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Governor Sarah Palin Prank Called by Fake French President


Montreal comedy duo Marc-Antoine Audette and Sebastien Trudel prank-called Governor Sarah Palin yesterday pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Not only did Palin's aide hand off the call but Palin stayed on the phone conversing for six minutes before the duo revealed to her that she had been fooled.

When fake Sarkozy told her he hoped she would be president one day, Palin replied: "Haha, maybe in eight years."

Palin also responded to a compliment on heer hunting abilities: "Oh, very good, we should go hunting together. I think we could have a lot of fun together as we're getting work done. We could kill two birds with one stone that way."

While the fake Sarkozy asks her if she's married to Joe the Plumber and tells her that "We have the equivalent of Joe the Plumber in France. It's called Marcel, the guy with bread under his armpit," Palin does not pick up on the joke.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs remarked on the call, saying, "I'm glad we check out our calls before we hand the phone to Barack Obama."

Listen to the call, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Ugh. There are no words. Oh wait. I have one. Moron. Idiot. Stupide.

    Oh yes, and OUR POTENTIAL NEXT PRESIDENT if you don't get out and VOTE ON NOV 4!

    Vote NO ON PROP 8, NO on Amendement 2 (FL) and NO on Amendment 102 (AZ)!


    Posted by: Beef and Fur | Nov 2, 2008 11:19:16 AM

  2. American elections are still such a joke that even the Canadians are getting in on the act.

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Nov 2, 2008 11:53:11 AM

  3. A brilliant hoax. I never knew it could be that easy.

    Posted by: Rhea | Nov 2, 2008 1:19:17 PM

  4. Special adviser Johnny Halliday! Hustler's Nailin'Palin! Priceless!

    I'm betting someone got BIG trouble for passing that call over to her. :)

    Posted by: Gregus | Nov 2, 2008 2:33:32 PM

  5. Sweet blue jeebus in heaven. I'm through.

    Posted by: banjiboi | Nov 2, 2008 4:25:27 PM

  6. Yes, she's a fool. But Sarkozy fell for the same prank not too long ago.

    Does this really have to be what our elections are about?

    Posted by: The Milkman | Nov 2, 2008 5:14:37 PM

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  9. Very funny...

    Posted by: Stop Smoking | Nov 2, 2008 7:58:31 PM

  10. Hell yeah us Canucks are in on the joke. Take a ride on any streetcar and you'll hear people yapping about the election. People are walking around wearing Obama T-Shirts and buttons. It's kinda great.

    Posted by: L | Nov 2, 2008 9:08:49 PM

  11. she's a one tick pony... just as uncomfortable and uninformed in this conversation as any interview. treading water and ass kissing. and the "first dude" would probably enjoy a 3-way with Bruni.....

    Posted by: my2cents | Nov 2, 2008 9:45:19 PM

  12. Dieu tout puissant!! On est tous fous, les Canadiens!! That was actually funny!!

    Posted by: Shabaka | Nov 2, 2008 11:30:26 PM

  13. i feel sorry for that woman.

    Posted by: nic | Nov 3, 2008 1:15:30 AM

  14. Love it

    Posted by: John | Nov 3, 2008 2:32:34 AM

  15. Most Quebecois men are way hawter than those two!

    Posted by: Puddy Katz | Nov 3, 2008 8:31:47 AM

  16. as Bugs would say... "What a Maroon !!!"

    Posted by: A.J. | Nov 3, 2008 9:01:32 AM

  17. I just spit tea out my nose. It is amazing that they do not screen her calls more carefully, then there is the fact that this idiot could be so clueless and even be a heartbeat away from the leader of the free world. VOTE tomorrow.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Nov 3, 2008 10:11:32 AM

  18. So funny! I love it that she has no idea who the prime minister of Canada is.

    Posted by: sam | Nov 3, 2008 10:55:36 AM

  19. Alaska has a 1500 mile border with one country, and only one country: Canada.

    Palin doesn't know who the prime minister of Canada is.....

    Posted by: Kurt | Nov 3, 2008 11:43:18 AM

  20. @A.J.,

    he would also say, "what an embezzle!", which would me more accurate.

    Posted by: nic | Nov 3, 2008 1:03:21 PM

  21. As much as I wanted to laugh at this, it was really dull. I'm sure I would have been fooled as well. The only part that was mildly amusing was the end when the hoax was revealed and Palin asked "What are the call letters of this station?" Canadian humor must be similar to her people, way too nice.

    Posted by: wetcnt | Nov 3, 2008 2:38:23 PM

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