Kevin Spacey Speaks Out in Favor of Gay Rights, Marriage Equality

Spacey’s blog Celebs Gone Good interviewed Kevin Spacey at Petra Nemcova’s 2008 Happy Hearts Gala and asked him how he felt about Californians passing Proposition 8:

“Well there’s no doubt that election night was a bittersweet night. But in some ways, these kinds of setbacks allow for a bigger fight, more challenges, and eventually we’re going to get it right. Eventually the American public will figure out that it really isn’t right to deny citizens basic civil human rights. And we can no longer allow that to happen. So the fact that these things were voted in, to me, it’s just an example of the fact that they had more money. How much money did the Mormon church put in? So I hope, like Arnold Schwarzenegger said, ‘Don’t give up. Keep protesting.'”

They also asked him about Elton John’s statement that gays should forget about fighting for marriage and settle for civil partnerships:

“I haven’t heard what Elton has said about it, and I don’t really know the particular laws in London with respect to whether they just have civil unions or…Look, I think at the end of the day, if people are given rights, and the same basic rights that any individual is given, then we are in fact honoring the Constitution of the United States. Anything less than that is unfair.”

The blog, however, neglected to ask Spacey about the wild night he had in September inspecting male curves in Croatia.



  1. says

    Spacey is right that bigger and better things will come from this.

    In Selma a lot of people were hurt by water cannons and bit by dogs while being beat by cops. It hurt but the whole mess enraged the nation and empowered the civil rights movement.

    Since the whole failure in Cali I have not had one day go by that I haven’t gotten emails asking me how to get involved or inviting me to an event to plan something.

    This is our Selma.

  2. Asher says

    Come on Andy, repeating that Croatia picture is a bit of a low blow. I’m all for outing hypocritical closet cases, but Kevin Spacey has always been on the right side of ‘our’ issues.

  3. MCnNYC says

    HELL NO…what credibility does he have as not just a closeted gay man…and folks HE IS GAY.
    Heck Anderson Cooper is on the right side of our issues and he didn;t have to lie about what he was doing in the park before dawn like Ms Spacey.

    And funny cause….we DID have more money than they did…that’s not why we lost Kevin. It wasn’t about the money.

  4. Jeffrey says

    How dare he say “Don’t give up. Keep protesting”? How about joining us, Kev? We are fighting for your rights too, dickweed. Spacey might have actually done some real good if he had come out of the closet prior to the Prop 8 vote. Now, who cares about his uninformed opinion?
    And, yes, he is definitely gay. No question. And, yes, he is definitely a coward. No question.

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