1. davefromtampa says

    Actually Christina’s Beatiful video had a same sex couple and they made out in it. This video is cute, though.

  2. JP says

    That awful song ruined it for me!

    I thought every boy band video ever made featured at least one gay couple…

  3. Daniel O'Neil says

    Hey, Great for Stephen. I liked the song a lot, especially in some of the tough times some of us are going through. I think he has gotten better with age. Maybe it’s the husband.

  4. Sasha says

    Christina Aguilera isn’t a boyband, though. The point is that they are allegedly the first BOYBAND to feature a gay couple, not that they are the first artists ever.

    You can read an interesting article about the history of gay people in music videos here:

    My favourite fact: Bruce Springsteen included both gay and lesbian couples in his video for ‘Tougher than the Rest’, way back in 1988. But I don’t think the E-Street Band count as a boyband 😉

  5. Bryan says

    Positive media representation of LGTB people is always good news, but the this song is maudlin, cloying, and oppressively formulaic. In short… Dreck.

  6. Zeke says

    Wow, I thought the song and the video were absolutely beautiful. It brought me to tears.

    The inclusivity of the video made it all the more moving and beautiful to me.

    Kudos Boyzone!

  7. Joseph says

    Hey! I love maudlin, cloying and formulaic songs, especially when they’re as well crafted and marvelously performed as this one is. Great video, too.

  8. Glenn says

    I heard that the first idea was for their real partners to be in the video but all of them said no. So the enxt best thing was to cast people who reflect their real live relationships — Stephen Gately gets a guy while another gets a black woman.

  9. beb says

    I agree with Joseph – maudlin, cloying and formulaic songs can be great if brilliantly executed (see: Beyonce, If I Were A Boy). Thanks for posting a link to this video, Andy. Boyzone has a new fan.

  10. Steve UK says

    Umm… Tom Baxter isn’t American… He’s British.

    His version of ‘Better’ did well in the States (and Ireland funnily enough) but not so well in the UK, so for most UK citizens the Boyzone version will be the first time they’ve heard it.

    Also, their video is VERY different from Tom’s… just because they both have various couples in doens’t make them the same.

    In Boyzones video, it’s the singers themselves who are partnered-up, Tom is standing alone playing guitar.

    AND The big difference is that it’s one of the lead singers, Stephen Gately, who is actually in the gay clinch in… this is totally unique for boybands… and pretty unique for ANY mainstream pop band.

  11. SeanR says

    Um, I uunderstand that it is not Gately’s partner in the vid, but an actor, as partner didn’t want to appear… only going by what I glanced in the Irish media today.