Stephen Baldwin: Homosexuality Not Normal


Born-again Christian Stephen Baldwin talked to MSNBC about his enthusiasm over John McCain in an interview published on Friday. He also slams gays once again:

“I don’t think it’s right that in 10 or 15 years, potentially, my son goes to a public school and reads a book about the normality of homosexuality. I don’t think that [belongs] in the public education system. In a political sense, I don’t agree with that. It doesn’t mean that I think personally that making that lifestyle choice is wrong. The Bible says it’s wrong and I believe in the Bible and I stand for that. So part of the danger of living the faith I live is that they’re going to shoot the messenger.”

In January, Baldwin told Howard Stern he was a “full-blown, super-duper” fan of Mike Huckabee. He also told Stern that same-sex marriage was not acceptable.


  1. says

    Okay! This is the most outrageous thing that i have heard. Well granted that I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion, I do not like the fact that he says, “The Bible says it’s wrong and I believe in the Bible and I stand for that. So part of the danger of living the faith I live is that they’re going to shoot the messenger.” Honestly, The Bible was written some ages ago and he is looking at it Literally…what a joke. Fundamentalist-Christians out casting a group of people in the name of GOD!! NOW THAT IS WHAT WE CALL AN ABOMINATION. I wonder if he believes in not eating shrimp, as it is said in the bible that it is a sin…..Bless his soul! … Bless the Literal Christians who take the word of THE BIBLE out of its context! …. THINGS GO OUT OF DATE!!!! STOP TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN TO HATE!!!

  2. MEN-SUR says

    well its not normal is it…

    yeah i’m a gay man, but i can accept that i’ve been dealt the rough end of the stick, cuz i would do ANYTHING to turn straight and have children the normal, conventional way

  3. David D. says

    Stephen Baldwin: the first person I turn to when I want to find out what’s “normal” and what isn’t.

  4. Tonic says

    Whether homosexuality is normal or not is moot. It’s reality, it exists.

    If this Baldwin character removed everything that wasn’t “normal” from his life, where would he be? Well, at least his acting career wouldn’t suffer.

  5. says

    My, My, My! Stephen Baldwain has come a long long way from “Threesome” written and direcred by the openly gay Andrew Fleming (“Hamlet 2″) where he cuddled with Josh Charles and flashed his ass.

    And he is at considerable remove from brother Bill, currently co-starring with the fabulous Candace Cayne on “Dirty Sexy Money.”

    And that’s not to mention former Studio 54 waiter Alec Baldwin.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, we got crazy Baldwins all over the place. I like the ones on the LEFT (Alec). This right-wing Baldwin can go to hell…with Miss Sarah (Lord, she was the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party).

  7. Chris says

    Being a mad retard is something that really isn’t normal.

    Homosexuality may not feel normal to many people, but it is if you look at the numbers and that it isn’t restricted to human beings.

  8. matthew says

    I as a gay man am really fed up and would like to address this whole issue of these straight religious fanatics. For one week that everyone wake to a world where everything is completely reversed where instead of being straight being accepted as what these religious fanatics call “normal”, gay, bisexual, and transgender is accepted as normal, and heterosexuality to be considered not normal by the general public, for one week. For one week they would see constant attempts by many states to put a ban on “Straight-Marriage” in both the state and federal constitution. For this week, all the straight people who seem to get such a kick over either verbally, or physically bashing gay people to see what it feels like to constantly seeing anti-gay rhetoric either first hand, or in the newspapers, over the internet, or on billboards. I would like them to see what it feels like to constantly be referred to as “not normal” or worse. After a week of them having to deal with what we deal with every day of our lives, I believe that gay-bashers, both verbally and physically would significantly diminish. I am sure many of them (PARTICULARLY STEPHEN BALDWIN) would think twice before putting down gay people and trying to take away their right to marry if that happened to them.

  9. the queen says

    and a gracious good morning to you miss derrick, you are you baby?

    well, judging from the some of the posts around here, maybe la baldwin has a point — i’ve known some pretty fucked up queens in my time — some of them were quite amusing though — but normal? nevah!

  10. Brendan says

    First of all, I think Stephen Baldwin itself isn’t a normal phenomenon in nature.

    Second, all the Baldwin brothers are crazy in some way. Stephen just manifests himself differently.

  11. Disgusted American says

    Stephen Baldwin can KISS my Gay ass…He’s another Brainwashed weirdo/who’s Career has Plummeted…and Blames others for his failures….”ahh they don’t like me cause’ I believe in Jesus”…I feel sorry for any offspring this asshole has…and what an embarrassment he is to his Brothers!

  12. matthew says

    For this week, all the straight people who seem to get such a kick over either verbally, or physically bashing gay people to see what it feels like to constantly seeing anti-gay rhetoric either first hand, or in the newspapers, over the internet, or on billboards

    Sorry, I made a typo here. I meant to type “anti-straight” rhetoric for this fantasy week where gay was considered normal and straight was considered by society as “not normal”

  13. says

    The least appealing Baldwin on so many levels. Fortunately, his opinion holds about as much weight as air.

    Men-Sur: the Exodus folks are waiting for you with open arms.

  14. Nick says

    Another living testimony to washed up, drug addicted, alcohol soaked grade d actor hooked on another opiate of the masses-fundamentalist christianity. Weakness substituted for weakness in character.
    What about that old standby “judge not-lest ye be judged”—- except it doesn’t apply to “real” Christians like Mr. Baldwin.
    It must be very satisfying to you -knowing that you know what is best for everyone–
    and btw-which version of the bible are you referencing Mr. Baldwin?

  15. Sebastian says

    Kind of like his family claiming to be actors not natural since none of them can actually act. A two bit, unattractive bigot, who needs to get rid of that hate his so called church has taught him.

    These hate-filled chumps are going to be in for a surprise when they find out hate is not acceptable in the after world.

  16. 1♥ says

    So Stephen states “The Bible says it’s wrong and I believe in the Bible and I stand for that.”
    Then Stephen must be pro-slavery as the Bible teaches. Titus 2:9 “Teach slaves to be subject to their masters in everything, to try to please them, not to talk back to them,” or 1 Peter 2:18 “Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.”
    Since I believe that slavery is immoral I have to ask, why does Stephen support immorality? And why does Stephen hide his bigotry and hate behind his religion?

  17. Dawson James says

    Stephen Baldwin has come a long way from the time (circa 1997) that I would see him snorting blow with drag queens in the dressing rooms at Backstreet in Atlanta. Damn, I wish I had taken pictures…

  18. Sargon Bighorn says

    “Normal” what does that mean? Hetero-parents in Washington State starved their 14 year old girl, keeping her locked up. Things were so bad the girls teeth dried out from lack of water = “Normal” heterosexuals? “Normal” what does that mean? Hetero-girl leaves baby in dumpster fearing her Religious Right Wing-Nut parents would beat her = “Normal” hetero-parents? Some religious Christo-Taliban fanatic now seems to be the Scientific authority on what is normal; his basis for his categoric statement, some religious text. It’s time for more to do as we are doing, calling these Religious attacks on Gay-Americans to stop.

  19. philbert says

    Hey, the good news is Stephen said he will move to Canada if Obama is elected. Another reason to vote for Barak Obama

  20. znsd says

    wait…Stephen’s going to move to Canada if Obama is elected? Land of socialized medicine and same-sex marriage? That’ll show us! LOL

  21. paul says

    I have to say something here after reading all of the posts. The problem with normal is there is no NORMAL. everyone has something that just does feel right to them while growing up. The other problem with normal is that it is an illusion. As kids we all have something we are fighting. it is so important to get people to wake up and teach people tolerance. Why? Why do you think there are so many “fucked up” queens? Because they have been told from birth they don’t deserve to live, they are going to die horrbible deaths, their lives are meaningless. when you constantly tell people that…it is called “self-fulfilling prophecy”. they start to believe it.
    Stephen Baldwin is a nobody. Who cares what he thinks. nobody does!!

  22. soulbrotha says

    I used to think this guy was so hot. Then he started talking and the peen deflated faster than the Hindenburg.

    I actually ran into him at the Duane Reade down the street from my house. He was hanging with this guy who looked like a gay Nazi skinhead. He was high, strange and vaguely rude. Not hot at ALL.
    Yeah, I suspect there are some serious skeletons in this Baldwin brother’s closet just itching to be let out.

  23. CK says

    This guy is just another festering blue-fly on the rancid turd of organized religion.

    Believe what you like on your own time, and for your own soul, no matter what your faith, but don’t turn it into a political movement to bash my rights, thank you very much!

  24. Qjersey says

    Send your kids to private school moron.
    BTW, ever see pics of his wife? They look like an “Exodus International” couple if you ask me.

    And he found god when he got sober, guess the 12 steps weren’t enough.

  25. Tdawg says

    this guy had an awesome “gay”-ish sex scene with lara flynn boyle AND josh charles in “Threesome” – what a hypocrite – that scene turned me on when i was 14, hot, hot, hot

  26. says

    1. He’s wrong: it was statistically shown in the late ’70s that homosexual activity (though not gay ID) is statistically “normal” (I believe Gil Herdt was the guy who did the studies); it’s also NOT classified in the DSM so it is psychiatrically “normative”.

    2. It’s pathetic and quite the display of hubris that S. Baldwin should set himself up as a martyr for being the “messenger.” As this Jew understands it, Jesus was the messenger of a very different message for Stephen and his people.

  27. says

    WOW! I just got the most annoying email!!! people have no idea how to read comments on here…I AM NOT MEN SUR!@!!! as you can tell my name is ANDE!!! sorry Brent from UTAH!! I AM OUT and PROUD!!! god did not make a mistake with me… take it back!!!! =) lol! people arefunny…

    just so you know its


    posted by. date.

    wow! i thought that was obvious!

  28. Drake says

    We saw this douchenozzle sauntering thru the airport in San Antonio a couple of years ago. There were six of us, and none could remember his name right away. We kept referring to him as a, “Lesser Baldwin.”

  29. says

    We can go on forever believing in delusions of faith, but it is holding us back as a whole. Divisive politics and hate-mongering makes all religions look like murderous bigots.