Florida Rep Bob Allen Denied Oral Sex Conviction Appeal

Former Florida GOP Rep. Bob Allen, who was convicted of solicitation after offering a police officer $20 for the opportunity to blow the officer in a public restroom last summer, keeps trying to get off (so to speak) but it’s not working.

Bob_allenAfter his conviction last year he went to court again in May to appeal but the Brevard County Circuit Court rejected it.

Yesterday, without comment or a hearing, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal denied Allen a higher appeal.

The next step for Allen would be the Supreme Court of Florida.

You may remember that months before his arrest, Allen co-sponsored Florida House Bill #1475, which would have increased public sex charges from a misdemeanor to a felony. According to the Palm Beach Post, “The proposed bill addressed ‘unnatural and lascivious acts or exposure or exhibition of sexual organs’ within 1,000 feet of a park, school or child care facility.”

You may also remember Allen’s pathetic excuses for his behavior in the public men’s room. He was afraid of Black men in the park, and he was taking shelter from a nearby thunderstorm.


  1. David D. says

    Poor Bob Allen. I know that whenever there’s a thunderstorm and I’m scared of people in the park, I always take shelter in a public restroom and offer $20 to blow a cop. Doesn’t everybody? Life can be so unfair.

  2. says

    I first read this story over at Pam’s House Blend. It was hilarious then, and it’s hasn’t gotten any less funny. Some things just don’t get old.

    So is public solicitation now a felony? Because Bob would look smashing in that orange jumpsuit (and should count himself lucky that prisoners no longer wear vertical stripes, if you know what I mean).

  3. Mr. E says

    Bwaah ha ha ha ha! I just LOVE it when homophobic fags get brought down because of their greed for cock! This guy just keeps digging himself deeper… Right down to the hilt!