Hugh Jackman’s Wife Battles Gay Rumors from Bathroom Stall


Hugh Jackman’s wife is apparently not happy that some think he’s gay:

“The actor, who was this week named the sexiest man alive by People magazine, said wife Deborra-Lee Furness often has to assure people that her husband is straight. ‘She said the most infuriating times would be in the bathroom because all she’d hear is: ‘Is he or isn’t he gay?’ ‘I don’t know, he’s married’. ‘Oh, who cares? I’m sure he’s gay’,” he told People. ‘She used to call out from the stall: ‘He’s not gay. I’m telling you he’s not.’ And there would be silence until someone said: ‘I think that’s his wife.'”


  1. soulbrotha says

    Yes Mrs. Jackman because the worse thing that anyone could call your husband is gay, right?

    The only reason that I could see her getting so upset over bathroom gossip, is if she herself is not sure or knows that he is and is his beard. Otherwise, you’re fucking him lady! Why do you care so much? You should be laughing, not bitching!

  2. hoppybeer says

    I would love to see a clip of ol’ Hughey and his trainer going at it :) Wishfull thinking though. He’s terminally straight. His wifes should be concerned he’ll step out and find a younger hotter model and kick her to the curb.

  3. darbnyc says

    Are you kidding Soulbrotha? She’s his wife. If he’s gay that means that their marriage is a sham and she’s basically being used as a beard to further his career or whatever. I can certainly see how that would be at least a little upsetting. I really dont’ think she’d get upset because she has an issue with people being gay. More like having an issue with people thinking that her marriage is fake and she’s a nitwit.

  4. Michael says

    Who cares if Hugh is bi? He slept with my hairdresser, who’s super hot. Most people are bi. We’re primates. Primates fondle and fornicate all day long. I wish the world would just get over it already.

  5. anonymous says

    I think it’s an Australian thing. In pretty much every interview I’ve ever seen with an unknown-to-us Aussie actor, they make some reference to not being gay. Dom Purcell (on Leno or Conan, I forget) was explicit. I think in Australia if you’re an actor they just assume you’re gay.

  6. soulbrotha says


    What should she care what OTHER people say? That is my point. Doesn’t she know her own husband? Is she not secure with his sexuality? Why would other people’s gossip sway what she, as his wife, knows to be true?

    If she is confidant that he is straight, then being called gay should not be upsetting to her in the least. So why is she so up in arms about it?

  7. redzy5 says

    folks, this man is gay. The wife/beard thing is for his public image. My friend worked with him while he was on Broadway and everyone on the cast and production was well aware of the fact that his “assistant” who he lived with while in NYC was not really an assistant. Everyone, including his wife knew what was going on and where to reach him if needed. And listen, I don’t personally care if the man is gay, bi, straight or a tranny, this closeted BS that still exists frustrates me and I know that between publicists, managers, studios, contracts, etc…gay actors/entertainers/celebrities need to be closeted but enough is enough…let’s get over it and speak up so things like Prop 8 don’t happen.

  8. nikko says

    People constantly wanting to know your sexual orientation is offensive, especially if your a private person and don’t want the world to know. If I was in the entertainment industry, I wouldn’t want to be guarded about my sexual ID because that would be exhausting, but surely I’d want my privacy/discretion, as long as I don’t lie/or go against gay rights. So everyone fuck off already, gays and straight women! Mind your own business.

  9. Alex says

    I don’t see how mindless speculation about a CELEBRITY’s sexual orientation is offensive.

    1. Most of it is done in good fun
    2. It doesn’t negatively affect them
    3. He’s not going to date most of us anyway.

    No one’s outing him or forcing him to come out. And he doesn’t seem to be hurting in the career department. He’s a nice guy it seems and a lot of us (ok me) are just speculating in the spirit of “it would be great if a handsome, masculine movie star were one of us.”

    I think once we have more out gay leading men types like Jackman, we’d probably not care as much. And the time is coming soon. Neil Patrick Harris and TJ Knight are less flamboyant out gay celebs. We’re getting more of a range of visibility in Hollywood, which is good (not to denigrate the more flamboyant out folks out there who were brave and pioneered visibility when too many people were afraid to come out).

  10. Peter M says

    Ouslander, meet Redzy5.

    prob (musical theatre = “fag”) >>> prob (Nascar-lover = gay)

    Also, how come you’re the only person on this site who referred to gay people as “fags”? Self-loathing much?

  11. Jay says

    Deborah’s unhappines with these accusations is less about the homosexual asspect and more about the implication their marriage is a sham. A close friend of mine is very dear friends with Deborah and Hugh and he has reassured me Hugh is certainly NOT gay, they have been together for years and have children also!

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