Mickey Rourke Apologizes for ‘Faggot’ Slur


Yesterday I posted about actor Mickey Rourke telling the paparazzi outside of Hyde nightclub in L.A. to “tell that faggot who wrote all that shit in the paper I’d like to break his fucking legs.”

To whom Rourke was referring remains unclear.

Rourke has issued a statement of apology for the remarks. Said the actor: “I want to sincerely apologize for the derogatory word I used. It was insensitive and inappropriate of me and I am deeply sorry that I may have offended anyone.”


  1. David D. says

    Yeah, right–don’t expect me to take back my ‘asshole’ slur, Mr. “It’s Oscar season and my performance in The Wrestler is in the running” Rourke. Go fuck yourself.

  2. alguien says

    rourke’s kind of in “have to make nice” mode these days since his careers is having a bit of a rebound.

  3. richard Morrison says

    oh yeah right. he’s just on his best behavior suddenly because he wants to win an oscar.

    i know that sounds cynical, but i’d bet $100 that’s what’s going on here.

  4. the queen says

    oh mickey dahling you can call me fag any old day… i am a fag.. call me anything dahling just call me — oh you’re so butch so beautifully butch and the best thing you’ve ever done was barfly with the fabulous faye…

  5. nic says

    what a typical non-apology. what he should have said: “i am a stupid fuck, and i am ashamed of having shit for brains. i hope my careless comments don’t spill out toward the out-right bigots who will actually go out a break some one’s legs for being gay.”

    what a stupid man.

    you go perezhilton!

  6. soulbrotha says

    And I will ask this for the umpteen-millionth and one time:

    If gays call each other “faggot”, then how can they be mad at anyone else for doing the same thing? When are gays going to check themselves before they start pointing fingers at others?

  7. roy says

    Yeah… sorry my a….! these people are acting so wild and st… as if its the norm ’till they are caught then they apologize for it. Come on how many times this jerk has done it before?

  8. Pekemo says

    Soulbrotha, your statement should refer to only the gays that call eachother fag, I don’t, so yes I reserve the full and justified right to not appreciate what Mr. Rourke said.

  9. nic says

    so, SOULBROTHA, because blacks call each other niggers it means it is open season on bigoted epithets? fuck you, douche.

  10. Derrick from Philly says


    I think SOULBROTHA acually has made the exact same criticism of blacks who degrade themselves with the word nigger.

    no matter what the topic is, I can always enjoy a laugh from your comments… “did he apologize for his hair”. I’ve never seen an actor make it to the top, and always looks as if he has no concept of personal hygiene at all. Well, they say that James Dean didn’t like to bathe, but he looked clean, dammit.

    please explain to these folks that you’re only joking.

    You and I are absolutely too old for rough rough violent trade. Do you really want some beastial piece of trade beating you around, calling you “old faggot!”, and then violating you with brute force?…Never mind, don’t answer that…I’m starting to overheated and sweaty myself.

  11. soulbrotha says

    Thank you Derrick. I most certainly have said the same exact thing about the word nigger. I ask the same question about that word on the Black blogs. And surprisingly, I don’t get as many ignorant responses as I have gotten here.

    Pekmo & Gabe, I am talking about the gay community at large, not you specifically.
    It is a fact and can be seen in gay blogs, magazines, comedy acts, and I have heard gays call each other that in greetings or cattiness. Gays get hostile when you ask the question and never want to face the issue. But they will be quick to talk about Black’s usage of the word “nigger,” as if that somehow justifies their own hypocrisy.

    Nic, you have proven yourself time and again to be one of the biggest douches on this board. So your words mean nothing to me.

    And the question shall remain open for those willing to give an intelligent answer to a straightforward question. Anyone?

  12. madam ex says


    The same way you ask why cant fags call other people fags but yet they can call each other fags is the same premises as why can niggers call other niggers that but god help it if a white person calls a nigger a nigger, they’re racist and the blood starts to spurt.

  13. soulbrotha says

    David, No,I don’t know if Mickey is gay. No I haven’t sucked his cock. Why, is there something you want to share with us?
    And I have used the moniker Soulbrotha since my first post. What has any of this got to do with my original observation?

    Madam Ex, I think you wanted to direct your comment at me, not Crispy. And you actually proved one of my points. Go back and read carefully, dear.

    Anyway, I asked a very basic question. Still no one can give an intelligent answer. Hmm.

  14. Pierce says

    So someone who knocks his own teeth out of his mouth, can’t decide if he’s an actor or a boxer and looks like he doesn’t use soap or deodorant deserves our attention? This is a man whose best performance was obscured by a face mask in the cinematic treatment of a cartoon, er, graphic novel. Faggot, schmaggot,
    Mickey Rourke gives me the creeps, no matter what!

  15. soulbrotha says

    well David, it looks like the chances of you giving an intelligent answer and me giving my name seem slim. So hopefully someone else can oblige without silly prerequisites.

  16. UpYourASS says

    Bitch, please…like you are using your real name here. You are so full of shit. If you have something to say just say it for the whole board rather than hide under stupid excuses, douche bag.

  17. says

    Uh guys, it’s Mickey Rourke. Why are you working yourselves up over this?

    Btw, some of you seem to be real quick to use the “N” word to make your point. It’s almost like you’re just busting to use it for whatever reason. Please, use some other way of writing that word.

  18. soulbrotha says

    Derek Washington,
    my question has nothing to do with Mickey Rourke. I could care less about him. Scroll back and check it. Folks have decided to flame it instead of simply answering it honestly. I wonder what that’s about?

  19. Marko says

    “If gays call each other “faggot”, then how can they be mad at anyone else for doing the same thing?”
    Meaning largely depends on context and intent. If a gay buddy of mine calls me a faggot I know he’s not using the word with the same hostility an ignorant homophobe would, so I feel no need to clutch my pearls.
    History is full of examples of marginalised groups using derogatory slang coined by others among themselves. It’s a strategy to reclaim and disempower words originally intended to generate fear and loathing.
    Tiptoeing around and tut-tutting everyone who utters such words only serves to consolidate the power of those words.
    I don’t think Mickey Rourke is a homophobe, and same-sex attracted people have worse enemies and bigger problems to contend with than a careless throw-away comment made by an actor out clubbing.

  20. Oscar says

    Yes,he does have a lot of gay friends in Miami Beach and he hangs around with them a lot.All drunk and druged out.Dear Mickey with his open shirt and little lap dog on his arm is the picture of a true gay guy.I live in Miami Beach and I’ve seen this guy since he owned Mickey on Washington Ave and 12th street here.In fact I live 2 blocks away.By the way for all you gays,South Beach is one of the most homophobic cities I’ve lived in.The openness of the 80’s is gone, and Ft.Lauderdale is becoming as bad with gay attacks in both places more and more often and the police are totally homophobic in both places.Stay away and go someplace else if you want to save yourself troubles and problems.GAYS BOYCOTT SOUTH FLORIDA.

  21. JJ says

    I’m shocked, I thought Mickey wanted to fuck my faggot ass the night he and his girlfriend tried to pick me up from a gay bar in Palm Springs back in 1990. Glad I ran away from that drunk, drugged up mess.

  22. Kevin says

    Guys…Have any of you thought that this may just be a ploy? Maybe Mickey said what he said to draw attention to himself. I had no clue who this guy was before today. I know more about him now, after reading through the above post and comments, than I did before. So if it was just a way to draw attention to himself, it worked. He looks like the spilled contents of a trailer trash bag, why worry about what he thinks? LOL…

  23. nic says

    well, i guess it’s good for both SOULBROTHA and me that my modem fried itself before i could respond. geez, you’re gone a few days and the world implodes.

    really, SWOULBROTHA, “time and again”, really?! asshole.

  24. Kathleen says

    The Queen of All Media, Perez Hilton posted this about Mickey:
    “Rachel Whore is probably already fucking Mickey Rourke – and his mom – as we speak!”
    Mikcey apologized for his remark; Perez is still spewing hateful twisted remarks.