1. CJ says

    Ignorant moron. I almost feel sorry for him, maybe we should hose him down since he hasn’t suffered enough violence in order to the rights to marry.

  2. Scott says

    How much longer do we have to sit around and watch so-called “straight” people sit around and debate issues like marriage equality without the one prerequisite that would make the conversation even remotely legitimate? Isn’t it hypocritical to sit around and talk about issues that directly involve LGBT issues without someone that is actually LGBT? Yeah, I know Whoopi has marched with us but why don’t these idiots actually bring on one of the 18,000 married couples who’s marriages are now in question?

  3. JohnInManhattan says

    Christ, I hate Huckabee. The “word” is that Newt is going to run for POTUS in 2012 on a “social values” platform. What else have the Republicans got but fear of the H-O-M-O-S-E-X-U-A-L to run on? Huckabee, who would like to quarantine people living with AIDS, will be Gingrich’s Goebbels. Yes, when it comes to Huckabee’s evil wrapped in a benign smile, a nazi analogy is always appropriate.

  4. JohnInManhattan says

    Producer Bill Geddie will no longer permit gays on THE VIEW unless they’ve been accredited by The Mario Cantone School of Minstrel Performing Arts.

  5. Rafael says

    This comes from the “brightest” the republican Party had to offer us. I mean this fellow’s platform was homeschooling, now talk to me about segregation?

    It is clear that he doesn’t understand the real impact of segregation, what have he done to advanced the rights of minorities in this country? where was he to take an stand on the issue? if for all these years he thought racism was so wrong. This are the type of chronic liars we need to rid our Nation of.

    Gay people need to be more out and loud than ever before. We must do so in peace, but in peace we must.

  6. gayalltheway says

    Why do we even give a shit what this guy has to say? Come on, he doesn’t believe in evolution, he doesn’t believe in photosynthesis, he doesn’t believe in stem cells research, he believes that dinosaurs and humans existed together like fucking 6000 years ago and he probably still thinks that the earth is flat. I don’t know what alternate universe this guy is living in but in my world, I know that there were probably some gay dinosaurs as well and they did not fucking exist 6000 years ago.
    oh and one more thing, mr. huckabee- do you mean to say that GAY people like lawrence king and teish cannon just happened to get shot because they were “unlucky” or “victim of random shooting”???
    Yea so much for your “difference”, you delusional, bigoted old fart.

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    If everyone would send a comment to The View stating what you do here with better grammar and spelling, it would make an impact. We’re talking at each other and not telling those that need to hear.

  8. Mike says

    I am so done with all these idiotic bigoted people…you can stick a fork in me. I saw the mention of the holocaust in the comments – and was thinking the same thing. The problem here is that the ridicule of gay people is STILL socially acceptable. If people would make these same comments and arguments about women, blacks, hispanics or jews they would be immediately chastised by the press – or the hosts of these “shows”. Instead, these bigoted spews of ignorance and hate are presented as “an alternate view”. We just have to continue to turn up the volume and repeat over and over again that they are fricken’ bigots and hate-mongers.

  9. AndyC says

    But isn’t what he’s talking about violence inflicted by government (
    city and/or state) and what you’re talking about is individuals inflicting crime on other individuals (hate crimes listed)?
    I would think it would be easy for you to use the right rhetoric (you’ve posted hundreds of examples of governments big and small inflicting violence or locking up individuals for being gay. It seems to me that would actually be to what M.Huckabee is referring).

  10. Ted says

    If he is referring to government actions, then how about the inaction of failing to to protect gays as equal citizens instead of looking the other way or minimizing criminal acts? Its getting better with hate crimes laws now but not good enough.

    And the fact is that there are so many examples of how the government treats gays as second class citizens, which is a form of emotional violence. That is why Prop 8 and similar measures are so important. With one fell swoop,bam, equal rights in so many ways. Our government has been an accomplice along the way, as they were with segregation. It takes a supreme court to protect the rights of minorities.

    And don’t forget to be afraid of Romney too. I dont think we’ve heard the last of him.

  11. Da says

    How do you comment to The View? They used to have little tabs under each host – contact Joy, Contact Elisabeth, etc. Now they are gone.
    Huckabee is nothing but a preacher. I knew him back in the day when he was President of the Arkansas Baptist Convention. He was a so/so governor of a tiny state (population wise).
    And JohninManhatton – Just my opinion – it’s “people living with HIV” – not “people living with AIDS” – There is a difference – We need to start letting the world know that not everyone who has HIV is going to get AIDS anymore.

  12. Jeffrey says

    Here in California we got robocalls from Upchuckabee urging us to vote YES on 8.
    Why some religious bigot from Arkansas should be giving me instructions in ANYTHING besides how to field dress your 1st cousin is beyond me. He is a supreme asshat.

  13. says

    The fact that Huckabee, a former preacher, ran for president scares the shit out of me. This is the man who stated that it would be desirable to change the Constitution to reflect the “Word of God”. Can you imagine if this man actually got into the White House? It’s also interesting to me that he thinks that gays need to meet some kind of standard or experience a certain amount of violence or oppression in order to be deserving of our rights.

  14. Aaron says

    How clueless is he? If we determined civil rights based on violence, few would have civil rights–women, handicapped, elderly–all have equal rights protections, but they have not experienced the same level of violence as African-Americans.

    He also does not realize that just over 40 years ago, people were placed in prison, tortured, lost jobs, killed, families destroyed, etc. because they were gay and chose to associate with others. Hell, in some places a decade ago, gay sex could mean prison time. If that does not constitute his threshold, what would?

  15. says

    “My gaydar goes off when I see him. Anyone else?”

    HAHAHAHA, yes! It seems despite their hatred of gays, prominent religious homophobes have no qualms about having gay sex.

  16. busytimmy says

    Why the fuck are our civil rights being vetted on the fucking View? Is this where America is at in 2008? Direct action is in order!

  17. mike shackleford says

    As it now stands,religious zelots get more constitutionally protected rights than GLBT folks. Perhaps if someone started killing these zelots then they might start “earning” their special rights.

  18. Bill says

    I cannot stand this show. They constantly talk about gay people like they are the authority. They are such bigots.

  19. Paul says

    Who listens to these people, like Mike Hukabee? I mean, what young person takes direction from such a tool? Same goes for James Dobson, I mean do they really take what these people say seriously? When I was younger, I rejected the whole notion of church and crap like that, I always just looked at the church as something you did, but not something you necessarily lived by. I thought the 60’s taught us something. I don’t know…scary to believe that people are raising their children with these thoughts. However, one saving grace is the Internet. Kids can learn a lot about what is going on outside…our younger people will certain not be so insulated.

  20. QueenZafrona says

    civil rights:

    rights that a nation’s inhabitants enjoy by law. The term is broader than “political rights,” which refer only to rights devolving from the franchise and are held usually only by a citizen, and unlike “natural rights,” civil rights have a legal as well as a philosophical basis. In the United States civil rights are usually thought of in terms of the
    specific rights guaranteed in the Constitution: freedom of religion, of speech, and of the press, and the rights to due process of law and to equal protection under the law.

    That’s the definition of civil rights. It sounds like being gay falls under equal protection of the law to me.

  21. QueenZafrona says

    civil rights:

    rights that a nation’s inhabitants enjoy by law. The term is broader than “political rights,” which refer only to rights devolving from the franchise and are held usually only by a citizen, and unlike “natural rights,” civil rights have a legal as well as a philosophical basis. In the United States civil rights are usually thought of in terms of the
    specific rights guaranteed in the Constitution: freedom of religion, of speech, and of the press, and the rights to due process of law and to equal protection under the law.

    That’s the definition of civil rights. It sounds like being gay falls under equal protection of the law to me.

  22. says

    Hey Andy.
    It’s great that you care and everything but one of your posts links to a video with a comments section that’s one of the violently homophobic in all of YOuTube. I moved the video to my account since the more hits on a channel the more chance they have of becoming a partner. IN other words, the person allowing all that hate on their channel is going to benefit from you linking to their page.

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    Great! So far all the comments are smart and on target–nobody has fallen for Huckabee’s bait…yet. Although, he might be the toughest opponent for Obama four years from now. He’ll destroy Palin & Romney in the primaries. But what about the new, non-social issue type Republicans: Palenti and those folks?

    Oh, my God, you’d think I’d have had an enema full of presidential politics by now.

  24. jmg says

    “Producer Bill Geddie will no longer permit gays on THE VIEW unless they’ve been accredited by The Mario Cantone School of Minstrel Performing Arts.”

    !!! Love it.

  25. TheNiebur says

    Good people of America. Gay and straight. Looking at what is happening from a distance (Denmark), it seems that you really need to RAGE HARD! Like now! You need to gather all info on all issues being discussed. And throw it back in the faces of the lowlife hating bigots! I saw some ass (Donkey) somewhere say, that gay marriage would lead to an erosion of all society structures. Or something to that effect, I forget cause I was like: W T F ? Denmark was the very first country in the world were gays could enter a registred partnership. Not sure exactly, but like 20 years ago today. We continue to top the list of the happiest country/people in the world. We are the 4’th richest country. And still growing stronger. We have still a few “minor” issues on gay rights here, but it is all being discussed in a totally different arena. When and if religious groups here, try to get a word in, they are very quickly ridiculed for their statements. (As they should be, for it is the same stupid shit, coming out of their dobbeltonguetwisted mouths here!) The press here will call them on their bigotry, and the rest of us, gay AND straight, just have a good hard laugh. I have been able to walk hand in hand with my boyfriends, since I was just out, 25 years ago. I kiss publicly whenever I gd feel like it. And never ever have I experienced any kind of hate. Have to say that I know others that have. Gay bashing have been increasing in the last decade. Done by a few of the Islamic extremists, that seem to be wanting to take over Europe. But Danes by the far majority is outraged by it! One year the gay pride parade was stoned. That isolated incident lead to a yearlong debate on gay rights and issues here. Next years parade many many more thousands of straight danes came out to support the parade, and police was EVERYWHERE. That seemed to get the message across. Now, the last parade this summer, you could see thousands of Muslims along the route, waving back at the parade. All this just to say, that if gay marriage, and true equal rights for all, undermines the rest of society, Denmark would surely be in a downwards spiral. Not the opposite! I urge you all to continue to take your voices to the streets of America, and never stop untill all Americans are treated equally. There is no doubt in my mind, that the Supreme Court will overturn any ban on gay marriage. But till that day… RAGE HARD!

  26. Kathie Samuelson says

    I am sure others have already stated the basic points:

    1.Huckabee is obviously a complete idiot

    2.A violence threshold: what an interesing notion. So when did the Nazis cross it: Kristallnacht, or not until Auschwitz?

    3. He gives Christians a bad name

  27. Jennifer says

    What? Is he saying that gays and lesbians need to be hosed and bashed in the head before they earn equal rights? Is that inciting violence or avoiding violence? I am so confused by the aggression in the Republican’s messaging lately. It’s as if they are rallying the psychos this year. It’s the Year of Hate with that party — hate Muslims, hate Socialists, hate gays. Well, maybe nothing has changed for their party afterall.

  28. GlenRast says

    Not surprising that Huckabee would ignore the long history of violence against gays. Religious fanatics have no use such things.

  29. GlenRast says

    Not surprising that Huckabee would ignore the long history of violence against gays. Religious fanatics have no use such things.

  30. Gianpiero says

    Sure, Mike. And the Declaration of Independence reads: “…that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights as long as their heads have been bashed in often enough first…”

  31. says

    There “Christian Bashing” too? Matthew Sheppherd beaten, lynched and left to die tied to a fence and some old lady getting a cross knocked out of her hand don’t really compare, you idiot.

    Listening to Christians grasp at straws is pathetic.

  32. Erehwon says

    Huckabee is not a stupid man yet he insists that Gays have not met some theoretical threshold as victims of discrimination. Just how blind does Huckabee have to be? Microblind as in not seeing the brutal death of Matthew Sheppard? How about Macroblind in the imprisonment and death of tens of thousands of gays under the Third Reich?

    There is nothing so vicious as the smiling Christian bigot.

  33. Erehwon says

    Huckabee is not a stupid man yet he insists that Gays have not met some theoretical threshold as victims of discrimination. Just how blind does Huckabee have to be? Microblind as in not seeing the brutal death of Matthew Sheppard? How about Macroblind in the imprisonment and death of tens of thousands of gays under the Third Reich?

    There is nothing so vicious as the smiling Christian bigot.

  34. says

    There are a million things wrong with what he said but I’ll only focus on a couple.

    1. GLBT community members have been the victims of violence for YEARS, even though it’s never covered on Fox News.

    2. Ok, so Christian bashing goes on too…then by this retard’s logic, Christians don’t deserve civil rights either. How about we ban the conservatives from procreating & spreading their ignorance.

    On a side note, if this makes you angry, please do something about it. We have to stop being victims and fight for our rights.

  35. Strepsi says

    So: given Mike Huckabee’s logic, if I punch him in the face it will NOT be assault, because I DIDN’T kick him in the nuts too?

    As another caring neighbor (from Canada – legally married 5 years) I wish you all the best and second the thoughts of the Danish poster THENIBUR:


  36. Jay says

    By his logic, non-black minorities and women shouldn’t have civil rights either. Even worse, the whole idea that people should only be allowed to marry because they’ve suffered enough violence is grotesque.

  37. Paul C says

    This guy is seriously dangerous. He was easily the most anti-gay (and anti-Mormon ie religiously intolerant in general) candidate running in this past election, and yet he has people snowed. They think he’s “funny” and somehow charming.

    Even the sickeningly unfunny Joy Behar professed her love for him when he was on The View. WTF? She needs to get her head out of her ass.

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks Mario Cantone is a one-man minstrel show…and almost as talentless as Behar. Perhaps he’s there to make her seem humorous in comparison.

  38. Ghostnyc says

    Im a straight male from NYC and I wasn’t keeping up with all the facts behind prop 8. But after learning more about what exactly prop 8 does, its without a doubt that this is discrimination. Consider its passing in states a good thing, the bigger fight should be taken to the Supreme court. It wasn’t too long ago that a Black person couldn’t marry a White person. There are clear parallels with racism. For Huckabee to say violence hasn’t been inflicted upon homosexuals is simple ignorance on his part. I personally don’t want the church controlling my life and I don’t think they should be allowed to control yours. Use the timing of a new administration coming to white house and the possibility of new supreme court justices to fight your fight, for what its worth you have my support and my vote.

  39. robert says

    Huckabee sounds like he’s on the political stump. And tell me how many gays have to be left dead on a deserted road like Matthew Shepard before we get Civil Rights Status??? Our constitution is supposed to prevent that by insuring everyone’s rights. Stick remembering the segregated water bubblers in your your political rhetoric. Blacks are by virtue of their color more vulnerable. Gays don’t always stand out so easily. That’s not to say their suffering should ever be diminished. But there are plenty of gay horror stories from across time. The Inquisition, Hitler’s persecution. On going harassment by police, every “sissy” who ever got beat up in school. All the religious leaders who have ever taken time out of their flock tending to demonize homosexuality. Would the view host responsible, knowledgeable people to discuss the issues? Huckabee doesn’t know the history of gays. Because it doesn’t fit into his agenda…he just wants us to oppress us.

  40. complaining gays says

    If gay people want the same rights they need to march and take whatever violence happens to them. Blacks did it and so can gays. How much are gays willing to come out the closet and march for rights? Blacks couldn’t hide their color, gays hide all the time and complain about rights…. give me a break

  41. complaining gays says

    If gay people want the same rights they need to march and take whatever violence happens to them. Blacks did it and so can gays. How much are gays willing to come out the closet and march for rights? Blacks couldn’t hide their color, gays hide all the time and complain about rights…. give me a break

  42. complaining gays says

    If gay people want the same rights they need to march and take whatever violence happens to them. Blacks did it and so can gays. How much are gays willing to come out the closet and march for rights? Blacks couldn’t hide their color, gays hide all the time and complain about rights…. give me a break

  43. Joe SHMO says

    Wow, some comments here are quite funny, and surprizing. First of all just like
    Mr. Huckabee is too far to the right their those who swing too far left. I am all for the rights for everyone, you can do whatever you want with whoever you want. But religous folks feel threaten by the “hijacking” of the word MARRIAGE by homosexuals, (of course you can’t steal a word) you can only redifine it to suite your own purpose ( Here is a suggestion, why not invent a knew word that sounds like marrige, some homosexuals are quite creative, just a little joke). But the point is that some people have their own opinions and beliefs and no one can change that, they themselves have to change. But I have to say that what homosexuals have gone through can never be compared to what African Americans and Jews have been through. Lets not forget that not too long ago, if a black man looked at a white in a wrong way, they were beaten, hanged and sometimes burned or thrown into a river. And Jews were stripped of everything they owned and EXTERMINATED in CONCENTRATION CAMPS. This still has not happened to homosexuals. I know that they have been victims of hate crimes never at such large scale. You all should have equal rights like everyone else, but remember that its a slippery slope when force your beliefs on others and then you come around to realize that you’re doing the same thing that Mr. Huckabee is doing. And please do not try and justify your homesexuality with exsistence of

  44. rob mcnaughton says

    huckabee needs support from his religious base, which is suffering as they cannot influence beyond their numbers, although with prop 8 remember that it is likely the majority of americans rightly or wrongly agree with him to some extent.
    violence quotient to justify rights seems absurd to me.

  45. SE says

    is the southend of a northbound horse but he is not stupid. The heterosexual community as a whole has a perception that discrimination does not exist. That domestice partnerships have the same rights that marriage has and that the right for gays to marry is not as important as the right of churches to define marriage and to “practice” religion as they desire.
    That perception is wrong but how do we change the attitude of the nonvocal majority of Americans who can be educated? It will take money, marketing, and smart approach to win the battle for equal rights. It also will take each of us participating in marches, protests, on line, financially, and most importantly by being visable to those who know us and don’t want us to suffer. Tell someone how you have faced discrimination, and how the law treats you differently than a married hetrosexual couple.

  46. Mario says

    As a black gay man, is he telling me that I have to be tar and feathered, dragged into the streets, set on fire, and everything else that happened to black people in order to gain the same rights as straight people. Kiss my ass Huckabee!!!

  47. says

    What this article leaves out and what many comments reflect, is the fact that the two examples that Huckabee gives are examples where government officials acting in their official capacity committed these violent acts. So while the violence committed against Matthew Shepard and others is deplorable, it is very different. To know there are individuals out there who want to do you harm is almost normal. But having a government actively wanting to harm you is quite different.

  48. Carlie says

    It is true that once the wider world saw on TV the violence whites inflicted on mostly black civil rights campaigners that the government intervened.

    Some might also argue that when blacks started to protect their communities from violence with violence that America decided that it would be prudent to acquiesce.

    But either way, the concept of experiencing a “violence threshold” in order to deserve civil rights is just asinine. Follow that logic and WASPs should not have civil rights.

  49. Blue says

    Per Joe Shmo….Homosexuals were persecuted alongside the Jews in the concentration camps. Where do you thing the Pink Triangle comes from?

  50. foomonkey says

    i don’t think it’s homophobia. it’s really more his religious views. the bible says that it’s an abomination so therefore it must be true

    now, it also says that you should stone people for adultery. is say we run with it and break out the stones. because really, isn’t adultery more of an offense against marriage than being gay? really… AND it’s a cardinal sin, one of the ten biggies. you gonna burn for that one. so… let us all follow in his footsteps and follow the bible more strictly. break out the stones, put the women where they belong, and start wiping out entire civilizations … just like moses tells us!!

    so, no… not homophobia. it’s worse. it’s righteous, mindless, blind faith in the bible.

  51. Hephaestion says

    I hear this misinformation often and it is dangerous. Gays were lynched right along with straight blacks, we have been attacked more than any other group. Period.

    We cower in shadows to this DAY because we all know that all we have to do is exert the basic human right to hold hands with our spouses and we will be physically attacked.

    Huckabee should visit some homeless gay youth to see how violence-free their lives have been… with their hetero parents.

  52. GregV says

    Joe Shmo, your comment suggests you’ve never studied the history of what gay people have, in fact, endured.
    Homosexuals were among the Nazi’s most hated targets, and, yes, they were tortured and killed by the hundreds of thousands alongside the Jews in the Holocaust. Most Jews in America support equal rights. They know the history and they know how important it is to never let it happen to anyone, ever again.
    Yes, horrendous hate crimes have happened to blacks for so much as being perceived as looking at a white woman. We are all well aware of that. But it’s so ironic that you seem completely unaware of the thousands of attacks against someone who was perceived as being gay, “looking gay,” “giving a gay look,” etc.
    And no, we’re not “doing the same thing as Huckabee.” I have never suggested that white people or Christians or any other group he belongs to must be stripped of their rights until they suffer some more violence, as if that would somehow “earn” someone the rights to fair treatment under the law. Everyone should be treated as equals under the law. huckabee can live his life as he sees fit, and I should be allowed to live mine and we should both be treated as EQUALS under the law.

  53. Shannon says

    Mr. Huckabee’s email at fox is I just sent him this message, and encourage all of you to flood his inbox with similar messages. Feel free to cut and paste this one.

    Dear Mr. Huckabee:

    I’m writing to you on behalf of…

    – 32 people killed as a result of Arson at a Louisiana gay establishment in 1973
    – Robert Hillsborough, killed in San Francisco by a man shouting “faggot”
    – Harvey Milk, assassinated for his advocacy of gay rights
    – Tennessee Williams, who in 1979, was assaulted in Key West in a spate of anti-gay violence inspired by an anti-gay newspaper run by a baptist minister like yourself
    – Terry Knudson, beaten to death in a Minneapolis park in 1979
    – Lee Benscoter, killed in 1979 in St. Paul, who had the words “fags must die” written in toothpaste on his furniture
    – Rick Hunter and John Hanson, who were beaten outside a Minneapolis gay bar, and who at the emergency room were called queers and sissies by the doctors and nurses who were supposed to treat them
    – Charlie Howard, who was thrown over a bridge in Bangor, Maine in 1984
    – Rebecca Wight and her partner Cladia Brenner who were shot while camping
    – James Zappalorti, a gay Vietnam vet who was stabbed to death
    – Julio Rivera of NYC who was beaten with a hammer and then stabbed to death
    – Paul Broussard, a Houston banker
    – Brandon Teena, murdered
    – Scott Amedure
    – Roxanne Ellis
    – Michelle Abdill
    – Matthew Shepard, who was tied to a fence and left to die
    – Jeff Whittington
    – Barry Winchell, beaten to death
    – Gary Matson
    – Winfield Mowder
    – Steen Fenrich, whose skull had the phrase “gay nigger number one” etched on it
    – JR Warren
    – Danny Overstreet
    – Fred Martinez
    – Nizah Morris
    – Gwen Araujo
    – Sakia Gunn, who was 15 years old
    – Richie Phillips
    – Nireah Johnson
    – Glenn Kopitske
    – Daniel Fetty
    – Ronnie Paris, who was three years old, and whose father feared him gay, so he killed him
    – Jason Gage
    – Richard Jefferson
    – Ryan Smith
    – Roberto Duncanson
    – Sean William Kennedy
    – Lawrence King, who was 15 and shot by a classmate for being gay
    – Steven Parrish
    – Melvin Whistlehunt
    – and Moses Cannon, who was killed five days ago for being openly gay.

    All of these people and the countless others who have been silent victims of anti-gay violence ask you, how can you possibly believe that gay people are not victims of violence because of their sexual orientation?

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  54. cynthia says

    huckabee the hillbilly who has a show FOXNEWS, does anybody watch.

    he needs to go away, he is an idiot, and this hillbilly ran for president.

    he will be history as palin.

  55. audrey says

    I understand what he is saying. Basically Black are discriminated on something they can’t change, or stop about themselves unless they have the money of a Michael Jackson and that is the color of their skin. Gay is a sexual orientation, if they choose to not outwardly display their orientation, life goes on. People were killed, spit on, denied the right to exist just because of the color of their skin. I am not black but even I resent the comparison. Now being denied right or being discriminated against should not be tolerated but whether allowed to marry or not it isn’t the same as being kept down because you’re black. Sorry. It just isn’t the same, and to say it is, is an insult to the black race, dragged over here from Africa in chains, naked, stripped of all human rights, dignity and heritage. Many don’t know where they come from in Africa.

  56. Marcus says

    Am a lie long democrat and african american. I must say that I agree with Huckabee when it comes to Gay Marriage. Gay people have every right to have civil rights but when you want to change what defins marriage, I draw the line there. Marriage is between one MAN and one WOMAN.

  57. Mark says

    i agree, Huckahillbilly is lost and out of touch and tries to ignore any scientific proof in order to appeal to redneck, religious freak bigots.

    Gays are discriminated against daily. We are the only minority group that is hated by our own families, and it is still acceptable to discriminate against by every majority or minority group.

    Oh, add to Milk, Sheppard, Muslim country laws and actions/ gay =death sentence, our own military and sport prejudice, and what about over 300,000 in concentration camps under Hitler.

    We have been there to help all other minority groups with their civil rights, example LOOK UP BAYARD RUSTIN for a start, yet each of them seem to not see we are experiencing the same hardships and prejudice they once did. They don’t want to because they hate us as well.

    We have had things worse in many ways.

  58. Louis says

    I think Huckabee had a good point, but just didn’t make it clearly. Blacks were beaten because of the color of their skin, and not because of any actions on their part. Gays come in all colors, and unless they do something to point out that they are gay, no one has any reason to persecute them for it.

    Equating being gay with being black as far as civil rights are concerned is ludicrous. Being gay is a choice, period. If you are given male parts, and choose to use them in a different way than what nature intended – that is a choice. And then deciding to wear crazy clothes and talk in an effeminate voice is also a choice, one that is clearly trying to advertise what you do with your private parts. We don’t want to know, so stop advertising it. I don’t go around trying to talk in a Barry White voice in order to advertise my heterosexuality. Or if I were into S&M, and decided to wear a collar everywhere, I might get harassed, but my civil rights have not been violated. I made a choice, and decided to advertise it, therefore, I should expect consequences.

    This is very simple logic. If you don’t want to be harassed for what you do in private, then don’t advertise it. I like to play poker, but there are those who are against gambling. If I decide to advertise to the world that I play poker, then I should expect scorn from those who are against gambling. Advertising to the world that you are not normal, and then expecting people to treat you as though you are normal, doesn’t that sound a bit crazy to you?

  59. RainbowPhoenix says

    A fine email Shannon, but I think you should have mentioned that Brandon Teena was raped before he was murdered.

  60. LiberalSpirit says

    Maybe Mike should talk to my sister, who was attacked as she left a gay bar and ended up running from a group of thugs who stopped only because they decided to grab up some landscaping rocks and lob them at her and her girlfriend.

    This man is unbelievable.

  61. Derrick from Philly says

    “We are the only minority group that is hated by our own families, and it is still acceptable…”

    MARK, I believe we usually disagree on most topics, but that is the most profound and important statement I’ve read during this entire debate on “race vs gay” and “what contitutes an oppressed minority.” It is also the reason why more white gays should be cool when judging black gays’ reaction to the Proposition 8 outcome.

    Since slavery time the worst thing that could happen to a black child is to be taken away from your mother and family–same thing for Jews in the Concentration Camps, to Armenian children in the genocide conducted by the Turks, etc. That prospect still goes through many black homosexual minds when confronted with “coming out” and being heard.

    Getting more black folks to think like that 30% of black voters in California is going to take a different approach than what white gays have used in their own communities.

  62. Derrick from Philly says


    I am so glad that you posted. These white gay guys need to see what we’re up against.

    LOUIS, do you actually believe that some twelve year old black boy in the middle of the “hood” would CHOOSE to become something that is hated by most of the folks in his life…in his world?

    What can we tell you–show you–to make you see things like those 30% of Black Californians who must have said, “it isn’t right to persecute these gay people for being what they were born to be.”–how can we convince you, LOUIS?

  63. Larry says

    Huckabee is the most seductive of right wing dunderheads, if only because he usually seems so rational and well spoken.

    In this instance he’s just a self justifying bigot without regard for historical fact.

    Gay people are still being fired and physically assaulted in even the bluest states of the union with the blessings of the ignorant and uncaring Mike Huckabee.

  64. Eriq says

    Mike Huckabee, like any Republican I’ve seen until now, continues to be an amazing liar and twister of historical fact. This country has a horrible record of violence to gay people, and as another contributor here has already offered, he is completely side-stepping the Holocaust of the 1930s and 40s, when gays, along with gypsies and Jews, were shuttled off to concentration and death camps.

    Come on, right-wing America! It is high time to stop this abomination of human and civil rights! And time to force severe changes of the GOP. The party’s intolerance and hatred of anything different than their status quo has got to go into the trash where it belongs.

  65. TheNiebur says

    LOUIS. If YOU don’t want to know, tell me wtf YOU are doing on this site??? And please tell me also, when YOU had the choice whether to be gay or straight? I never heard a staight person say they ever had that choice. Why would gay people then? People who think they know it all, don’t know nothing at all. You are only displaying to the world, how stupid you are.

  66. Jai says

    Louis and Joe SHMO all the other homophobes who like to comment here are probably as “straight” as Larry Craig. They don’t want gays to be equal because it won’t be fun anymore to troll in public restrooms.

  67. Christian says

    As a Black person, who has benefitted from the Civil Rights movement, I would like to think that ALL of our past civil rights struggles, inlcuding Women’s Rights, has brought us to a place where you don’t have to be beaten down on a daily basis in order to have your demand for basic human rights and (in the US) basic CIVIL rights respected and protected.

    This is the same type of logic that had the Huckabee’s of days past wondering aloud and in print why any reasonable person would subject themselves to being publicly maligned, mistreated, and vilified in their pursuit of equal treatment/protection under the law.

    This is Ignorance 2.0 y’all!

  68. says

    This is a guy who also doesn’t believe in evolution. That such a person can be a serious presidential contender (He would have probably won if it had just been him and McCain.) says a lot about the country that elected Bush twice.

  69. Paul says

    My comment is in response to Mark. So you are saying that show any out sign that you do not conform to standards of the majority population that any attacks are just what we deserve. So that would also mean that the Nazis were justified in the rounding up of Jews because they were outwardly showing that they were not “normal” by not be christians. Thank you so much for clairifying that for me.

  70. says

    I have a feeling some of the trolls are here because the Huffington Post links to Andy’s blog. So depending on which of those links you click on, you may end up here.

    I must confess I’m surprised at the number of homophobes who won’t even try to understand. What if all white people were equally reluctant to try to understand racism? (well, OK, many are….)

    I haven’t heard one person EVER say that gay people’s fight for equal rights, including equal marriage, is EXACTLY THE SAME as the black Civil Rights Movement. Not one. Ever. Of course it’s not “the same.” But there are many similarities, which is why from the very beginning gay people looked to the Civil Rights movement’s successes for inspiration. The arguments used against mixed-race marriage (not the situation, but the arguments used by the opposition), were exactly the same. The opposition in that case was often from fundamentalist preachers, like Jerry Falwell. The courts upheld mixed race marriage against the will of the majority of the people. Those similarities are demonstrable. They don’t mean the experience of a mixed race marriage is exactly the same as that of a marriage between two people of the same sex, and nobody makes that claim.

    To be honest, as a white male raised in the racist South in the 60s, the only reason I “got” what racism is about is that I’m gay. That’s just my own personal story, and I can’t expect everyone to be able to make the same empathetic leap. I still believe it is hardest for straight white males, who have all the privilege and never experience the lower end of a power imbalance, to “get” oppression. Women, people of color, and LGBT should have it easier, since they experience at least one form of it (some several). But some people, unfortunately, enjoy wielding that power over others. Racist white gays, for example. Or homophobic women.

  71. mike says

    Paul, you need to get out more. Yes, America’s young people–millions of them, in fact–are drinking at the kool-aid fountain that is evangelical christianity! Millions of them believe (or have chosen to believe) just like Huckabee and Palin and Dobson et al have chosen to believe. Go to an evangelical stadium rally some time or a christian “rock” concert. It is nothing less than FRIGHTENING! Evangelical christianity is the biggest threat to American democracy out there. I am still amazed at how dismissive most people are–gays included–of these fundamentalists. Don’t be dismissive. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Electing Barack Obama or a slew of Democrats is not going to make the fundies/evangies go away.