1. JAYDUB says

    From my understanding, AC wasn’t actually looking at the hologram, he was looking at a screen off camera that was projecting the image. It wasn’t a “true” hologram.

    In any case, money well spent.

  2. says

    There were lots of bells and whistles across the board. This hologram thing is totally bizarre. I was kinda fixated on MSNBC’s strange green screen set that Ann Curry reported from last night. The floors were constantly rotating, columns and pillars kept popping up out of nowhere. It was so distracting.

  3. Rad says

    Yet the technology could not save them. I kept swapping between ABC, NBC, Fox, MSNBC and CNN, and honestly… they had NOTHING to TALK ABOUT between poll closings! Oh my GOD! They yammered on about crap.

    Kudos actually goes to Fox for actually giving poll numbers. MSNBC was terrified to even HINT that a state had gone one way or another.

    The next BEST thing about last night (second to Barack winning) was that as of tonight, I have absolutely NO reason to watch any cable news channel.

  4. David B. says

    Although the LS revealed the relationship between the on-air guy and the hologram to be very Vader-kneeling-before-the-emperor, I’m for any NEWS organization that tries to get beyond the mind-numbing talking-heads and floating-boxes NEWS format. I think CNN has been doing a great job working towards that by testing all sorts of available technology in all sorts of fanciful and ridiculous ways.

    Whatever they can do to entice the alarming and shameful number of ignorant and blissfully uneducated Americans to tune in for U.S. and world events I’m for! They may think the world is flat, Noah’s ark was fact, and reading is a waste of time, but at least the Amercican Ignorancia will have some source of information besides robo-calls from Sara Palin and the Mormon Church before stepping into a voting booth…

    My one requirement is that they stay dedicated to making sure there are ALWAYS adequate visual cues to immediately demonstrate that it is a virtual presentation. I’ll be making phone calls if a NEWS organization is so stupid as to create virtualizations so slick that it’s no longer clear what the reality is… there’s enough of that with the pseudo-NEWS industry…

  5. ventura79 says

    I said it yest and I will say it again , CNN jumped the shark with that hologram stuff! It was too funny! Where are Jem and The Holograms singing ???!!
    By far the most exiting election evening ever! Holograms and all :-)
    P.S. I want an Anderson Cooper hologram whenever I watch AC 360!!

  6. Leland Frances says

    Fuck fuck FUCK closeted cocksucker Cooper. It is admired, panted after, influential, privileged pansies like him who treat his affectional orientation like something to be ashamed of who are passive coconspirators in the defeat of Prop 8 and every gay rights measure that’s ever been defeated.

    Dan White was really good looking, too, even as he bent over Harvey Milk’s bullet-riddled body, put his gun close to his head, and fired the coup de shame shot into his brains.

  7. John says

    Anyone notice this Anderson Cooper was acting strange when Hilary Rosen remarked how sad it was that her marriage had been instantly annulled by anonymous voters and Anderson tried to immediately change the subject, using bizarre abstract language to emphasize that he was totally unfamiliar with this mysterious constituency known as “gays”.

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