1. The Gay Numbers says

    A few things come to mind:

    a) Clearly the GOP sees the past election cycle as further proof that they can use gays as a wedge issue. It’s weird considering on this particular issue, unlike gay marriage, even most Republicans support gays in the military. I am no sure what traction they think they are going to get from this?

    b) I like that Powell has come to the right side of this issue. I wish he had apologized for his part in the prior policy becoming a law, but that’s small compared to hopefully him playing an active role in Congress repealing the law, and opening the door for a policy change.

  2. Leland Frances says

    Happy to exploit his words, but don’t believe for a second that Rectum Powell has had a change of heart or mind. He was willfully ignorant and demonizing of us in 1993 so why should we trust him now?

    He and former Sen. Sam Cracka Nunn may have made a strange pair then [David Mixner called Nunn, “our George Wallace”], but they wore matching white hooded robes.

    “A policy I didn’t want to become a law”? Don’t play word games with me, Bitch! Whether a gay soldier’s life was ruined because he or she was kicked out under a policy or a law is irrelevant.

    AND, with the prestige he had then, if he actually cared he COULD have stopped it. But instead he led the other Joint Chiefs of Staff into tying Clinton’s dick into knots while Nunnnuts publicly dry fucked him. Powell not only threatened to quit but told Annapolis graduates that he’d understand if THEY resigned their commissions should out gays be allowed in.

    What HAS possibly changed about him? Either there’s a plum job in Obama’s administration he’s salivating for [just as Nunn made the same kind of noises hoping to be VP] or Ted Haggard’s hustler has pictures of Rectum with a minor male.

    It could be an indirect way to try to salvage some historians’ respect after having surrendered his soul to Bush fils thus ennobling the invasion of Iraq. But distorting the facts about the genesis of DADT isn’t the way to go about that.

    Fuck you, General Asshat, and not in the good way!

  3. RB says

    Obama has already tabled the issue until at least 2010! A mid-term election year where no congress man or wowman will touch the debate in order to get elected. There current approval rating is lower than W’s! Obama made a campaign promise that he knew he could not be able to keep. But hey, it worked. It gained him 70% of the LGBT vote!

    On the backs of gays…

  4. RB says

    “their” current approval rating….I suppose that Andy should add spell/grammar check to the posting options. Sorry!

  5. The Gay Numbers says

    By the way, the source of your claim regarding 2010 is The Washington Times, a highly conservative paper with zero with little access to the incoming Administration.

  6. paul c says

    Too bad this phony didn’t speak out way back when he still had credibility. Keep blowin’ with the wind, Colin.

  7. jason says

    A review? Is that what Powell and Obama are calling it now? I thought Obama explicitly said he was going to get rid of DADT, not review it. Looks like we’ve been pushed under the bus, yet again. We’re either the most gullible community out there or we love the punishment.

  8. Jarrod says

    Oh, come on, Jason! Seriously? Can not see that calling it a review is a way to discuss this while invoking as little controversy as possible?

    And having former high-profile proponents of DADT come out against it works tremendously in our favor. This is huge! Can we please sit back and appreciate the very good implications of Powell publicly taking this step?

  9. The Gay Numbers says

    The link includes quotes from people connected with the Obama administration and other operatives who are actually working on repealing the ban. It says nothing like what Jason just wrote here. Thus why he’s a liar.

  10. nic says


    i see mr. powell’s role differently. he was arguably, the most honorable man in this most despicable of administrations. he, as well as many dems, were swept up in the miasma and vortex of pick-and-choose “intelligence” agitprop and propaganda propagated by the neo-cons. can you imagine being overcome by fever-inducing stench and an inexorable, down pulling, engulfing force? most of us coul not resist.

    if we are not to be absolutists, we need to see each person’s history in the context of his or her environment. ultimately, colin powell is a good man who was chewed up and spit out by the ravenous win-at-all cost, discredited Rovian politics.

    let us not forget that the politics of division are going, much more less than, gently into that good night — witness the spike of anti-gay, anti-ethnic violence. nevertheless, the idea that people can be pitted against each other has lost its currency.

    i have every hope that obama and his prudently selected transition team and thus far, his cabinet choices will help put our country back on track.

  11. says

    Colin Powell LIED to the United Nations and the entire planet about WMD in Iraq. He has no honor whatsoever. Add this to the list of Republican Slime who have decided to change their minds on key issues when they are safely not in a position to do anything about it.

    FUCK COLIN POWELL. The blood is not going to come off those hands so easily, dude.

  12. elg says

    Colin Powell is being less than honest about how hard he really fought for DADT at the time (1993). I’m old enough to remember seeing him aggressively supporting DADT on television. But I’m glad Powell seems to have seen the light and is changing his tune. I guess he wants to be on the right side of history.

  13. Bill Perdue says

    Obama will try to enlarge and to continue the oil wars and that’s why DADT is being revisited. If DADT is repealed it’ll be because Obama needs cannon for his war for oil which he plans on pursuing from Palestine to Pakistan.


    Bill Clinton, Colin Powell and Obama advisor Sam Nunn crafted DADT which codified military bigotry and made it much worse and easier to impose. It was the just the first of Clinton’s major betrayals of his promises.

    DOMA was probably his worst betrayal. Obama will do the same in spite of the gullibility of his supporters.

    The open bigotry of DADT is responsible for discharges irrespective of merit, the loss of benefits and retirement and an unknown number of violent assaults and murders by bigots who were empowered by it.


    Colin Powell thought that endorsing Obama would get him a plumb job but Obama had to placate the pro war crowd with Hillary the Hawk and retain Republican war minister Gates.

    Now Powell is soldiering on, making another attempt to snuggle. Perhaps if he wears a red, white n’ blue speedo and leads the GLBT inaugural marching band with a big glittery baton he can make enough points to at least be ambassador or something.

    That band, an awesomely courageous concession from the man who wouldn’t stop shouting ‘god’s in the mix’ may be the last concession we’ll get from Obama for quite awhile.


    Why is it no surprise that NIC thinks a war criminal snuggling up to a hustler like Obama is a hero.

  14. John in CA says


    I definitely think Powell was under the impression he’d get a reward for his support. Probably Secretary of Defense.

    But he’s nervous now because President Obama seems to be grooming Shinseki to replace Gates when the time comes. Or at the very least, he’s signaling that Powell isn’t the only qualified candidate for the job.

    When it comes to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we need to remind ourselves that they’re essentially politicians with medals. Field commanders who don’t want to become embroiled in the political game? We don’t even know them by name.

  15. Oscar says

    The funny thing is that the Army is lo0kig for language translators for iraqi,urdu,etc…and at the same time it kicked out all the translators because they were gay.I’m so glad the forces are short of everything.Thanks to Mr.Bush and Mr.Powell many lives were ruined and now the ‘n’ comes out as repentant.F**k him and scr*w his apology.Also expect no more from Obama.He’s the same as this ‘n’.Another betraying ‘n’.

  16. elg says

    Oscar: Instead of referring to Powell and Obama as the “n” word, why don’t you be a MAN and spell it out?

  17. Ty says

    Who is the SLAVE now? As gay Americans we have been held in a virtual slavery throughout history. There are clubs we cannot join, there is an inpenetrable glass ceiling that keeps us down and a glib misunderstanding about what kind of people we are.
    Whenever black people cross each other on the street it’s Hey brother, when queens pass each other it’s stink eye. We have to bond together and stop competing with each other.
    We have to stop thinking about sex and who’s hot, and start thinking about our humanity.

  18. elg says

    Oscar: I know you don’t care if black gays know that some white gays are just as racist as white straights. But do you and those white gays who think like you really want STRAIGHT black people, not to mention the rest of America, to find this out? Keep going and they will.

  19. says

    TY, Us black folk give each the “stink eye” in Weho and the suburbs occasionally, trust. Gay or straight, a lot of times some of us want to be the only Negro in the room. Can I get a witness on that from some black folk here? Every group and sub-group has the exact same issues.

    Which brings us to Oscar.

    Actually, why bother.