Fired UT HR Administrator Crystal Dixon Files Lawsuit

Last May, I posted about University of Toledo associate vice president of human resources Crystal Dixon, who was suspended after writing an article in the Toledo Free Press slamming gays. Later that month, UT decided to fire her.

DixonSaid Dixon in the article, “As a Black woman … I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are civil rights victims. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman. Daily thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle.”

She concluded: “My final and most important point. There is a divine order. God created human kind male and female (Genesis 1:27). God created humans with an inalienable right to choose. There are consequences for each of our choices, including those who violate God’s divine order.”

Dixon told reporters at her church in May following the column’s publication that she had a divine mandate to write it.

Dixon promised to sue the university, and now news comes that a lawsuit has been filed:

“Crystal Dixon, former associate vice president for human resources at UT, filed a complaint Monday in U.S. District Court in Toledo alleging violation of her first and fourteenth amendment rights. The lawsuit lists UT President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs and William Logie, vice president for human resources and campus safety, as the defendants. The Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor is representing Ms. Dixon. The complaint filed Monday states that Ms. Dixon was punished for her private political speech, violating her First Amendment right to free speech, and she was denied access to a forum for her speech based on its viewpoint, which violates the equal protection of the law guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment.”

Said university spokesman Larry Burns in a statement: “We have asserted from the beginning that Ms. Dixon was in a position of special sensitivity as associate vice president for human resources and this issue is not about freedom of speech, but about her ability to perform that job given her statements.”

CrystalnutDixon has also created a website to promote speaking engagements and talk about the lawsuit. On it, she states her “heart’s desire”:

1. Ensure that FREE Speech is protected for all Americans, particularly in public universities.
2. Ensure that children and impressionable youth are free from gender confusion and undue influence to question their God-given gender.
3. See that all people have the opportunity to experience the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ in their lives, regardless of their sexual orientation and that genuine transformations of former homosexuals and lesbians to a godly heterosexual lifestyle are acknowledged and allowed to be openly shared – refuting, partnered with research and science, the prevailing notion that gays are “born that way.”
4. To ensure that no other Americans will suffer what I have in their attempt to rightfully voice their personal opinion on matters of public interest, particularly the view of the God-ordained family foundation of a male husband and a female wife, which millions of Americans of diverse faiths support.

Suspended UT Administrator Crystal Dixon Fired, Will Sue [tr]
Ohio College Administrator on Paid Leave for Remarks About Gays [tr]


  1. Disgusted American says

    Ms a stupid,ignorant c…t….a religious zealot. A women who has NEVER truly known what it is to be discriminated againt…after-all it wasn’t her that fought for Civil Rights…it was the generation before her. Her practice of religion is a CHOICE..(someone needs to ask her,where are ALL those 1000’s of X-Gays she boast about?)ANOTHER LIE PERPETUATED BY RELIGION…..and being in HR- she USES her religion to discriminate. I can’t stand stupid losers like her..who are such Hypocrits…she’s obviosuly Inter-racial”….and again IGNORES the fact that RELIGION was USED against her family/parents to PREVENT her from even being concieved…..Im so glad Im not a violent person..cause people like her make me wanna smack the shit of of them!

  2. Fab says

    Typical ignorant black person….always trying to make money the easy way….she should be fired from planet Earth!!! Get a job and Pluto!!!

  3. Hephaestion says

    Fuck Crystal Dixon. May she rot in hell.

    I have quit coddling lunatics like this who lie and lie and lie and lie and then axt surprised when someone calls them on their fucking nonstop lies. Show us some PROOF of ANY of the things she says in her article; an academician should be expected to provide some fucking PROOF. She is a joke.

  4. Jonathan says

    In all this, I’d never realized that she was the associate vice president for human resources. If the university has an aggressive and proactive policy protecting gay and lesbian students, staff and faculty, and she’s in the public sphere vocally undermining that policy, her ability to do the job is certainly called into question. How can she expect any decision she makes about any gay or lesbian employee be seen to be anything other than biased and against their interests?

  5. says

    I hope she wakes up tomorrow realizing that oppressing others with her choice of religious beliefs is an evil sin and an overstepping abuse of her right to free speech.
    And if that’s not the case, then I hope she doesn’t wake up tomorrow.

  6. Dubwise says

    Said Dixon in the article, “….Daily thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle.”

    Citaion needed please!

  7. Sean says

    Let’s understand that Ms. Dixon IS NOT an academician. She is in a classified support position, and though, yes, her status as Vice President of Human Resources would indicate that she has had some exposure and interest in ideas that challenge her own. A natural curiosity in exploring those opinions is apparently lacking in her evangelical dogmatic approach to her “understanding” of the homosexual “lifestyle.”

    I truly feel sorry for people who are so narrow minded as to hold such foolish opinions. But to give them voice, well, that’s just demonstrable ignorance I have no tolerance for.

    Yes, a true academician would have supported their position with facts and examples of studies etc. But a true academician would not be sitting behind a desk in admin all day. They’d be standing in front of a class challenging their students to think for themselves, to explore the world, to state their opinions forcefully and with documented facts.

    Ms. Dixon is just an employee,who is simply repeating what she’s been told over and over again. Let’s not assign her more importance than she deserves. It just gives credence to her bigotry.

  8. tjc says

    I find it VERY interesting that so many of the right-wing these days are fixated on GENDER, gender identity, and trans* issues. To me it speaks that the G&L (and to an extent, the B) of GLBT have won a battle (not the war). The right has only the T and issues about gender to hang their collective hats on these days.

    Which means it is ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT that we support our trans* siblings. We cannot throw them under the bus, because if that bus runs them over, it’ll back up and come right at us (the G&L/B folks).

    It really boggles my mind how the Camenkers and Dixons of the world get so hung up on gender. I think if I could grasp why they’re so apeshit over this topic it would go a long way to getting inside their heads.

  9. tjc says

    And don’t forget, that if your religion isn’t one of the Top 10, you’re on their enemies list too.

    I just wish “the power of Christ” would compel them towards good, not evil.

  10. rayrayj says

    Hey FAB why is it a typical ignorant “black” person? I agree she is a typical religious fundamentalist. I don’t know what color has to do with it.

    Anyway now that we have a way to contact her we can all tell her directly how we feel about her. Also she uses this web site to troll for speaking engagments. I’m just sayin’…

  11. doug says

    I don’t know about “typical”….
    but “self-righteous” and “self-serving” do come to mind….

  12. GregV says

    It`s almost hard to believe that someone who is so unenlightenened could even pass a university course, much less be hired to a prominent position at one.
    So she can`t wake up and not be black? If she paid attention to all evidence written by anyone who knows the earth is round (literally, she does not seem to}, then she would know that truly gay people do not magtically turn into heterosexuals.
    Indeed, looking at her picture, she could easily pass as NON black with a pair of light contacts, a dye job, and, I don`t know, maybe an accent coach if she sounds too “black.“ She could hide all signs of her family and lie to everyone. She would pass as NOT being black every bit as easily as I can fool others into mistaking me for heterosexual. But why should she have teo lie and why should ANY of us?
    And even though I did not choose my orientation, what difference would it make if I could? It`s so ironic that she chose her religion and argues that she should not be belittled for it as she belittles others.
    Her comments are a disgrace, and she has rightfully lost her HR job, just as anyone should who would belittle black employees and students by saying that their skin is inferior and they should act white.

  13. Gregus says

    Oh well, looks like she’s found a way to make a living while she tries to cash-in with this lawsuit. The first paragraph of her ‘website':

    You can conveniently email me for speaking engagements, consulting services, Mary Kay Cosmetics or SureLaces, Inc. product orders, etc.

    I wonder how these companies feel about being represented by such a bigoted hate monger.

  14. SteveH says

    Three things I find annoying after visiting her website:

    1. She mentions her “top selling” book which is yet to be released. Besides her own site there are no hits when you Google the author and title or search Amazon. How can it be top selling?

    2. Contributions to her legal defense fund are tax deductable.

    3. The way her hair is piled up on the side of her head.

  15. Strepsi says

    I totally agree with her point #1.
    Her point #2 totally contradicts point #1.
    End of agreeing with this moron.

    Hey Ms. Dickson – anyone with a divine calling should work in a CHURCH, not civil society!

  16. ty says

    Why are people stil thinking that being gay is a choice?? If Mrs Dixon insists on bringing her personal views to the public she is not fit for the Job. There is also a bunch of stuff advocating Slavery in the Bible. Why not push for that again if the Bible is so dear to her…..

  17. says

    I’ll never understand why some people think it is okay to call someone derogatory names when they disagree with another’s position on an issue. Sure we may all think that, but keep it to yourself. There is plenty about Ms. Dixon’s writings and actions to criticize without resorting to that, which also gives the other side ammunition and makes the LGBT community in general look bad.

    With all that said, aren’t items #1 and #2 in her manifesto in contradiction with each other?

  18. ggreen says

    Why isn’t Jasmine Cannick defending this woman? She follows all of JC’s self-hating gay talking points.

  19. Ted in SF says

    Apparently “turn the other cheek” is to be interpreted as “turn the other cheek unless you can get some cash money”.

    Or perhaps she is just looking for a settlement. I suspect that UT fired her for something else she did other than this editorial, and she is hoping that they are embarrassed enough by it to not want to take it to court.

  20. ERB says

    All I have to say, is she has no case. She may not like it, but there is a thing called the “employment at will” doctrine. She can quit when she wants, and her employer can fire her when they want (so long as it is not for her sex or age). She more than likely signed an agreement that states she will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender….and sexual orientation. She is not prevented from speaking publicly about her bigoted views, but she also should not have been so ignorant to the fact that her employer has its own right to protect its reputation, which she contractually agreed to at employment.

  21. Brian Chase says

    I’m surprised at some of the racist comments above. I would think that anyone reading Towleroad should know better.

    Ms. Dixon does have one thing right. We do have the option of choice. The choice not to believe in utter nonsense.

    And so I say, once again: Quit cherry-picking the Bible to justify your personal prejudice.

  22. Joe says

    I hope that all have you have written to Miss Dixon at her account to voice your opinion on her lawsuit.
    The ignorance of people like this must be bought to light. The sad part of this person is she feels others should pay for her ignorance and has set up up fund to do so. I for one have written to this Miss Dixon and asking her to fund me in helping her to become a non-ignorant black woman.

  23. Joe says

    I hope that all have you have written to Miss Dixon at her account to voice your opinion on her lawsuit.
    The ignorance of people like this must be bought to light. The sad part of this person is she feels others should pay for her ignorance and has set up up fund to do so. I for one have written to this Miss Dixon and asking her to fund me in helping her to become a non-ignorant black woman.

  24. tjc says

    WTF is a SureLace?

    Ahh, my friend google:
    SureLaces, based in Toledo, is exploding in the market of sport shoe accessories.The company manufactures a unique, patent-pending device which secures shoestrings, in a safe and fashionable way.SureLaces are produced in a variety of colors, designs, and can even be personalized with an initial. Company president Crystal Dixon said SureLaces was a “God-inspired idea.” “The invention concept and design came to me in 2001 truly as a divine inspiration and I give all the credit to Jesus Christ. After seeing children with loose shoe strings – accidents waiting to happen – I knew I was on to something” said Ms. Dixon.
    I’m not going to the web site.

  25. Olive Yurdich says

    Said Dixon in the article, “I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman.”

    Girlfriend, don’t be absurd. Here are the steps:

    1. Learn to speak English instead of jive.
    2. Listen to Ryan Seacrest instead of Snoop Dog.
    3. Use a straightening product on your hair (looks like you already have a start on that)
    4. Wear stripes, polka dots and paisleys instead of batik, animal or tribal prints.
    5. Cloche instead of headwrap
    6. Chanel No. 5 instead of cocoa butter
    7. Order baked instead of fried
    8. Aerobics to rid yourself of that bulbous rear
    9. Pencil a border on your lips to make them appear more narrow
    10. Practice birth control

    Follow those steps and you too can become white, just as easily as a gay can become straight.

  26. Kevin says

    “I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman. Daily thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle.”

    In the years before the Civil Rights Act, thousands of light-skinned black people made decisions to leave their communities and “pass as white” but they were still African-Americans.

  27. says

    Well, since we’re cherry-picking Bible verses (as per usual) let me just say that every African-American should drop what they are currently doing and go out in da cotton fields and start picking, except for, as al-Qaeda said, that house negro up in Washington.

    African-Americans are sinful from the beginning. Ham should have never looked as his drunken father’s nakedness; thus, dying all his future generations with a sinful, black skin.

    So, all my African-American brothers! If you would only repent your evil, sinful, looking-at-pops-naked ways, you too could be cleansed white as snow. White as Barbie and Ken. White as Strom Thurmond, the members of the KKK, and Hitler – all of whom had Biblical mandates to do what they did.

    And while you’re getting cleansed of sin, remember it was a fag who taught Martin Luther King about non-violent protest and it was the same fag who organized MLK’s March on Washington: Bayard Rustin.

    Also remember Coretta Scott King called gay marriage a civil rights issue, so quit spitting in her and Dr. King’s faces.

    And fuck you, you stupid cow! Fuck you.

  28. says

    Historically, many people with African ancestry have made a choice to “pass as white” if their skin was light enough. At least one of Thomas Jefferson’s children through his slave Sally Hemings made this choice. See also, “The Sweeter the Juice: A Family Memoir in Black and White” by Shirley Taylor Haizlip (a truly fascinating book). Ms. Dixon says she can’t wake up and change her race, while millions of other bi/tri-racial/ethnic people throughout the world make this choice.

  29. FernLaPlante says

    FAB and DISGUSTEDAMERICAN are spouting off just as much hate as Mrs. Dickson. Your prejudices are showing as well, fellas.

  30. ERB says

    MEANWHILE…I think a great majority of the “slurs” are pointing out the sheer absurdity of her statements. In return, they are using the same drivel back, in a tongue-in-cheek manner. While, some on here are guilty of being just as bigoted, I think others are shovelling back what they shat onto us. If the bigots, like dixon, don’t like it, they should rethink what rhetorical arguments they use…b/c they can very easily be turned around and directed towards them.

  31. justlovely says

    The line between “slur” and “tongue-in-cheek” is an extremely fine one. Unless you are an expert writer, be very careful.

  32. ScottyNorq says

    What does it matter that she is black? (In reference to the comments about “typical black women”)

  33. ScottyNorq says

    Reading even closer I see some have decided to comment on her weight. Lets keep our comments on her bigotry not her appearance and skin color.

  34. Derrick from Philly says

    “Why isn’t Jasmine Cannick defending this woman? She follows all of JC’s self-hating gay talking points.”

    Well, GGREEN, Jasmyne is waiting for racist white gays with their lips dripping with racist filth to put her in the position of defending black people even when Jasmyne depises that bigoted black woman as much as you do.

    All it will take is reading many of the comments above to force black gays into that uncomfortable and un-fair position.

    But this blog has taught me the difficult balancing act between standing up against black anti-gay bigots while at the same time telling white gay racist bigots to go f,,,k their mothers.

    I’ve learned.

  35. noah says

    What is with the blatantly racist attacks on Dixon? How are you any better than Dixon if you use hateful slurs to attack her?

    Fab and Olive, f*ck you!

    The woman is a fundamentalist Christian with homophobic views. Instead of questioning her beliefs and the right of the university to fire her, you attack her based on “race.”

    Comments about the size of Dixon’s lips and posterior reveal your white supremacist views. They disqualify any kind of moral authority you may have and make you seem even more intolerant than Dixon.

    When will some of you people get it through your heads, that attacking someone like Dixon because of her race instead of dealing with her opinions alienates and revolts many potential allies.

    Newsflash: almost 40% of the United States population is non-white. When you attack people based on their non-white characteristics, you make a lot of enemies very fast. Would-be allies become hesitant to vote for your causes, either becoming fence sitters or enemies.

    This site is read by more than just gay men. Conservatives and GOP political operatives monitor Towleroad and other popular gay sites. The Catholic League attacked Andy’s selection as blogger. What might they do with your racist comments? How about quoting them and making the point that the gay movement is populated by racists. Given the misplaced hatred that resulted from the debunked Prop 8 vote statistics, there’s all ready a perception of racism amongst white gays. Bill O’Reilly was only too happy to push this.

  36. JTlvr says

    I’m logging off Towleroad today out of protest and disgust. Most of the comments above are more hateful, bigoted and ignorant than anything Ms. Dixon wrote. The racism and sexism I continually see within the gay community is appalling.

    So many of you railed against AAs over Prop 8. You asked, ‘how could AAs not understand our appeal to overcome oppression and advance civil rights’? Because of actions like these — when it benefits, many gay white men sling racist remarks just as hard as everyone else.

    In the end, some of you are no more distinguishable from the rest of the white oppressive majority.

  37. Carl says

    As a black and a gay man, I’m seriously sick of white gay guys and their racist attitudes. You claim that we’re together in the struggle, we’re similarly oppressed, we’re brothers.

    Well you continue to show time and time again, that we aren’t.

    We aren’t brothers.

  38. latebrosus says

    She could certainly wake up tomorrow morning and choose another religion. No one is born biologically Christian.

  39. ggreen says

    DerrickFP: If Jasmine is waiting for racist white gays to set her agenda she’s a bigger boob that I first imagined. Does she let black racist gays set her agenda also?

  40. gregorybrow says

    I met this woman when I worked as a librarian in Toledo. Our encounter involved her as a library patron and me as someone attempting to deliver good public service. She was surly, demanding, unreasonable, rank-pulling (on the order of “I’m in Administration at the University AND I know the Library’s Director so…” etc). All of the staff at the library branch attempted to please her but nothing/nobody succeeded. So none of this surprises me. She is ignorant, arrogant, bigoted and rude–and would be all that, whatever her race.

  41. KFLO says

    contact information?? I’d like to give her a piece of my mind and I’d also like to show my support to UT

  42. Rikard says

    Dickson is all about promoting free HER free speach and speach she AGREES with, but seems less enthusiastic about MY free speach if it might confuse impressionable youth. Her statement about not waking up a black woman implies that her obvious minority position gives her a special ability to see into my soul and my psyche. I tried being straight with as much faith and prayer as I could. She probably has a secret combination of things that would work IF I joined a multilevel organization designed to teach me how to hate myself enough to be preparred to accept Jebus as my PERSONAL savior while generating money for her legal defense. Instead I found a purpose (civil rights) and peace (emotionally) by accepting the man I am.

  43. Bobby says

    It’s time to STOP trying to be “better than” and meet them on their own playing fields.

    They want to use the excuse of “religion” and “free speech” to spread their hate speak and while some of you are trying to take the high road, they’re gettin’ ready to plow you under.

    Stop being fuck-wads and fight these people how they want to fight us. DIRTY!

    It’s way past time for us to stand up for who we are and stop being the Steppin Fetchits for heterosexuals.

  44. Derrick from Philly says

    “Does she let black racist gays set her agenda also?”


    I don’t know how many black gsys insult white people in general when we respond to white homophobes. We probably won’t even mention his/her “white race” in our response. When a white homophobe says,” faggots should go to hell”, I would criticize him for his ignorance and his homophobia. I’m not going to bring up his race…actually, I may even mention what part of the world/country he comes from–but not his whiteness.

    White gays use of race in response to black homphobes is some kind of debating or rhetorical device that seems absolutely justified to many of you (Proposition 8, black pastors, black Rappers); but to many black gays (and others) it is inappropriate. Many of you white gays only care about YOUR own oppression, not anybody elses.

    And the type of white gays who participated in civil rights movement for black folks WOULD NOT be the kind to resort to racist sentiments because ALL blacks don’t reciprocate with support for gay civil rights.

    The excuse is always, “you blacks have complained about oppression and discrimination for decades–now you do the same against another minority.”

    The problem with that argument is not the argument itself. The problem is when you accompany that statement with racist language and sentiment. It tells us that you are not sincere in your “moral” outrage. No, when you use racist language & sentiment in your response to black homphobia it simply means that you are just a white gay bitch insulted that “a nigger had the adaucity to insult you.” Well, if he insults this black faggot (ME) why shouldn’t he insult you (white faggot). You aint special. We both should respond to him about his bigotry and stupidity– not using his race as a weapon.

    You attack black people as a group–a group which includes black gays. So, it is only natural for black gays to defend ourselves against you–since you’re insulting us as well as our families.

    Do you think that Jasmyne Cannick had the same attitude towards white gays when she was just “coming out” as a teenager?
    It’s possible, but I know many black gays who developed anti-white gay attitudes after years of seeing an ugly pattern of behavior from their white gay counterparts. They were very disappointed.

    And finally, stop exaggerating how many white gays were involved in the Civil Rights Movement. Yes, there were some wonderful white gays who supported civil rights for Negroes in 1964…probably about 30%–sound familiar?

  45. tjc says

    Derrick from Philly wrote,
    “You attack black people as a group–a group which includes black gays. So, it is only natural for black gays to defend ourselves against you–since you’re insulting us as well as our families.”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner, folks. Please, everyone, read Derrick’s posting again. I’ll wait.

    Why the hell do we have to resort to calling someone a stupid n* or stupid s* or stupid w*, or even “stupid black person” “stupid Jew” etc, when we can just call them “dumb fucks?”

    Easier, everyone understands (I am, alas, not very up on my racist or ethnic slurs, and so frequently have to ask “what’s a ___?” because I just don’t know what you mean), and if you use it enough, it’ll get in your head so you don’t blurt out “stupid n*” (like Mel Gibson does when drunk) when you really mean just “dumb fuck.”

    Of course, if you actually MEAN to say, “stupid n*”, well, then I don’t really want you fighting for my rights, thanks, because you’re actually working against them.

  46. Olive Yurdich says

    I happen to be a proud gay black woman. This Dixon ho needs to educate herself that being gay is no more a choice than being black. I can choose to act as white as I want, but that will not make me white. I can choose to act as straight as I want, but that will not make me straight.

    The thing is, why should I have to “act” at all?

    And shut yo mouth with your “Olive is racist” crap. If you want to lay down and be walked all over by Dixon, go right ahead. But I ain’t gonna lay and wait to be walked on by her size ten feets.

    Derrick, kiss my black ass.

  47. says

    Well, just like the right wing wants we are devolving into racist name calling.

    I’ve been reading Towleroad for a very long time and I find it strange that these really hateful statements seem to come from people I’ve never heard of before.

    I hardly think they’ve just been quiet until now. I think I smell rat poo.

    This all seems like a trap set for us to divide and be broken apart as a community.

    Welcome to the trap fellow homos.


  48. ggreen says

    DerrickFP: Your rant was filled with so many straw men and non sequiturs I would not dream of disturbing your fantasy by asking for facts.

  49. John Beene says

    When is the black community going to get it’s act together? Where are their leaders? I mean the ones other than those bigots hiding behind their skin color while they spew superstition, ignorance and misdirected blame from thier pulpits. Where is Oprah? Where is Jesse Jackson? Why do these people tolerate the pervasive bigotry in their midst?

    And why the rush to explain (excuse) the Prop 8 vote? When did it ever become acceptable to “explain” bigotry?

    When will black people begin to hold themselves accountable?

  50. Carl says

    JOHN BEENE: You should ask the same of white gays, who are all of a sudden latching onto the civil rights struggle as if it were there own?

    Where have they been when oppressed minorities have been calling for equal opportunities in employment, housing, healthcare and so on. I’ll tell you where, obliviously clubbing, downing pills at circuit parties, on Atlantis cruises, decorating your houses with IKEA trinkets and hiding behind your WHITE PRIVILEGE to even notice. And now, you expect the Black community to identify with you.

    When will white gays begin to hold themselves accountable?

  51. says

    When will all the white fags hold themselves accountable for the racism in the “mainstream” gay community? When will the Jews hold themselves accountable for the crimes of the Israeli state? When will the straight men of America hold themselves accountable for Dave Matthews?

    Each person is responsible for their own self and for making the world a bit better in the way or ways they can. Some people burn flags, others endorse candidates.

    And once again, thank you Derrick FPh for taking the time to respond to the caustic and pathetic spew.

  52. Raven says

    Feel free to contact her at or call her at 419-346-7426. She is a Mary Kay rep…I did contanct Mary Kay to ask if this is the caliber of rep they want representing their organization.

  53. Derrick from Philly says


    read today’s thread on the new findings about who voted for Proposition 8. Many white homosexuals look for any reason to rant against black people.

    “I would not dream of disturbing your fantasy by asking for facts.”

    You don’t have to. Some white homosexuals should simply stay away from black homosexuals, and we’ll promise to do the same.

    “Derrick, kiss my black ass.”

    Only if you transform into Reggie Bush, Nigress.

  54. John Beene says


    When was the last time any fundamental right of any racial group was put up to a popular vote? You know that there are laws in place that prohibit discrimination on the basis of race in “employment, housing, healthcare and so on”, right?

    So white gay apathy results in a large majority of black voters voting in favor of a law that removes a civil right from an entire class of people? Is that your logic? Wow, that’s even more lame than white gay apathy. But it seems to be the conventional wisdom in the black community.

    I can assure you that the black communitys apathy (hostility?) toward the the civil rights of gay people would not lead me to vote away any of thier civil rights if any of those rights ever came up for a popular vote.

    You know they right when they say that Prop 8 didn’t pass because of the black vote. So I’m thinking that we won’t need the black vote to get rid of it either. And in the meantime the black community can continue to talk and vote itself into political obscurity.

  55. CRECK says

    Yikes! I’m afraid that the ideals of this ignorant bigot are mirrored in some of the posts on this thread. As a white gay male I am disgusted by some of the racist comments posted. She indeed has an ugly and poisonous heart…how about you? Perpetuating hate only distances the gay community from “equality” and “justice for all.” Might I suggest trying to be a citizen of this world instead of a citizen of your own little world. We can’t “be in this together” if we aren’t truly looking out for one another.

  56. nate in wi says

    No doubt! What is up with the racist shit on this thread? Next, the same sorry ass folks who make the most outrageously racist comments about blacks will be whining “Oh why don’t the blacks support our cause!?” Here is a clue because the white gay community is full of totally arrogant racists who continually talk trash about anyone who doesn’t fit a pathetically narrow view of a “real” gay person…. white, thin and or fit, under forty, conventionally good looking, living in a major metropolitan area, secular, liberal democrat. Fairly weak shit. I say this as a white, in shape, conventionally good looking guy living in a medium sized city with very liberal political views. For whatever reason I have always felt comfortable around people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I have always been struck by how “acceptable” overt, outright racism appears to be to many white gay folks. Our community has a long, long way to go before we can expect to receive the support we deserve from people who may not share our views and values based on a respect for a sense of universal “human rights”. Especially when we fail to show others the respect we are asking for ourselves. Boys and girls we are walking around with a big ass beam in our eyes… to quote the good book.

  57. nate in wi says

    Her a thought for all the angry folks posting hostile shit on this thread….. when was the last time you spent some time getting to know these people you are pissing at in a social situation from a position of equal power? Like at the baths or some other place where the badges or symbols of power are cast aside. or do you just hang out with people who look and think like you do? Honestly, think about it.

  58. nate in wi says

    Her a thought for all the angry folks posting hostile shit on this thread….. when was the last time you spent some time getting to know these people you are pissing at in a social situation from a position of equal power? Like at the baths or some other place where the badges or symbols of power are cast aside. or do you just hang out with people who look and think like you do? Honestly, think about it.

  59. Mike says

    I am just amazed as to what homosexuals think they are entitled to.
    They think they are entitled to be shielded from any speech disagreeing with their behavior. This is preposterous; I, as a vegetarian and a pro-lifer, have no such right.
    HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR is a choice, even if the orientation is not.
    Given that she has recommended the hiring of homosexuals in the past, there is no reason to believe that she had discriminated at all.
    What is odd is that if one expresses similar views about pro-lifers or vegetarians, no problems like this would come to him/her.
    Hopefully, this lawsuit wins.

  60. T says

    GOD love Crystal. Like everyone else who voices thier opionion and shoves their life choice down our throats in our faces then says we dicriminate if we don’t agree. but thy have parades , holidays and more benefits then any other group of people.
    GOd loves evryone but hates sin, nothing Crystal says is hate but an opinion which everyone has. Never will God loving people conform to this world of wickness, but we will love those that hate us because while WE, me and you were yet sinners a KING step down from his glorious throne, free went to a cross and died for my sins and yours so that GOD would see us as he sees his Perfect son Jesus Christ: Perfect and without a blemish. Read his word and test it he will come to you if you seek him. Don’t hate because then you are not a victim but the aggressor. Who’s the hypocrite?

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