News: Mars, Brokeback Opera, Arson, Louis Vuitton, Mormons

road.jpg Michelangelo Signorile talks to a Mormon from Texas who donated to ‘Yes on 8′. This is what we’re up against.

Operaroad.jpg Brokeback Mountain opera shelved.

road.jpg Now we know who can play ‘Joe the Plumber’ in the McCain biopic.

road.jpg Australian LGBT youth suicides at disturbingly high levels: “Open Doors surveyed 164 LGB students across the state, and 37 per cent of respondents said they had attempted suicide in the last 12 months, with 82 per cent considering taking their own life. The report also revealed a general attitude of fear among LGB students, with 81 per cent saying they had experienced bullying based on their sexuality.”

road.jpg Anti-gay graffiti discovered at torched home near Charlotte, North Carolina: “Fire investigators declared the home a total loss and sent samples from a bedroom to an SBI lab for testing. Meanwhile, sheriff’s Maj. Coy Reid said detectives have one suspect in the case after conducting interviews. Found on a back wall of the house were graffiti of slang words referring to homosexuality. ‘We’re trying to figure out where that came from and if that is tied in with the fire,’ Bump said.”

Mayerroad.jpg Mayer in training.

road.jpg Madonna to be the next face of Louis Vuitton? “According to tipsters, the Material Divorcée will be the face of Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2009 campaign and has already been shot by photo wonder duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.”

road.jpg Holocaust survivors to Mormons: stop Baptisms of dead Jews.

road.jpg Fear in Florida that the state could become home to immigrant population of five-inch Madagascar hissing cockroaches. In related news, Kentucky man moving to Florida.

road.jpg Stevens vs. Begich: 90,000 more votes to be counted tomorrow in Alaska Senate race.

Landerroad.jpg Mission over for Mars Lander: “Engineers have not heard from the craft since Sunday 2 November when it made a brief communication with Earth. Phoenix, which landed on the planet’s northern plains in May, had been struggling in the increasing cold and dark of an advancing winter. The US space agency says it will continue to try to contact the craft but does not expect to hear from it.”

road.jpg McCaskill being discussed as DNC Chair Howard Dean’s replacement when he steps down in January: “In sheer political terms, the choice really wasn’t Dean’s to make. Indeed, any decision on who will serve as the next DNC chair will come with directives from Obama and his aides. And a name being floated around as a possible Dean replacement is one of the president-elect’s closest allies: Claire McCaskill, the junior Senator from Missouri and a national co-chair of the Obama campaign.”

road.jpg CG Animated Wizard of Oz in the works: “The English-language adaptation maintains the tale’s main characters and settings. Unlike the MGM classic, however, it’s not a musical.”

road.jpg Levi’s presents the “People’s Premiere” of Milk. Blogger Joe.My.God attended it and has photos.

Nbsroad.jpg Naked Boys Singing and ACLU sues the city of Milwaukee for shutting down their show three years ago: “The city temporarily shut down performances of ‘Naked Boys Singing!’ in August 2005 while it considered the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center’s application for a theater permit. The group later received a permit and reopened the show. Larry Dupuis, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, which is handling the case, said the city’s enforcement seemed unusually zealous, even given the musical’s content.”

road.jpg Brad Pitt roughed up by his own security detail?

road.jpg Study on the failure rates of mobile phones.

road.jpg Georgia GOP congressman calls Obama Marxist, warns of dictatorship.

road.jpg Vancouver to rally against Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, which continues its crusade against The Laramie Project.

road.jpg Regular: Palin to have rummage sale?


  1. busytimmy says

    I don’t know of many fokls on this site know Charles Wuorinen’s music, but Jake Heggie or William Bolcom would be much better choices for an opera version of BBM. In fact, it should probably be a musical…….

  2. CJ says

    I’m sorry, I laughed out loud when I read a GOP member was calling Obama a possible Dictator. After the 8 years of Herr Bush, how sadly ironic…

    …on a lighter note, John Mayer is looking mighty FINE. He buzzed the greasy long hair and hit the weights, and damn, I’m jealous of Aniston again since she was with Brad Pitt. Boy has it going ON!

  3. ggreen says

    Michelangelo Signorile’s caller Nancy Ormson makes the stupid really hurt. Not only is Nancy a Mormon fanatic she is the most accurate representation of the Mormons I have ever heard.

  4. ggreen says

    Michelangelo Signorile’s caller Nancy Ormson makes the stupid really hurt. Not only is Nancy a Mormon fanatic she is the most accurate representation of the Mormons I have ever heard.

  5. B says

    Michael conducted a great interview with Nancy. And she kept to the Mormon soundbites. They will always refer to their persecution an if they get cornered they will always say how sad it is that you are filled with so much hate and anger.
    If you want some great examples of the Mormon Persecution Complex just go to the Mormon owned paper the deseret news and check out the opinion section it’s hilariously pathetic, and you can leave comments, but they’re heavily censored unless, of course, your bashing gays.

  6. Sebastian says

    Good for the Holocaust survivors and the Mormon cult, they have ben asking them to stop this for years, and, yet they keep right on doing it, they have no respect for anything or anyone.

    Madge and Louis V., just can’t see that one.

  7. Chris says

    This GOP freak says Hitler was elected in a democratic Germany. He should check his facts. Hitler was appointed by the president and all later ‘elections’ were held under his control.

  8. RB says

    Nancy appears to be a perfect Mormon in every way. She says what they tell her to say, she sends her money to the places they tell her to send it and when backed in a corner comes out with their persecution and oh poor me defense. Well you know Nancy, life is not fair and while you may have won this battle you will not win the war!

    Nancy and every other Mormon knows why they are considered an ocult. They know why the Christian world shuns them and they know why they have faced “persecution”. I suppose they are no different than your average 12 year old that has been bullied at home…they becomes bullies in school! When you are beat down and told what to do, what to think and how to live you life the way the Mormons are you become “bullies” in the world. I suppose it is self preservation. However, I had no choice in being gay, Nancy made a CHOICE to be Mormon. Post her name, post her address, post her phone number! It is not about hate, it is about time we know who our enemies are!!!

  9. says

    Oh, poor, logic-tortured Nancy. Why is it so difficult for arrogant, religious straight people to understand that they can have whatever beliefs they want, but when they try to inflict their narrow-minded religious beliefs on others, they should expect that us others are going to fight back. And when we fight back, we are not persecuting them, we are defending ourselves against persecution. But people like Nancy will likely never learn because religious arrogance is like a special sunblock that prevents reason and human compassion rays from reaching their brains.

  10. michael says

    Madonna has done campaigns for Versace and Gucci, been the muse of Dolce and Gabbana and Givenchy, and been an inspiration to countless others, so why not Louis Vuitton?.

    Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend were at her New York show, so it all makes sense now.

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