Gale Harold Caught by Cameraphone of Gazing Gays

Incidentally, Shawn Pyfrom, who plays Bree van de Kamp’s gay son Andrew, had this recently to say to People magazine about how he feels about playing gay in the show:

“I mean, I’m straight. If I say I’m uncomfortable with it, then I’m homophobic. If I say I’m okay with it, then I’m gay. It’s an honor. I didn’t know it would be so groundbreaking.”

Matt Rettenmund at boy Culture suggests a re-do.


  1. Rad says

    Gale Harold in boxer briefs… yawn… after years on QaF, and seeing his butt there, not to mention DH with the first season Jesse Metcalf gratuitous butt shot, a man in his underwear on prime time is just so… boring.

    Still not interested in tuning in.

  2. Joe says

    So interesting that the gay couple is still being used as just a prop on DH. I think Tuc Watkins had one line on this episode. I wonder why they’re even around?

  3. David says

    Anyone who’s ever seen one life to live knows Tuc watkins can serve up a pair of underwear like no one else, period. Plus he’s funny and a good actor. what a waste of his talents

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