Vatican: Psychological Tests to Screen Priests for Sexual, Gay Urges


Would there be any left standing?

“Candidates for the Catholic priesthood should undergo psychological tests to screen out heterosexuals unable to control their sexual urges and those with strong homosexual tendencies, the Vatican said Thursday. A new document was the second in three years to deal with the effects of a sexual abuse scandal that rocked the Church six years ago. It said the early detection of ‘sometimes pathological’ psychological defects of men before they become priests would help avoid tragic experiences.”

The Priesthood: Men and Lots of ‘Em [tr]


  1. the queen of hoochie with the countess de coochie, twin sister of miss derrick from philly says

    THE QUEEN: so what’s the implication here, countess? THE COUNTESS: Well, I guess that real men aren’t gay or maybe… THE QUEEN: Real men are sexual predators? THE COUNTESS: Hmmm, hadn’t thought about that … anyway, we both know the more real man you are the gayer you are, don’tcha think? THE QUEEN: Right on, countess! We both know that from experience, don’t we? We’ve had plenty of real gay men, n-est-ce pas? COUNTESS: You got that right, sugar!

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

    Don’t Cardinals and Popes have some higher education? How can they be so stup…oh, never mind.

  3. Dback says

    All I know is, when I look at the guy on the bottom front row, 2nd from the right, I think of Madonna: “When you call my name/It’s like a little prayer/I’m down on my knees/I wanna take you there…”

  4. jeffg166 says

    Very few will pass the test. The ones that do will be screwing someone anyway. Only a hand full (if that) of them are totally celibate throughout their careers.

    The church doesn’t want a married clergy. It would cost way too much. They’d all have to have families of 10 or 12 kids to be an example to the membership. That’s ain’t going to happen.

  5. says

    Someday it will be commonly acknowledged that a pivotal aspect of the growth of the church was its role as the only refuge in the community for homosexuals. Without this underlying construct (increasingly unnecessary as ignorance about human sexuality diminishes and homosexuality becomes socially acceptable), the church is forced to contend with a growing transparency about the issue by having its position actually reflect in its makeup. Only, this would be a profoundly fundamental shift in its ecclesiastical tradition. I’m not sure it could survive it.

  6. SEAN says

    “Real Men” = code for homophobia. I despise this in all its usage. But it is especially prevalent on magazine covers to pull an instinctual trigger. Perennial winning publications include Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health… [you get it.]

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