the politics affecting the current climate.

    Besides judging him based on his looks, do you know how many skins are queers and not just fashion queers, or how many friggin’ skinheads are racists, there’s still plenty of sharps around.

    Doesn’t anyone find it just absurd that you’d go after his appearance to make the majority of your judgements?

    Then turn around and bitch about the hypocrisy of every other group that does the same to us?

    If we talk about equality and fight towards equality, then equality thoroughly needs to be representative in politics both relating to our community as well as promoting more understanding and bridging the gaps outside of it.

    Here’s a question for any of you… can you respect anyone that votes yes on prop 8?

    Would you remain friends with them, even though they disagree?

    Is it that far removed from this particular incident. I really don’t think so, not in relation to response nor the reaction to it.

    Was his *actions* wrong? Of course and illegal as well.

    But it was also a bit witty and artistic, to literally bring the politics into play by utilizing the instruments of their propangada as the significant weapons and cause for the entire situation… if you can’t enjoy the poetics of that, then you’re certainly missing much more than just human sympathy and EMPATHY.

    Empathy of plight… most of the emotions of the rights we have to fight for, can easily be transfered to the opposing side to retain their sense of stability, whether it’s based in fear or principles.

    Hate exists equally on both sides. We have the equal opportunity to hate everybody, equally, for the same stupid reasons and base judgements.

    Nothing so great as the anti-homophobic, internalized BS as the person who commented probably a closet homo. he’s going to enjoy prison. Way to go for turning my sexuality into a weapon. you fascist! There’s my base judgement for the day. Yay, maybe this will make me an amerikan today!

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