1. Beef and Fur says

    Ugh. There are no words. Oh wait. I have one. Moron. Idiot. Stupide.

    Oh yes, and OUR POTENTIAL NEXT PRESIDENT if you don’t get out and VOTE ON NOV 4!

    Vote NO ON PROP 8, NO on Amendement 2 (FL) and NO on Amendment 102 (AZ)!


  2. says

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  3. L says

    Hell yeah us Canucks are in on the joke. Take a ride on any streetcar and you’ll hear people yapping about the election. People are walking around wearing Obama T-Shirts and buttons. It’s kinda great.

  4. my2cents says

    she’s a one tick pony… just as uncomfortable and uninformed in this conversation as any interview. treading water and ass kissing. and the “first dude” would probably enjoy a 3-way with Bruni…..

  5. patrick nyc says

    I just spit tea out my nose. It is amazing that they do not screen her calls more carefully, then there is the fact that this idiot could be so clueless and even be a heartbeat away from the leader of the free world. VOTE tomorrow.

  6. wetcnt says

    As much as I wanted to laugh at this, it was really dull. I’m sure I would have been fooled as well. The only part that was mildly amusing was the end when the hoax was revealed and Palin asked “What are the call letters of this station?” Canadian humor must be similar to her people, way too nice.

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