1. CJ says

    McCain should take an example of effective politics from Obama. This ad has just the right amount of “kick” coupled with the TRUTH (a foreign concept to Republican’s), producing a valid point to WAKE PEOPLE UP. Christ. lol

  2. Rad says

    John, I have to agree.

    What I am interested in seeing is how willing will the population be to elect a black man? Are there underlying race issues, regardless if the person is more dignified and qualified to be the Commander in Chief? If there is a substantial margin of victory for Barack, then I would say we, as a society, can finally put the race issues of the 20th century behind us. If it is really close or dramatically loses to the garbage barfed up by the GOP, then our country is really a crap heap of idiots and, IMHO, they get what they deserve.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    JOHN & RAD, I agree, of course. I’ve said that two things had to happen before the United States would elect a black (or biracial) man: a national disaster, and a disastrous Republican Ticket. Well….

    Oh, yes, I always assumed that the black man would be a Democrat. Kinda’ presumptuous of me, hunh?….you know, Colin Powell around, but I don’t see the Republican Party ever….not in my life time.

  4. Jimmyboyo says


    National disaster = disastrous repub administration and ticket

    Huffpo reported yesterday that bush jr called Colin Powell recently and twisted his arm to no end to NOT endorse Obama publicly.

  5. patrick nyc says

    As that fat chick on the View said today, judge a man by his actions. He dumped his wife for a rich bimbo who paid to get him elected, with the help of Keating.

    McShame should be in jail, not the White House. How many fighter pilots would have kept their rank after crashing five planes? Daddy can you bail me out?

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