1. David T says

    Andy, that’s not the half of it. Someone posted her address and phone number on Youtube. Another commenter said he tried to call her and her voicemail was full. She’s about to learn the power of the internet.

  2. CJ says

    Wow…. just… wow… So now kids are becoming a pawn in the Republican’s fear mongering campaign. This is sad.

  3. Beef and Fur says

    In Detroit? Are you kidding me? This is the city that wrote the book on post-Halloween mayhem….I’m surprised her house is still standing.

  4. yoshi says

    I find this all sad. This woman’s attitude is the exact same as most people who comment on this blog. If someone doesn’t agree with you the answer is to punish them, shun them, or some other completely idiotic move (like posting her address).

  5. NoCaDrummer says

    It’s okay. The candy probably had razor blades in it. Kind of like McCain’s economic rescue package – the rich ones will be given the good candy and the rest of us get cut.

  6. John M says

    They are freaking children, they can’t vote or form rational political decisions. I think she is absolutely in the right to not give candy to anyone that she doesn’t want to on her personal property, If an adult prop 8 supporter came to me and asked me for anything I’d tell them to f**k off but why would anyone care what a child thinks of a political election.

    There are a few defining moments of me reaching adulthood, one of them was recognizing that my parents opinions should not effect my own and that I’m allowed to disagree with them, children don’t know that. If you disagree with the children’s parents political decisions, fine, don’t give anything to the parents but children are innocent, don’t punish them, teach them.

  7. akaison says


    What I tire of and find sad are the illogical ramblings of those who make falsely equivalent arguments. This reminds me of the manhunt proprietor who was contributing to the McCain campaign and the endless whining that somehow it was unfair for us not to financially take our money out of supporting manhunt because that wasn’t open minded. It’s retarded. Then as now, people don’t have to lack judgment, draw conclusions or accept the intollerant to prove they are open minded. As Dan Savage once said your definition is perverse.

  8. akaison says

    By the way, I do agree calling the lady is harrasment and its against the law, but the general premise of denouncing her is not.

  9. Rainbow Phoenix says

    Not that I condone this kind of thing but, why has this woman’s house not been egged and tp’ed?

  10. says

    I know plenty of people whose political views disgust me, but I would never EVER take it out on their little kids who were just out trick-or-treating. No sane or reasonable person would. Maybe this kind of behavior is the reason she was fired as a 9th grade english teacher.

    This is the kind of asshattery that the vast majority of Americans have grown very tired of, and is the reason why the Republican party has got to find another group of people to make up its base in order for it to survive.

    Vote on Tuesday. Go, Slim Jim! (Props to Derrick for coining that perfect pet name.)

  11. says

    “This woman’s attitude is the exact same as most people who comment on this blog.”

    No candy for you, Yoshi, even tho that troll costume is very convincing.

  12. Scott says

    Typical Republican – denying our children happiness since they don’t deserve treats, just tricks – like a HUGE deficit.

  13. Steve H says

    I might need to put something in the mail to this witch:

    Shirley Nagel
    465 Belanger
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236
    (313) 884-2598

  14. Philip Wester says

    @Tim, I believe you are absolutely right. So not only is she , she’s also willing to go drink herself drunk while a hurricane is ravaging a nearby state, possibly killing people.

  15. kujhawker says

    She is a real sad excuse for a human being, but no where in that news report did it claim she was a witch. Your title is misleading and paints true witches in a bad light.

  16. Aspen says

    The use of the term “real-life witch” is misleading. To see how the majority of REAL Witches (yes, with a capital “W”) vote, I refer you to the following website:
    Most real Witches, myself included, are Obama supporters.

  17. AggieCowboy says

    I’m surprised she was actually handing out candy. Most of the fanatically rabid McCain supporters (i.e. my next-door neighbors) believe that Halloween is evil. They don’t even know the history of their religion and how most of their rituals, holy days, and traditions have pagan origins. If you don’t know where you came from, how can you know where you are going?

  18. nic says

    aw, YOSHI, don’t be that way…. had you darkened my door on halloween — no matter if you were dressed in full log cabinette repug drag — i would still have given you candy.

  19. CKNJ says

    What a very sad excuse for a human being! Interesting, I have not seen anyone on the right say much about how evil this bitch is… Oh, and trolls, save your comments and flames, I don’t give a flying fuck what you pathetic morons think.

  20. clint says

    I just can’t believe the GOP would let her have a role in the party since she practices witchcraft. Maybe they don’t know. Maybe they do now. *cackling*

  21. Trinity says

    This woman is a loon. Probably miserable… cold… a bigot… close minded… all the things I don’t stand for… & as a ‘Real Life Witch’… Yes, I’m a witch… this woman is NOT what a witch is. Bad headline, guys! I can think of a lot of better words for her…

  22. Green Is Good says

    Wow, she is one bitter bitch. Treating little like that? Hope she feels good about herself.
    Now that the entire town hates her guts.

    I hope she never needs a neighbor to call 911, because I suspect they won’t bother.



  24. Steven says

    This doesn’t touch the democrat parents that made their little boy attempt to steal a McCain sign and place an Obama one in its place…plan almost worked except the guy with the McCain sign electrified it due to democrats stealing it and the boy was shocked. So to the asshole that said Republicans are using little kids now…right back at you, moron.

  25. slf says

    The scary part about this is that there is a person like this who is willing to stand in the name of John McCain and refuse kids of candy for Halloween.

    I hope McCain and his wife condemned this type of behavior. Do you think Cindy would have done that to get votes for her husband? Here was a possibility to convert someone and she really blew that. She could have for instance, attached a list of differences between the candidates to the candy instead of hurting kids feelings. Parents would have seen that and read it and possibly thought it to be clever.

    This is nothing to laugh at. Children are innocent. If a child was bleeding and his parent had an Obama sticker on his or her coat, should the hospital refuse treatment?

    Next time, I wish she would just put out her lights so that no one would stop there in the first place.

  26. says

    Hey, “Fuck You Liberals,” I hate to break this to you, maybe she withheld candy on Halloween but she still donated blood (50 proof?) without identifying whether it was to go to a McCain or an Obama supporter, so if an Obama supporter got her blood they still got that candy, because her red-state corpuscles would have contained all the candy corn she had saved for herself to binge on beneath the banquet table at the RNC anyway! Bwahahaha, she’s hoisted on her own petard! Nice try, Shirley, and thanks for playing, but this socialist will let you keep your diabetes!

    Steven – McCain isn’t getting my volt for President, either.

  27. nic says

    to, whose nom de blog is “fuck you liberals” (how mature):

    if OUR nation survived 8 years of bush/cheney, what makes you think that obama will cause much harm? you and STEVEN are not well.

  28. says

    No, of course Steven and FYL are not well – they ate too much of Shirley’s candy! Maybe some Obama medicine will help the sugar go down.

  29. Jeff says

    Tell Ms. Nagel what you think…
    Shirley Nagel
    465 Belanger Street
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

  30. OBAMA SUCKS says

    I hope he does get elected. I really do, so all of you idiots can STFU. Of course, should he not, you can CRY again for at least the next 4 years how the GOP stole the election. Fucking dumb asses voting for someone who IS A SOCIALIST, SORRY IF THE TRUTH HURTS.

  31. Jackie says

    Love these people who do not understand the difference between “Socialism” and “progressive taxation”. Can they not think for themselves? Or that a Republican first came up with the idea of progressive taxation…sigh…

    I’m off to drive those progressive-taxation-loving Obama voters to the polls! Yay!

  32. says

    Jackie, what they’re really confusing is “socialism” and “social skills.” Bwahaha.

    Hey, “Obama Sucks” – what hurts? What hurts? ‘Cause it’s not me who’s feeling any pain right now. Obummer, isn’t it? 😀