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London Chaplain: Tattoo Gays with Sodomy Warnings


Reverend Peter Mullen, the Chaplain to the London Stock Exchange, is under fire for suggesting that gays be branded with sodomy warning tattoos:

Said Mullen: "It is time that religious believers began to recommend ... discouragements of homosexual practices after the style of warnings on cigarette packets. Let us make it obligatory for homosexuals to have their backsides tattooed with the slogan 'SODOMY CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH' and their chins with 'FELLATIO KILLS'."

Mullen also called for the banning of gay pride parades, and wrote a poem mocking the recent blessing of the union of two gay priests by Reverend Martin Dudley.

The Evening Standard reports: "The poem begins: 'The Bishop of London is in a high huff, Because Dr Dudley has married a puff; And not just one puff - he's married another: Two priests, two puffs and either to other.' The ceremony, which took place in the summer, was roundly condemned by the Bishop of London, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres, as a breach of Church of England rules."

The Bishop of London called Mullen's marks "highly offensive" and gay rights group Stonewall UK is calling for Mullen's resignation.

Gay men should have sodomy warning tattoos [evening standard]

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  1. I do say his face would make an excellent mask for a Halloween costume. I could go as a scary pedophilic priest that all the little alter boys run from. No wonder he's so bitter. He can't get his "flock" to follow him into the belfry to let him diddle them. Ah, poor pathetic man.

    Posted by: TooBoot | Oct 6, 2008 5:04:06 PM

  2. So, he's perfectly willing to show kids sex-ed movies of sodomy, but not allow them to attend gay pride marches. I could just imagine the propaganda movies they could create, sort of like those "Death at High Speed" road accident films you get in drivers-ed. Priests are expected to be rather strict in their outlook, but his is an opinion too far.

    Posted by: anon | Oct 6, 2008 7:32:04 PM

  3. Holy SHIT! That freaky mutant baby from Total Recall is a PRIEST now! Wowsers...

    Yeah...just another example about how sick and twisted religion has become. This sick jerk took a religion based on love and compassion and is using it to bash people he doesn't like.

    If Jesus does come back to Earth, he's gonna throat-punch this douchebag.

    Posted by: Christopher | Oct 6, 2008 8:20:09 PM

  4. WOW anyone that would suggest tattooing another human Nazi concentration fashion needs to be censored by his Government. But like so many countries, the Religious leaders get away with literal murder and are never brought to justice. That has got to end.

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Oct 6, 2008 9:56:27 PM

  5. How is it that all the commentators can only hurl insults back and not present one shred of moral evidence for our homosexuality??! How is that convincing that "gay is good" to the world? And what about anal sex-surely it has crossed your minds how dirty and painful iI can be-no? I don't understand how so many gay men flippantly avoid head on debate, tackling the very uncomfortable enigma of our sexuality.

    Posted by: nikko | Oct 6, 2008 11:20:37 PM

  6. And all religious leader should say, "WARNING! THIS PRIEST IS A LIKELY PEDOPHILE."

    Then again, this is christian love.

    Posted by: lou | Oct 6, 2008 11:34:46 PM

  7. What the fuck is wrong with his left eye?

    Posted by: Tory | Oct 30, 2009 6:42:18 PM

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