1. Jonathan says

    I take issue with the word “unintentional” in the Telegraph piece. Governor Palin knew exactly what she was doing, and got exactly the reaction she wanted. I’m sure she has no real animosity toward Barack Obama and would, herself, not like to see him dead. She’s merely a political tool. However, she knew what her rhetoric would do, and engaged in it precisely because she perceived the kind of emotion conjured by her words were the only chance the McCain/Palin ticket had of winning the election.

  2. says

    I thought she was a dangerous candidate for this reason alone. From her speech at the convention, she came across as mean, nasty, snide and belittling. “I guess a small town mayor is like a community organizer, except you have actual responsibilities.” She was mean from the get go and just got meaner.

    I am so sick of people like her, whether they be politicians or clergy or pundits, who spew hatred from their podium, then look all doe-eyed innocent and claim shock (SHOCK!) when someone commits an act of violence. Words have meaning and I think it’s about time we start holding these people accountable. Or is that sexists?

  3. says

    Really? Her hateful rhetoric sparked a rise in death threats? Huh…

    You know, I had thought inciting a crowd to violence was somehow against the law. Would be nice to see something, like, legal action come of this.

  4. Palin is evil, pure and simple says

    McCain is old and feably, but Palin is just plain evil. She is a mean spirited, dangerous woman who incited people to hate Obama. She will be long forgotten by 2012 and even the republicans won’t go near her.

  5. Brandon says

    You know, I am not a fan of Sarah Palin but I almost feel sorry for her. She was not ready for prime time. The McCain campaign didn’t vet her and put her out there. There’s no way Sarah Palin went after Obama without McCain’s input, but now it is all Sarah Palin’s fault. PLEASE. This is McCain’s fault. If he ran a campaign of ideas, perhaps he would have had a chance. And I don’t for one second think these are independent McCain advisors just spinning. I bet money, given McCain’s legendary temper, that he’s authorized this.

  6. says

    I think the rise of threats also coincide with the polling numbers indicating an Obama win was a sure thing.

    I think we were all nervous that there would be a “Bradley Effect,” but I also think that deep down we all knew Obama was going to win come mid-October.

    This is WHY Palin was encouraged by the McCain campaign to take off the lipstick and just be a pit bull, but I think it is also responsible for the death threats. The supremacists realized that their hopes of avoiding a black President would not be answered by the American electorate and looked at desperate measures.

  7. Jonathan says


    There are very specific rules as to the incitement to violence and she certainly did not meet them. We have a high threshold one has to overcome to be responsible for the actions of others through nothing but words. While I repudiate just about everything Palin stands for and hold her morally responsible for the excesses of those who listen to her, I am very glad I live in a country in which she cannot be held legally responsible for those actions.

  8. Sebastian says

    Its sad that she and McCain had to stoop to the lowest level of the GOP for votes, those who vote hate over issues. She and he both knew exactly what words to use to inflame the party base, and, then when they got busted, the two God fearing “Christians” were stuck they didn’t know what to do, even a wink and smile couldn’t stop the hate, rage and threats.

    Palin 2012?? When pigs with lipstick from Alaska fly.

  9. Josh says

    Palin, another senile maverick, is the future of the party in 2012? The GOH – Grand Old Hatred? Ron’s explanation was so lame. The entire party ignored Palin’s comments because they agreed with her and hoped that Americans would vote for their “fear” ticket.

  10. nic says

    i, too, feel sorry for that woman. there is nothing more pathetic than a person who doesn’t know how pathetic (s)he is. the real problem is that these types of people incite others as stupid as they to violence.

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