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Friday Night Anti-Gay Hate Crime Murder in Syracuse, New York

Dwight DeLee, a 20-year-old Syracuse man attending a Friday night party where guests were making anti-gay remarks about two of the party's invited guests, brothers Mark and Moses Cannon, stepped out of the party when the Cannons arrived and shot Moses, who identified as female and was known as to friends and family as 'Teish', point-blank with a 22-caliber rifle. Both Cannon siblings are gay Mark was grazed by the bullet and Teish was killed:

Mosescannon"Cannon, 22, and his brother, Mark Cannon, 18, both of 404 Arthur St., were shot as they sat in a car parked in front of 411 Seymour St., where they had been invited to a party. The bullet grazed the left arm of Mark Cannon, who was in the driver's seat, and hit Moses Cannon in the chest, police said. Police have charged DeLee, 20, of 420 Gifford St., with second-degree murder. DeLee went into the home at 411 Seymour St. to get the rifle after guests at the party started "making profane and vulgar comments in regards to the sexual preference of our two victims,' police Chief Gary Miguel said. 'There was no previous argument between these individuals, there was no previous fight, there was no bad blood,' Miguel said. 'Our suspect took a rifle and shot and killed this person, also wounding his brother, for the sole reason he didn't care for the sexual preference of our victim. Isn't that sad? Isn't that a sad situation that that's the sole reason why? I talk to you about this atmosphere of violence and that certain individuals believe that violence is the answer no matter what, and here's just another example,' Miguel said."

Cannon family and friends accepted Teish's choice of gender identification and sexual orientation.

Teish[Roxanne Green, the victim's mother] talked lovingly about Moses Cannon and said she accepted who he was. 'That's the life he chose. That's who he wanted to be,' Green said about her son. Green said her son was very outgoing. 'He got along with everybody,' she said. Cannon's family accepted his sexual orientation. Pictures of Cannon in women's clothing were on display in the family's living room, and the family selected one for The Post-Standard to publish. Often when family members spoke of Cannon, they used 'she' to refer to him. Dante Haynes, who described himself as Cannon's lover, sat at the dining room table tonight with Cannon's parents and family. 'Teish' is tattooed on his right forearm. 'I loved her, too,' Haynes said. 'She will be missed.'...'Teish was loving, caring and compassionate,' said Rhonda Gary, Cannon's aunt. 'She carried herself with respect.'"

The incident has not yet been classified as a hate crime, although that looks likely.

Syracuse man was killed for being gay, police say [syracuse now]
Police: Shooting Victim Targeted For Being Gay - VIDEO [wtvh]
Family says Moses Cannon was shot because he was gay, and his killing should be treated as a hate crime [syracuse now]

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  1. This is sad and doesnt suprise me. The UpState NY cities have always had more than their share of serious violence and racial bigotry. I grew up in Central NY and was in college at SU and SUNY ESF in the early and mid '80s. The town and region wasn't very friendly to the 'mos back then but a lot of the frat boys were bi/gay and on the DL.

    This kids awesome family kicks the shit out of my puckered up intollerant white bread middle class WASP family which turned it up a notch and have became born agains and uber conservatives. They're still there spreading the hate.
    The PNW suits me fine although we have our own idiot conservatives to deal with.

    Posted by: Kev | Nov 17, 2008 5:43:25 PM

  2. Teisha identified as a woman.
    It is fucking disrespectful and appropriating of y'all to call HER a gay man.
    Transgender Day Of Remembrance is coming up and dozens of names have already been added to the list. Duanna Johnson, Ms. Cannon, Aimee Wilcoxson, have all been killed this month alone. And whats more, I just heard from a friend that another woman was murdered in Turkey for being a trans* woman.
    The very least y'all could do is to call these women by their names and use the correct pronouns instead of appropriating their deaths and pretending they are gay men!

    Posted by: drakyn | Nov 17, 2008 7:03:16 PM

  3. Indeed. Very disappointing to come here and see even people who identify her by the pronouns her family used still identifying and claiming her as a gay man. Surely she deserves respect and outrage as herself?

    Posted by: aesmael | Nov 18, 2008 3:17:31 AM

  4. Take a moment to contact Syracuse Chief of Police Miguel and let him know how much his words of support and understanding mean to our community. I think his statements are incredibly supportive. Unfortunately there is no e-mail address. The contact info (from the Syracuse Police Department website) is:

    Chief Gary Miguel
    Syracuse Police Department
    511 S. State Street
    Syracuse, NY 13202

    Telephone: (315) 442-5200
    Fax: (315) 442-5198

    Posted by: Scott | Nov 18, 2008 11:34:51 AM

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