1. CJ says

    Nice. Great world we live in. Sadly, I would state that I am astonished by this, but these days it seems I’ve (almost) seen it all… I can not believe that a PARENT was there, allowed 10 kids to beat up two others AND a girl, AND do NOTHING but throw the two kids off their property! Those parents should be tried, SEVERELY, as kids do what parents preach. The kids aren’t innocent either, but those parents are sick.

  2. TikiHead says

    I am so ashamed to admit it, but my dream is to shoot a gay-basher right in the crotch with a suitably high caliber round.

  3. MikeMick says

    Don’t be too ashamed, Tiki, you’re not alone. I’ve already expressed my desire to beat this a#$%^&e until he has to piss out of a tube for the rest of his life. The important thing is to not actually do it!

  4. jh says


    This is exactly the kind of violence that Christian-ists (not true followers of Jesus’ philosophy) are provoking with their selctive targeting of gays as sinners (but of course not straight adulterers, divorcees, premartial sexers, contraceptives users, war-mongers, torturers, etc.)

    Please take a minute and write to Mike Huckabee to educate him about gay bashings like this. He seems to think they don’t exist and that right-wing words have no consequences:

  5. ML says


    Sadly, this sort of violence against us will continue to increase as we grow more vocal and more visible.

    Mr. Huckabee doesn’t understand history. Post emancipation African Americans were largely left alone as long as they “knew their place.” It was only as they began to demand equality that the violence intensified.

  6. says

    This is in my city. We already have gay marriage and most Canadians are pretty empathetic when it comes to rights so I’m pretty floored that this happened here. The hatred needs to end and I am glad to see a new found dedication to protest and activism.