1. michael says

    The only comfort in this is knowing that that Fat Bastard Karl Rove and all of his Bush cronies are going to burn in hell when all this is over.

    I agree, please give that woman a medal.

  2. Jimmyboyo says

    This reminded me of what a Vermont township did last year

    They passed a unanimous resolution that

    1- forbade bush, Cheney, Rovem Rumsfeld from setting foot in their town

    2- if said perps did set foot within town limits they would be arrested for crimes against humanity


  3. Crash says

    Why, HA!, should they have shot her? Because she “dared set foot near” that fucking waste of human carbon?
    Please, however it was handled by security, I am sure it was done properly. If not to satisfaction of all.
    If you feel that as an American citizen, we all should just shut up and be happy with what is going around us, and not try to change it, then maybe it is time you moved to Cuba, or China, where everyone is happy to get their loaf of bread, and cup of rice every day and live in their leaky shacks.

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