Authorities Bust ‘Sex Parties’ in Malaysia, 70 Arrested

This seems to be a routine occurrence in Malaysia. The same thing happened in September, last May, and last November.

George_townMalaysia’s The Star reports: “Police busted four male sex parties in progress on Saturday, rounding up more than 70 customers and male sex workers. Some of them could not put on their clothing in time when police stormed the various premises during the 5.30pm incident. Used condoms were found strewn all over the floor of the premises. Police also seized some pornography DVDs, gay magazines, lubrication jelly and boxes of condoms at the scene. A team from the anti-vice, gaming and secret societies division (D7) conducted the raids at four separate locations — two on the mainland as well as a traditional massage parlour and a fitness centre on the island. George Town Deputy OCPD Supt Gan Kong Meng said 28 local men and a man from China, in their 20s to 40s, were arrested at the scene. Some of the customers were from Europe and the United States.”

Seems like the same venue continues to be raided.


  1. says

    Thanks Towleroad for highlighting this issue to the wider global gay community. We have a growing and slowly empowered gay community in our country. However actions like this by the Police and also sometimes by the Municipal council or state religious authorities can scare those who are about to empower themselves back into the closet.

    The saddest bit is the statement on condoms and lube that was found on the premise. In the past, there were reports stating that the Police use the presence of these basic safe sex tools as a evidence for prostitution, either it was found on a man or a woman. I suspect the same applied to those who were charged by the Police in this particular incident but I dare not speculate more. As many of you can guess, this had caused many of these saunas in our country to not give out condoms and lube in the premise and definitely can lead to unsafe practice. Which by implication I feel, scare the young or uninformed from getting or buying condoms.

    Thank you again Towleroad for highlighting this.

  2. Msianinsider says

    From what I know, the police in Malaysia are well aware of these premises and generally leave them alone. The tacit understanding between the authorities and the sauna owners are that there is no porn, drugs and condoms to be found. The more responsible saunas do give out condoms but they make sure that these are cleaned out and disposed off immediately. Hence, no evidence and the police need not act.

    I think the Penang venue has behaved very irresponsibly by flaunting the ‘rules’ and putting their patrons at risk of raids.