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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #394

BARACK OBAMA: His message to the Global Climate Summit: "The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear."

PREGNANT MAN: Pregnant man Thomas Beatie, pregnant again, appeared on Larry King.

ONCE UPON A WISH: Piano prodigy sings for Ellen.

PIMP MY RIDE: Cat on a Roomba.

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  1. Can't we please, please, please ignore Thomas Beatie this time around? Please.

    Posted by: Mark in NYC | Nov 19, 2008 4:08:21 PM

  2. About Thomas Beatie, you know, I don't even care what they do necessarily but I can't help but feel turned off by the media whoring of it all. They honestly said they were surprised to get attention for it? And of course, they went to just about every media outlet they could with the story. And now a book, and baby #2, how surprising.

    Posted by: Wes | Nov 19, 2008 4:15:22 PM

  3. Mark in NYC: I was just about to say the same thing.

    Posted by: David D. | Nov 19, 2008 4:21:25 PM

  4. I was more mesmerized by the cat on the roomba. God, I need a life.

    Posted by: JayDub | Nov 19, 2008 4:39:52 PM

  5. Dear President-Elect Obama,

    There are thousands of scientists all around the world disputing the supposed "science" of global warming. If you knew anything about science you would know that theories are ALWAYS up for dispute. The facts are not clear. No scientist has yet to prove that man-made CO2 has anything to do with changes in climate. The computer models used by the IPCC and Al Gore can be manipulated to show anything - warming, cooling, anything. There has yet to be any empirical evidence proving that climate changes are a result of anthropogenic means. You can't just say "the science is beyond dispute" without explaining what that science is. That's pure politics. I challenge anyone here to give me one solitary shred of empirical data proving that CO2 drives climate. I'm all for clean energy, ending our reliance on foreign oil and working to protect our precious environment, but not by lying to the american public about some kind of bogus crisis.

    (Does anyone notice how long this talk of global warming has been going on and yet where's the crisis? Shouldn't it have happened already? It's like a preacher screaming about the end of the world and then passing the tithing plate around. Everyone's just trading one phony religion for another.)

    Posted by: SammyP | Nov 19, 2008 4:45:55 PM

  6. Ellen? Ellen Corby from "The Waltons" has her own talk show? But she's dead.

    What? Oh, Ellen Degeneres. The airhead who couldn't be bothered to share any of her millions to stop Prop H8TE until it was too little too late.

    That Ellen is dead to me.

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Nov 19, 2008 5:08:51 PM

  7. Wow, I teared up a little bit at the Ellen clip... Amazing...

    Posted by: Mike | Nov 19, 2008 5:16:14 PM

  8. MarkinNYC, I'll add to that, I for one am so sick of this "man" and his "baby" making skills.

    Posted by: Luke | Nov 19, 2008 5:30:38 PM

  9. SAMMYP - Hi Troll! Did you get lost on your way to the beefcake photos? Does your wife know what you are doing?

    Posted by: Tweety | Nov 19, 2008 5:42:14 PM

  10. TWEETY - is that all you have? insults? that's what religious people do. i try to bring up an important point and you call me a troll. is that how science works now? i missed that memo. i also missed the part where you provided proof for anthropogenic global warming. name-calling and assumptions about me are pathetic and have no place in a debate. grow up.

    Posted by: SamuelP | Nov 19, 2008 6:44:39 PM

  11. I'm so tired of hearing about the "pregnant man". Thomas Beatie is NOT a man!! She is a woman! Now don't get me started on this whole "oh, transgender and feels like a man" and blah blah blah....yeah i know the whole science about it. But it's NOT impressive! If you had a real man, with a dick getting pregnant, THEN I would be impressed. But a woman who starts to try to look as a man and takes hormones or w/e and then wants to be known as a "pregnant MAN"? Ridiculous and a little insulting to my intelligence.

    Posted by: D | Nov 19, 2008 7:26:38 PM

  12. Thomas Beatie is one of the reasons why lots of straight people have a hard time supporting our "community." Beatie is not a man and the more he goes around making that claim, the more he'll reinforce the stereotype that gay men, especially, are confused freaks who just pick and choose their gender.

    I know that's not the PC thing to say, but at a time when marriage rights are being taken away, we don't need Thomas Beatie hurting the cause. Sorry.

    Posted by: Steven | Nov 19, 2008 7:43:10 PM

  13. Thomas Beattie is a man. He chose to be born a woman just as much as we chose to be homosexual. Sure, he wasn't BORN male, but I would think that we know enough about to prejudice to question someone else's self-identity.
    Sure, the headlines are misleading and should probably read "transgender man pregnant" but that wouldn't be as eye-catching.
    Sure, Beattie is milking the press attention.
    But that still doesn't make him a woman. And please let's not go pointing fingers at trans people for the way others perceive the LGBT community. That's just stooping to the bigots' level.

    Posted by: Gabriel | Nov 19, 2008 7:58:54 PM

  14. now now sammyp. better watch it or the gay mafia might throw a polar bear head into your bed.

    exactly what is your point? whether mankind-caused or not, there is global warming. thing of it is, mankind, we of the opposable thumbs and such, have the ability to stem the flow and/or slow the process. if you don't want to participate we can drop you on a texas-sized clump of plastic bottles out in (insert your favorite ocean here) and you can play with your styrofoam toys all by yourself while giant chunks of the artic shelf break off and float past you with starving polar bears sitting on top of them.

    don't be stupid. or if you're going to be stupid, be quiet.

    Posted by: basis4insanity | Nov 19, 2008 9:20:40 PM

  15. now now BASIS4INSANITY

    yet again more insults - call me stupid all you want - your opinion of my intelligence means nothing to me - i'm still waiting for empirical data from someone

    and actually we don't have the power to "stem the flow and/or slow the process" - our sun is the sole driver of climate - we can't "stem the flow and/or slow the process" of the sun.

    and i do believe the mess of trash in the pacific ocean is a travesty of the human race and we should be ashamed of ourselves for such pollution. what that has to do with anthropogenic climate change i fail to see...

    and lastly - the ice shelves you see breaking off in the arctic; that's the spring break-up - happens every year - arctic ice is not static - it is constantly freezing and thawing, freezing and thawing. polar bears are not dwindling in numbers. in 1950, there were about 5,000 polar bears in the wild. now there are 25,000. but why let the facts get in the way of alarmist politics?

    who's gonna skip the facts and science and insult me next?

    Posted by: SammyP | Nov 19, 2008 10:13:16 PM

  16. Can I be next? Sammy you dumb!

    Posted by: brandond | Nov 20, 2008 9:57:50 PM

  17. clever brandon!

    anyone else?

    Posted by: SammyP | Nov 20, 2008 10:00:24 PM

  18. @SAMMYP,

    ditto what BRANDOND said. anyone else?

    Posted by: nic | Nov 24, 2008 5:34:50 AM

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