1. says

    that’s damn sexy. I think he gave me some of my first homosexual stirs when I saw that movie police academy where he comes out from under the podium as if he was giving a blow job…. ahh yeah, was one HOT dude

  2. Verly says

    This IS staged. It’s from a viral media marketing company. Look at the other videos from that YouTube user and you’ll see 13 versions of the same Guttenberg video, each one with a different headline. Plus, there are short video ads for their marketing company.

  3. Oval Beach says

    My fuckin’ GOD!!! That man is sexy and HOT and just plain YUUUMMMMMYYYYY!!! I totally agree with DANINOKC. He was one of my first fantasy celebs that I jacked off to. What an ass he has and I would absolutely love to have him shove that downward angled cock down my throat. I would be happy to choke on it.

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